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When our family was big, well I wanted to tell that children still lived with us, I very often prepared any yum-yum. Now too I prepare, but only on holidays and for children.

Ya tried to prepare everything without eggs since, I already wrote, the husband had an allergy to this product. Of course a lot of things, from what we prepare will not be such tasty, eggless. For this reason, for the husband, I prepared separately. For example, for a holiday I cooked Pigeon`s milk Cake for children, and Napoleon cake for the husband. There are recipes:

“Pigeon`s milk“

130 gr. oils to kindle, add 1 glass of sugar, on one to hammer 3 eggs, mixing after each, 1 teaspoon of soda to extinguish vinegar, then to gradually add 1 Art. of flour, parts. We knead dough and we bake one cake layer. we Prepare for


300 gr. soft oil to shake up 1,5 Art. of sugar with oil.

we Cook a semolina: 2 Art. of milk, 3 tablespoons of a semolina. to Cool

, by parts it is added to cream and we shake up.

the Ready cake layer is cooled, we cut on 2 parts, and the cooled-down cream is stacked by a thick layer between cake layers. We put for a while in the refrigerator. we Prepare for


2 tablespoons of sour cream, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons of cocoa. to Cook

before solidification, right at the end we add an oil piece. Glaze we cool

, and we fill in ready cake with chocolate glaze, both top and sides. I stacked cake on a dish and then filled in with glaze, put in cold.


1 packs of soft margarine, 2 glasses of flour, we cut and we mix margarine with the &ndash flour; a knife, until then, as margarine will mix up with flour. We add a glass of liquid sour cream, we knead puff pastry. We divide dough into 8 parts, small balls and we put in the refrigerator on 2 parts.

we roll the Cooled-down dough on a tracing-paper, a thin layer. I overturned a plate, the necessary size, and cut out a circle. Cake layers we bake

, and we grease with boiled condensed milk. Cake I prepared

in advance that it became impregnated.

If at us planned a large number of guests, I did a batch - a double portion.

Any action at us does not do without potato. But I cooked potato not as usual, and prepared here is how:

Puff potatoes.

we Peel potatoes, onions and a small piece of meat, gram 500. We take a brazier, on a bottom it is stacked, cut by plates - meat, it is desirable pork. We salt, we pepper, from above we stack the layer cut largely, onions. Then mode rings potato. On potato again a meat layer, salt, pepper, onions and again potato, prisalivy it. 2 layers are enough that all propeklos. And in the conclusion we fill in with mayonnaise. I filled in with sour cream, and baked in an oven.

of Cold appetizers and salads did a lot of and always different, my members of household very much liked the cabbage prepared here in such a way.

Salting of cabbage.

of 3 kg - cabbage (1 forks) of

of 3 pieces of carrots.

2 heads of garlic.

Carrots we rub on a grater together with garlic. Cabbage the mode pieces, we take the enameled pan, we stack a layer cabbage, we strew with a carrot layer with garlic, a layer of cabbage and again a carrot layer again. Completely we stack everything in a pan and we prepare a brine:

1 liter of

1 water of the Art. of

1 sugar of the Art. of vinegar,

1 of the Art. of sunflower oil,

3 spoons of salt. All this mix we boil

, we fill in with a hot brine, we put oppression, 15 hours and cabbage is ready, I shift in banks and in cold. To do I do not advise much, will sour, it is better to make once again …