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Ksenia Simonova: success history on show of talents?

Now in Ukraine there passes the second season of the popular show “Ukraine Has Talent“. Participation in show already changed lives of many contestants: besides a monetary prize in one million hryvnias which is won by the winner many participants draw to themselves attention of producers even during selection round.

the Project received popularity in many countries: British Suzan Boyle whose income made her one of the richest women of England became one of examples of prompt rise of career.

The first season of show in Ukraine won huge popularity at the audience. It was up to the end difficult to allocate one indisputable favourite and how objectively to compare talents in the field of sand animation, opera singing and gymnastics?

Million from sand

the Winner of the first season of the show “Ukraine Has Talent“ Ksenia Simonova at the first moment did not even understand that she won a competition. When the leader declared the winner, Ksenia the name of Artem Semenov was heard, and she decided that the award will probably be halved. But the success appeared more, than she counted.

Now it is amusing to think of it, but Ksenia could and not get on a competition of talents because most of her acquaintances and relatives talent did not consider sand animation at all - so, entertainment on which you will not earn money.

By the way, special sand for occupations by animation - pleasure expensive. It is similar to gunpowder, and it does not suit for construction works. Before getting professional tools, Ksenia drew river sand in pictures within.

what to spend money for?

One of the main articles of an expense - charity, the help to sick children and medical institutions.

By the way, collecting charitable means for treatment of the girl Nika was the main reason for participation of the girl in the project. First of all on the won money Ksenia Simonova bought the house, and now is engaged in its arrangement. She plans to make choreographic studio and the hall for viewing of animation works.

And here the girl did not conceive a liking for fashion brands yet. Acting on the project, Ksenia put on in the dresses sewed by mother and was one of the most stylish participants.

Unusual creativity

At Ksenia two educations - psychological and art, but the wide experience of work on one of these specialties at it was not. Together with the husband it worked in the evpatoriysky magazine “Shokolad“: from - for crisis they had to stop being published, but now business returns to normal again.

In plans Ksenia had also the third education - a faculty of foreign languages, but meanwhile this idea decided to postpone. The girl learned about an unusual art form from the husband, then future more.

After a wedding and the son`s birth Ksenia remembered this unusual creativity and began to practice: at first in a privacy, then decided to show what turns out to close people. First it not too liked results, but gradually she felt how to work with sand.

Before participation in a competition the girl was engaged in sand animation about two years. Any work even if it is perfected tens of times, with each new test will come out a little other. Drawing on sand, there is no time for a retouch, each line is drawn once, and it is possible to correct something, having only begun anew. Therefore each drawing - improvisation.

An operating schedule

Ksenia Simonova is “owl“, she prefers to work at night and finishes at dawn. Also calls the weakness to work under club music. Such schedule not only is convenient for her creativity, but also allows to find balance between work and a family. Day time leaves on house efforts and care of the son. Speaking about a family, Ksenia admits that she more feels like mother, than the artist. And always listens to opinion of the son on the works.