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Paradise flower bed. All of you dream? Let`s create!

Of course, completely are difficult to reproduce magnificence of gardens of experts of landscaping. But in the presence of desire and skillful application of the plants characteristic of our climatic conditions, it is possible to achieve effect of the created paradise piece. Everything is possible. There is nothing impossible.

Having suddenly armed with my experience, someone will be glad in the flower bed, having realized the dream. Important feature - plants are chosen so that they had various periods of blossoming and the garden pleased you with a magnificent variety of colors during the whole season.

Technology of landing . Small seedling - under a pikirovochny peg in poles, for disembarkation of average I use a knife. For change of large plants you should arm with well ground shovel which will provide the minimum load of hands. Keep in mind that the soil has to be damp and friable. Right after landing of a plant water. If there is sunny and dry weather, them follows pritenyat paper or special cones on pegs.

Closer on a first line of a border intervals between plants can be filled with odnoletnik or bulbous. Will provide to Letniki long and bright blossoming throughout all summer, and bulbous will recover a border at the beginning of spring.

In the spring pansies, daisies, forget-me-nots, akvilegiya blossom. Together with early tulips, in chessboard order I put the narcissuses blossoming along with them. I alternate them it is white - yellow to a raznotsvetya with blue muskar. Landing depth - about 10 - 15 cm for big and 5 - 7 cm for small. Usually three heights of a bulb, but in each case it depend on structure of the soil.

Tulips can also be planted small decorative groups in different places: under trees, on a lawn, in rock gardens. The main thing - that in places of landing water did not stand, otherwise bulbs will wet through, and in cold winters will freeze. At such landing it is not necessary to carry out their annual excavation. After bulbous will fade, do not recommend to cut off their foliage. It is amazingly covered with bordyurny barkhatets.

Mai, the beginning of June - time of stunning violence of paints and a fragrance of peonies . Throughout the millennia the peony served as a symbol of wellbeing, decency, courage, love in China. Was considered that the young man who presented to the girl a peony makes to it a proposal of marriage. It in far Celestial Empire, and the view of this handsome causes admiration and tenderness in me. Only do not bury tubers, and that will not blossom. It is better to replace in August - September, delyonka with powerful uterine kidneys will give the next year stalks with buds, then blossoming is possible in the spring.

Perhaps my way of their landing will interest somebody. I plant a bush of peonies, then couple of bushes of chrysanthemums. Until peonies fade, chrysanthemums will already gain strength. I heard that they without change can grow on one place more than 50 years. Do not cut off leaves after blossoming, give the chance to roots to take force, otherwise in 4 - 5 years will be translated. Placement along a fence is favorable, bushes high, the garter without use of stakes is convenient.

Where the sea of decorative poppies stormed, phloxes, a lion`s pharynx, a petunia, orange and lemon tagetes, carnations will perfectly be arranged. From the second half of summer it is possible to place asters.

Legs of klematis the bee balm covers , it at us is called the rue is red though I know three colors: one-time - crimson, red and white. At the slightest whiff of wind or a touch it wastes a spicy smell of mint. This flower is worthy attention, it not only fixes an eye during blossoming, and is still used in an aromatherapy - calms, in cardiology - stabilizes pressure, and in cookery - fine seasoning at preparation of vegetable, fish and meat dishes. The additive of petals of a bee balm and barkhatets at preparation of sauces will satisfy the choosiest gourmets: not only refined taste and aroma, but also original use of color. Tea with several leaflets of this beauty is unforgettable. We for the winter dry completely all land part, having small cut.

In translation from Latin the gladiolus means “a small sword“. In Ancient Greece it was called ksifion that too meant “sword“. This name received a plant for direct xiphoidal leaves. In Russia they are called by shpazhnik. Here they also protect a fine bee balm. Gladioluses - srezochny flowers. They are good in a vase. If to leave flowers on a bed, the replacement bulb will be less and worse every year. Very well near gladioluses undersized barkhatets , small islands of a feather grass look .

Grades of bearded irises can differ from each other by the flower size, height of a tsvetonos, quantity of flowers on a tsvetonosa. They differ in existence on a flower from other grades (on the lower yazykovidny petal) small beards - numerous hairs. The palette of color is so big that Greeks considered them as children of a rainbow. New grades with corrugated or rassechenny petals are removed. Perfectly look if they are put by groups on 15 and more plants. When landing it is necessary to consider that the top part of a rhizome we have on the Earth`s surface. It is possible to combine early grades with narcissuses and tulips. Many designers consider that irises well look in the neighbourhood with camomiles which versions not to consider.

Raznotsvetye of herbs, leaves, flowers and abundance of excellent smells - one more distinctive feature of a paradise garden.

In ancient Persia between rosebushes, allowed to settle down to only one species of flowers. It is the lily causing amazement . Many people have a lily - a symbol of royalty, purity, nobility, purity, pride, hope. In translation from Ancient Greek the lily means “white - white“. Greeks considered that she grew up from milk of mother of gods of Hera (Juno) who found the baby Hercules hidden from it and, knowing his divine origin, wanted to give it milk. But the boy, having scented in it the enemy, bit and pushed away Hera, and milk spread on the sky, having formed the Milky Way, several drops fell to the ground and turned into lilies.

About them there were legends, ballads. The prose and poetry competed in chanting of these ladies. Now great variety of flowers and shades of lilies. But still these two regal persons, a rose and a lily, cause desire to bend the head and, inhaling divine aroma, to rejoice opportunities to contemplate their perfection.

Chrysanthemums in Japan, China, Mongolia not only decorate gardens, but are widely used for treatment of soul and a body. These flowers which are initially used for the medical purposes began to be appreciated their beauty later, and also to be used as additives in some types of tea.

Chrysanthemums - a symbol of pleasure and good luck. The copies exhaling marvelous aroma are especially curative (flavourless flowers do not possess curative property). The inhalation of their smell, petals added to food - the best treatment of hormonal insufficiency, the broken hormonal exchange, including infertility. Try to make stewed potatoes with the crushed petals one-time - lilac chrysanthemums, mushroom smack will please those who are afraid to eat mushrooms.

Everything is good moderately, and that big color spots will create feeling of disharmony. The choice of plants depends on location of a bed - on the sun or in a penumbra, and also on height of plants and their compatibility. In a flower bed, as in a family: the one who nearby, supplements, but does not suppress. Remember that you can create the absolutely unique options. The elegant classics of the West, incendiary dance of the East, theatrical action with change of scenery of the South, or unpretentiousness of the strict North is your choice.

Good luck to all of you and new fulfillments!