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Who such radio fans and whether there are Saint radio operators?

Many laugh at radio fans - why to spend money and time for purchase (assembly) of the equipment, a time expensive, control of antenna economy that then, having contacted on air the same keen radio hobby the correspondent to ask it: “How me it is heard?“ and to it to answer that it is heard it well (to make the traditional official report - a compulsory procedure in radio amateur communication).

Whether it is simpler to call by the mobile phone or to communicate in “world wide web“?

Everyone goes crazy in own way

Welcome, more simply. But it only at first sight. Radio fans “complicate“ to themselves life intentionally to communicate in the nonconventional way. They see a certain interest in picturesque communication: the radio station which is brought together by the hands or bought in shop, but independently adjusted in a resonance with antenna economy (on it weeks and months leave, and there is no limit to perfection) increases reputation among companions “on shop“; this peculiar self-expression and even … competition.

In the last decade actively digital forms of communication develop - by means of the computer the signal is transmitted on radio waves for thousands of kilometers not by means of the Internet or the cell phone, and by means of radio station.

Those who do not want to say goodbye to the classical Morse alphabet a sample of 1838, still broadcast “morse code“ by means of “key“. And such adherents of old times set.

the Way to air

the Way in radio fans is not put by

. After examination of the special qualification commission the call sign and initial category is appropriated (4 - I, and the highest - the first). It is already accepted to call such people the licensed radio fans, or professionals; in Russia their more than one million people. It is easy to check it, having studied the special callbook lists where all appropriated call signs are reflected. Then the category can be increased, again taking examinations and to get work permits bigger power at the most attractive “international“ frequencies. The radio fan can have not one, and several radio stations, according to the appropriated category.

Radio stations are required to be registered in Service on supervision in the sphere of communication and mass communications which branches (managements) are in each subject of Russia. After application allowing documents come approximately in a month by mail the registered mail. Registration is free.

About politeness

Radio fans are the most polite people in the world. Knowing instability of passing of radio waves on air on long distances, they appreciate each radio communication (on QSO slang) and in conclusion of communication surely add the traditional code word “73“ that means - “all the best“.

Such different radio fans

rank themselves As radio fans and the radio hooligans who bought radio station by chance, but not wishing to enter officially into Alliance of radio fans and fans to solder electronic homemade products, creating from several discrete (separate) elements the original device, and professional repairmen of radio - the teleequipment, cell phones. And even the school student reading the periodical press and repeating the schemes described in it - the radio fan. The websites and forums of radio fans grow in a network as mushrooms, the youth is actively involved in communication, and girls successfully “dilute“ especially men`s society (I will discredit one more myth). Therefore, the community of radio fans is really huge, and even population census cannot precisely establish their quantity; as none of admirers of talent still know Ilf and Petrov - how many in Moscow of chairs.

Elite club or enthusiasts?

the Principle of distribution of radio waves on air such is that it is possible to contact the different countries of the world, without restrictions. Radio fans are proud of the most rare (distant) communications and by right consider them as the achievements. And to imagine phenomenon scales worldwide, it is worth looking at lists of the living and already late radio fans famous for another matters; here some of them (call sign, name, occupation):

JY1 - Hussein Ibn Talal, the king of Jordan;

of VU2RG - Radgiv Gandi, the prime minister - the minister of India and his widow of VU2SON, Sonia Gandi;

of EAOJC - Juan Carlos, the king of Spain;

of LUISM - Carlos Menem, the president of Argentina;

of A41AA - Qaboos Bin Said, the sultan of Oman;

of HS1A - Bhumipol Adulyadej, the king of Thailand and its daughter - HSID - the princess of Sirindhorn;

of JI1KIT - Keizo Obuchi, the prime minister - the minister of Japan;

of OD5LE - Emile Lahoud, the president of Lebanon;

of WB6ACU - Joe Walsh, the participant of Eagles group, the coauthor of a hit “Hotel California“;

of XZ2TH - U Thant, the UN Secretary-General in 1961-1972

and many, many others...

Saint Maksimilian Maria Kolbe

during the German occupation of Poland of the priest - the Franciscan and radio fan Kolbe (signal SP3RN) the Gestapo imprisoned, then in Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Arrested Kolbe on February 17, 1941 for transfer of important data, including on atrocities of nazis, in air - by means of illegal radio station. In July, 1941 fascists, having missed one prisoner of the concentration camp, as punishment chose for extermination of 10 prisoners for edification of remained. Kolbe voluntarily offered himself instead of one of sentenced, the Polish sergeant Frantisek Gayovnichek, and accepted martyrdom. Died Kolbe after the injection of phenol made by the camp executioner 3 weeks of “life“ later in a chamber without water. Next day Maksimilian`s body Kolbe cremated, and dispelled ashes downwind.

Maksimilian Maria Kolbe lived short, but bright life (on January 8, 1894 - on August 14, 1941). In 1910 he received monastic vestments, in 1915 defended the dissertation and became the doctor of philosophy, and in 1919 received doctor`s degree on theology. During study in Rome he often saw rough anti-papal demonstrations; it inspired him on creation of the special church organization - Militia Immaculata (Pure Virgin Troops). The address to God of sinners and enemies of Church through Virgin Mary`s protection became the purpose of existence of Troops. Kolbe considered that for achievement of this purpose it is necessary to use the advanced achievements of science and technology, first of all - technologies of mass communications. He became a radio fan and showed “pioneer“ (among priests) an example. Near Warsaw Kolbe created monastery, huge across the territory, - the monastery of the Pure maiden in which vigils of the priest printing editions with a circulation of hundreds thousands copies were issued. Each monk had to have at least one specialty here.

In 1930 - x years Maksimilian Kolbe made a missionary trip to China and Japan. It founded one more monastery of the Pure maiden, the yaponoyazychny newspaper and seminary on the suburb of the Japanese city of Nagasaki. In Japan this monastery became one of the most known Catholic monasteries. Constructed behind the mountain separating it from the city, the monastery was not damaged at the bombing of Nagasaki in 1945 which destroyed a huge number of inhabitants.

In 1971 the Pope Pawee VI beatified Maksimilian Maria Kolbe. On October 10, 1982 the Father John Paul II canonized him as Saint Maksimilian Maria Kolbe - “the patron of our difficult century“. In a liturgical calendar of Rimsko - Catholic church in the afternoon of memory of St. Maksimilian of Maria Kolbe is on August 14.

St. Maksimilian is a patron of addicts, political prisoners, journalists, prisoners and movements in support of life. But direct link of its feat with the radio amateur movement is obvious. Therefore we consider it as ours “the Saint radio operator“ and we esteem on August 14 in day of memory of Saint Maksimilian Kolbe.