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How removed “Seekers of the lost ark“? Part 2

of Shooting of “Finders“ were conducted in the mad mode. Spielberg joked later: “On this movie I understood a difference between love and sympathy. If the shot scene was pleasant to me, I sent it to the press. But did not make a copy of 17 more times to receive ideal option“.

Within 6 weeks in England the director finished shooting all material across Cairo, and also completely initial scene in the Peruvian abandoned temple. Then it started a scene in the Well of souls where on a plot the ark is stored. As envisioned, all floor of the Well had to be covered by snakes. And, in spite of the fact that Spielberg available already had 2000 individuals, it seemed to him it a little. As a result of shooting suspended per day to wait until from Denmark there arrive 4500 more cobras and rattlesnakes.

Then it became clear that all volumes of antidote as are delayed 2 years therefore it was necessary to have a rest again, waiting when there will arrive the fresh party. At last, everything settled down and the film crew was ready to continue work. Here on the platform Stanley Kubrick`s daughter Vivian who visited the father on shootings of “Shine“ and, judging by rumors incidentally came, she, uvidav all these reptiles, called Royal society of protection of animals. The rest of day was necessary to conduct negotiations with their representatives and to assure that treat animals kindly.

Considering Karen`s concern Allen, the moment of shootings of a scene in which it lays itself a way through snake “thickets“, postponed under the end. “And though I was never bitten, - the actress remembers, - one of ours all - was snatched so if I felt that I here - here will fall a victim, I left a shot at once, without hesitation“. Participation of doublers was inevitable, but even they not always felt safe. As a result the snake charmer Steve Ej had to shave legs and to dress up in a dress Merion. Spielberg in any time did not try to facilitate a heavy actor`s fate. “I threw a snake directly on Karen`s head because it seemed to me, she not too naturally shouts, - the director laughs. Yes, I am once more its arson. Also threw it on a leg of a tarantula … well“

“, he lies everything, - Allen smiles in reply. But it to me precisely threw a snake on the head. Dead python. It lay three days and absolutely decayed. I all was in this slime, and I remember that she devilishly became angry. However, I partially returned a debt, having brushed away part of the snake remains directly to it for a collar“.

Time draws in. There are not enough snakes. But all this florets in comparison with not turbid anything pleasure of film-making process in Tunisia. At the end of August, 1980 all group moved to Sedal`s desert. Temperature column quite often rose to 40 degrees, and, according to Paul Freeman (Squirrels), he never saw that people so became exhausted. Some, literally, fell asleep in the course of food and comfortably snuffled, lying in second course.

Began with a scene in which Ford enters in hand-to-hand with the mogutny German mechanic while at a background the plane with the started engine moves. On rehearsals everything passed smoothly, Ford needed to make the return somersaults only. However in front of chambers there was an incident - the actor slipped, and his leg got under the wheels of the moving airplane. Thank God, the pilot managed to press a brake, differently farewell a knee. The heat made the business and rubber became absolutely soft so Ford got off light. Harrison unperturbable tone told, - “All film-making troupe reacted exactly as had to react when the main star of the movie the plane moves, and behind shoulders - only a half of the finished shooting material. But since then I became much more careful“.

By itself, scenes too hazardous to health entrusted professionals. So, following according to the list became the pursuit scene by trucks. The viewer sees hanging on Ford`s cowl, and here all risky trick was executed by stuntmen. Too the probability to slide off down, directly under truck wheels was high. It was first planned that at the latest moment Indiana will manage to get into a cabin again, but the head of stuntmen, Glenn Randall offered other option which entered final installation of a tape. That when professor Jones crawls under a bottom of the moving car.

To increase a scope for the stuntman, Randall dug out a superficial furrow in the middle of the road. However, at a speed of 30 miles an hour all the same there was a serious chance that the trick can go not so. “That case when for a mistake just there is no empty seat, - he remembers. Terry Leonard, the stuntman who was so silly that agreed to execute this focus made it only after Randall took the wheel of the car.

The last stop in Tunisia. City of Kairouan. In the local market the scene of a pursuit of the Arab mercenaries for India and Merion is shot. By then Ford was unwell - he had a heavy attack of dysentery. Spielberg felt as it should be. Still, it took with itself(himself) tinned food. On the agenda - an episode of fight of Indiana with the cool sword-bearer. In principle, he had to win against it by means of the whip. However Ford, as a result of the illness, continually left “on affairs“, and his opponent, by words Allen, “was very incompetent“. “The guy, seemingly, not strongly tried to learn all the choreographic pases with a sword therefore it seemed to me that no line will turn out“. As a result of Ford himself offered Spielberg an alternative way out. “Just let`s shoot down the bastard“. And the bastard was shot down. So, thanks to “star“ diarrhea, cinema got one more amusing dumb gag.

The final part of film-making process passed on one of the Hawaiian Islands. Here Spielberg and the company imprinted appearances of the very first episode with the Peruvian temple. On the horizon long-awaited completion of works therefore this stage passed for all much easier, than previous already looms. Even, despite infinite quantity of blood-sicking insects.

The last shot scene - flight of India from crowd of furious Indians. He runs in the direction of the plane parked in the middle of the lake jumps on a liana, dives into water, reaches the plane and climbs aboard, and headfirst, and legs continue to dangle in air. In the theory everything looks cheerfully and fervently. Came to nobody to mind to count effect which will be had by Ford`s legs which are dangling in air on aerodynamics of a biplane 30 - x years. As a result, the vessel managed to fly up meters on 10 over a lake surface then developed it woodward and threw in the next impassable bush. Thank God, nobody suffered.

The uncontrollable heat of Spielberg was not in vain. Shootings came to the end in only 73 days instead of taken away 85 that guaranteed it and Loukas lack of problems with studio. Now children from Industrial Light & Magic to whom the slave labor over special effects was coming got to work. The episode with opening of an ark was the most difficult from this point of view. One of employees offered fiery spheres, another insisted on use of ghosts, the third wanted to create unusual light representation. Spielberg decided that he uses everything together.

Being a squanderer in one, in other cases the director still continued to minimize expenses. So one more memorable film frame - episodes with the movement of heroes according to the card designated by a dashed line was born. The screenwriter Kazdan originally wanted to use in these prompts several tens specially finished shooting images from various world locations. Spielberg optimized expenses.

The release of “Seekers of the lost ark“ took place on June 12, 1981. The picture got on screens only of 1000 movie theaters. To the first Wick - and the tape earned 8 million dollars, and as a result became the most cash tape of year (384 million dollars of world collecting - 17 - e the place in the list of the most successful movies of all times taking into account inflation). The picture was nominated for 8 Oscars, and took away 4 of them, however, in minor categories - for installation, a sound and special effects. But the viewer appreciates this movie not quantity of prizes at all, and the unique atmosphere of the real adventures.