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Nizhny Novgorod - the capital of pedestrians

As truly noticed davny - long ago classics: “pedestrians should be loved“. Pedestrians unlike iron horses not strongly cut the cheese in the city, do not lay a track in asphalt, and do not growl on traffic lights being measured by horsepowers. Pedestrians much more friendly and smiling, than passengers of minibuses for the 100-th time listening “mother presented me a knitted jacket“ or “roses in a garden at the uncle Vanya kept up“. Pedestrians, having faced among themselves, politely exchange bows and hurry further on the urgent matters, but do not wait for watch of traffic police to measure at whom scratch on a bumper to a dlinsha. Pedestrians do not climb at the nights on sidewalks and playgrounds, and that so between five and six mornings very valuably do not do: “Tyu - at - tyu. Tyu - at - tyu. Tyuu, to a tyu, tyu …“!

But earlier in Nizhny Novgorod pedestrians were not loved. Them tried not to notice especially from zatonirovanny to the level of ours in three weeks in Egypt tourists of automobile glasses at all. And fans to go on shank`s mare at us it is much more, than to go by four with grandstanding. And here suddenly everything was changed.

Now on Kanavinsky Bridge cars on 2 strips left to them for the present sadly press close to a handrail, and on the center the pedestrians who are suddenly rehabilitated by the power spur on the affairs. 4 strips are allocated to them even. Cars are protected from them as if leprous with big plastic boards. Also agree, it is absolutely fair. When on foot to get from the lower part of the city upward quicker, than on 160 horses and with turbonaduvy whom the power has to support?

Of course orthograde. You the squeal of brakes flying from a window of a plastic glass with traces of the French lipstick “mother presented me a knitted jacket“. Here it is long-awaited social equality. As try, on service you will be only in two hours after closing of elevator doors for you. Though on “Mercedes“, though peshkodraly.

The social experiment conceived by the city authorities on alignment of mentalities of the population with gloss turned out. However, there were some more bridges allowing separately taken motorists to filter through the river. But we will hope that this temporary phenomenon. Our chiefs certainly will find a way to block this opening for cutting the cheese and lawns.

Wants still to advise the authorities to be put on Kanavinsky Bridge of a small bench, a barrel with kvass and bronze figures and - la Pocrovca. If in Nizhny Novgorod suddenly there was one more pedestrian zone. And it is obligatory to adjust sale of souvenirs for memory of our city surprising more and more.

And it is necessary to live and work in the Kremlin. Quietly, it is green also a beautiful view of Kanavinsky Bridge. And who trudges at the first speed there or sprints on the fifth especially and it is not visible. And it is not necessary. As - nibud by itself will resolve.