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How removed “Seekers of the lost ark“? Part 1

the Dark silhouette in the shabby hat runs along the corridor going down, behind it with a roar the huge boulder slides. In the last desperate throw running dives into a cave aperture. A second more and a boulder would not leave from it and the wet place. Having rolled on a safe ledge, our hero raises a brim a little, and we see the person … Toma Selleka. Addressing shout the person in a baseball cap on that side of a chamber, Sellek asks the director about the last double. “Yes, Tom, - Philipp Kauffman answers, - everything left just perfectly. Have a rest a little“.

However Kauffman has no time to have a rest absolutely. Adventures of Indiana of Smith in the heat, and it still needs to work over a scene of a meeting of India with Debra Uinger`s character, Merion Reyvenvud, in the Tibetan bar. And then over a scene in which our hero, together with the old friend from Egypt by name Sal, performed by Danny De Vito, at last will find the Ark of the Covenant.

Yes, I know, all aforesaid looks strange. But quite so everything could be. And how was actually?

For the first time the idea about creation of the movie “Finders of the Lost Ark“ visited George Lucas in far 1973, just after completion of shootings of “The American graffiti“. But there is a lot of thoughts, and the desire to shoot the space opera prevailed over aspiration to create adventure series. Therefore the idea was put on a regiment till the best times.

Two years later Lucas met the friend Philipp Kauffman. During conversation he shared with it the concept of the new boyish blockbuster constructed by the principle of TV series of RKO studio which Lucas was lost in contemplation in the childhood. After small brainstorming friends thought for two to steam of ideas and even thought up a name to the new hero - Indiana Smith, the archeologist and the adventurer. Kauffman suggested to make a main objective of searches the Ark of the Covenant. Lucas suggested Kauffman to become the director of the project, but that was engaged at shootings of a western of Clint Eastwood “Josie Wales - the person beyond the law“ as the screenwriter. Therefore bastings went to become dusty to a closet again, and George closely was engaged in “Star wars“.

In 1977 when the above-stated picture was released and made revolution at cinema, the author presented himself small holiday in Hawaii. There it was crossed with other intimate companion, Steven Spielberg staying in glory beams of “Close contacts of the third degree“. While both fried heels on the sun, Lucas did not fail to share idea of “Finders“. Spielberg lit up at once, but for politeness suggested George most to be engaged in direction. Lucas waved away supposedly so far I will have a rest. You want? Then your plot …

in the middle of 1979 Lawrence Kazdan, the author of the tape “The Empire Strikes Back“, finished work on the scenario of “Finders“. After very long discussion, both the character, and history, eventually, began to take visible shape. The hero still bears a name Indiana (so called the dog of breed a malamute belonging to Lucas), however the surname Smith (whom Spielberg hated) was replaced on Jones. Now it was necessary to pick up a cast.

Spielberg wished to remove the girlfriend Amy Irving of that time as Merion Reyvenvud, but she refused because of employment. Lucas`s choice fell on Debra Uinger, but that did not show interest in the project. Eventually, the role was approved for 28 - summer Karen Allen who was necessary to be influenced by all delights of a casting unique in own way (the first that it was asked by Spielberg is it able to be spat it). Concerning a role of the friend of India, Egyptian Sal, the film crew tried to agree with Danny De Vito. However the parties could not reach agreement concerning the fee so the place was taken by “cheaper“ John Rees - Davies. Having heard that originally the role was offered by De Vito, the actor whose growth makes 185 cm, modestly took an interest whether are going to do it on a plot operation on shortening.

The biggest headache became, by itself, the choice of the actor for a title role of the freaky adventurer. After a heap of listenings, almost all came to a uniform conclusion - the best option is Tom Sellek. Almost - because only the director of a casting Mike Fenton still insisted on Jeff Bridges`s candidacy. The problem was that Sellek already accepted the invitation from other adventure project - a TV series “The private detective Magnum“ whose pilot series left several months before … of

“On this very spot we and clogged, - Lucas says. - We were eager to begin shootings. Even called on CBS and asked them to consider the possibility of replacement of Sellek“. On television, having learned that Lucas and Spielberg became interested in the actor, urgently reconsidered the views of series and decided - to be started to the full extent. You want - you do not want, but Sellek had to meet terms of the contract. “We were already ready in full, - Lucas remembers. And here at the latest moment we lose a star of all movie“.

The legend says that the inspiration came to the account of the leading man to Spielberg at the time of viewing of the picture “The Empire Strikes Back“. On the other hand the producer Howard Kazanyan insists that Ford from the very beginning was a major candidate for a role, just Lucas and Spielberg were afraid to use so recognizable person in the new work. Anyway, both bearded men met Harrison Ford and convinced him to accept their offer. In exchange Harrison received the seven-digit royalties, seven percent from collecting, and also forced to rewrite the most part of remarks of Indiana. “I do not want that my character was similar to professor Han Solo“, - the actor the company angry tone declared.

While Ford shaped up trainings (including - according to the address with a whip), shootings at last started on June 23, 1980 in the French town of La Rochelle where in the years of World War II the German base of submarines settled down. According to the scenario the ship by which float India and Merion is stopped by the nazi submarine. Not the most widespread film-making requisite. Nevertheless, authors managed to dig out a vessel which managed to participate in Wolfgang Petersen`s picture of “Das Boot“ (Submarine). And even to get part of the unused, but finished shooting material.

On - fast having been quit with shootings of locations, a week later Spielberg moved to England, to Elstree studio. To what, ask, such haste? The answer is simple - it is all about money. Lucas and his partner managed to turn the unknown transaction with Paramount Pictures: George received 4 million, Stephen one and a half more. Both staked out a share from revenue. Plus all expenses connected with hire of the movie laid down on shoulders of studio. By itself, there was also a dirty trick. Huge penalties in case the budget of the movie passes for a mark of 20 million dollars. Everything from - for what Spielberg touched with financing of “Close contacts“ and turned out a complete fiasco the comedy “1941“.

Be continued.