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James Bond. Last, real, future?

All admirers of Bondiana literally came to confusion when on the Internet news expatiated that long-awaited 23 - y the movie about the agent 007 is postponed indefinitely. Soon this message was confirmed by both the leading man Daniel Craig, and the director Sam Mendez. Let`s tell thanks of MGM and that debt hole in which the studio dangles not the first year.

However to be up against a blank wall to fans so far early. Bond`s armor is strong and more than once was influenced by strokes of bad luck. As in the form of legal chatter, and a type of laser beams, pythons and the poisoned footwear. Oh, damn and played this role almost as much actors how many lives at a cat. From the moment of a release of the first movie passed 48 years so history of Bondiana clearly demonstrates only one thesis - the agent 007 will precisely return.

From Fleming to cinema

James Bond`s History, by itself, begins with Ian Fleming. Having got an education in Eton and Sendkhersta, Fleming became the expert of naval reconnaissance and during World War II served to the captain`s rank. He began to perfect the literary talents already then, inventing ways and strategy of fight against nazis. This experience also became a literary basis of the first novels about the secret agent which Fleming wrote in Jamaica, in the estate of family of Bonds whose son James is the writer - the historian - and gave the name to future most popular character.

The debut novel “Casino Grand Piano“ was published in 1953, having become the first of the subsequent 14 novels and stories about the agent 007 adventures - the courteous temper of women, the killing murderer and the ideal British hero of times of Cold war. Filled with an intrigue and action, books quickly interested both other spheres of art, and soon Barry Nelson already played Jimmy Bond in the American telescreen version “Casino Grand Piano“.

Then followed radio - adaptation of the novel “Munreyker“ and a series of comic books in Daily Express. The Mediynost of the character gained steam, and emergence on the Big screen could not be avoided already. In 1959 Fleming together with the producer Kevin Makklori sat down for writing of the first present scenario about Bond. However, the first pancake left a lump - this scenario was not issued, then having transformed to other novel of Fleming - “Fireball“ on which, in turn, shot two movies.

Eventually in 1961 the EON Productions company founded by producers Albert Brokkoli and Harry Zaltsman redeemed the rights for all series of novels, and also got support of the film distributor - United Artists. Business needed for small - to be found the leading man.

1962 - 1967. Sean Connery - Bond … James Bond

among the first candidates for a role was also David Niven, Patrick McGoohan (The king Edward I in “Brave heart“), and the favourite Brokkoli - Cari Grant who just acted at Hitchcock in the film “On the North through North - the West“ which will become a peculiar standard for all first movies about the agent 007.

Instead to extreme displeasure of Fleming for a role approved the minor Scottish actor Sean Connery whose progress was at that time very doubtful and “Darbi O`Gill and little people“ consisted in a fancy tale. However the choice everything is was made not without the bases: meanwhile the mass audience knew nothing about the new character, but Connery as the former body builder could convince the viewer of the coolness as the hitman. And to it was not to occupy charm.

Brokkoli and Zaltsman everything are were guided by vigorous comics more, than by cruel and brutal novels of Fleming. From here and the necessary shred of an exotic glamour provided with Ursula Andres and her wet bikini. Plus the mad film villain Doctor Nou exhaling a necessary portion of hatred and disgust. And, at last, the narration speed dizzy for those times, a set of fights and pursuits, and also the memorable jazz musical subject of the composer Monty Norman.

The British viewer who got used to chamber gaunt classical detective stories was dumbfounded. As, however, and the audience in other countries. During four subsequent movies, all basic elements which became subsequently classical and firm were entered into Bondiana: the initial song on John Barry`s music performed by bottoms - stars, the old man of Cue and its set of supergadgets, the memorable bandits, dizzy tricks and magnificent landscapes.

Soon there was also the first legal conflict concerning the rights for the screen version of the novel “Fireball“ which co-owner was Kevin Makklori. The EON company carried the case, however for Makklori there was a right to create a remake 10 years later (which it used in 18 years, having shot the picture “Never Never Speak“ with the same Sean Connery).

Meanwhile Connery, not without the bases being afraid that Bond`s role will become his business card, tried to break a stereotype and in parallel acted at other directors - Hitchcock (“Marni“) and Sydney of Lyumet (“Hill“). After the tape “You Live Only Twice“ Sean finally left Bondiana in search of new types and actor`s happiness, having put producers before a dilemma - where to find the new agent 007 to provide continuation of series without quality loss.

1969 - 1971. George Lazenby - “other guy“

Considering huge interest from public and mass media in a question of replacement of Connery, the EON company did everything possible to accelerate process of searches. Among possible candidates were registered Roger Moore who was at that time connected by the contract with a TV series “Saint“, and the Shakespearean actor Timothy Dalton who left a casting because of excessive youthful appearance.

While getting around to business, the Columbia Pictures studio which is still owning the rights for the screen version “Casino Grand Piano“ released the pejorative version of the first novel of Fleming in a genre of the total farce with attraction of stars of the first magnitude (David Niven, Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, Orson Welles). It urged on Brokkoli and Zaltsman to the hasty choice for little-known Australian man`s model of George Lazenby. At the last was not how many - nibud considerable experience in cinema, but it very convincingly looked on tests, and also in commercials.

Certainly, a debut exit of Lazenby was connected with a great risk. The picture “On a Secret Service of Her Majesty“ stepped into a dangerous path of a genre of the present tragic melodrama where Bond falls in love, marries and loses the young wife. The grandiloquence of actor`s game of Lazenby together with a set of innovations was destroyed by every chance of a tape of success. The leading man was thrown out and search new (or old) Bond began again.

Nobody trusted, but producers managed to convince Connery to return. More precisely to be given on his favor, having provided to the actor the fee record for those times plus a heap of any additional bonuses. The seventieth started together with the tape “Diamonds Forever“, at the same time recognizable (the same Connery, Barry, Shirley Besse) and carefully upgraded version of Bondiana. After that the actor left series again. And again not forever.

Be continued.