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Parapsychology: reality or deception?

About what is extrasensory perception and psychics, despite difficulty for the Russian person in a pronunciation of these words, do not know only lazy now (thanks, mass media went all out).

However, the psychic can be called ekstraseksy (itself heard), confuse extrasensory perception to hypnosis, but that such people exist, it is known to all, at least, able to read. Look at the pages of newspapers which are taken away under advertizing, - they are jammed with announcements of clairvoyants, witch doctors (by all means in the 7th generation), predictors, prophets, about damage removal, love love spells (and according to the photo) etc.

the Extrasensory perception - obtaining information out of sense organs, influence on the physical phenomena without muscular efforts etc. - became highly profitable branch of business, getting of money from nothing. The parapsychology (from Greek “para“ - near, near) is a studying of ekstrasensorny perception of information, and also impact of the person on the physical phenomena out of an organism without muscular efforts (“by force of thought“).

In due time the people who were publicly showing the ekstrasensorny abilities or convicted of them were declared sorcerers and burned on a fire, “that smother them fire to clear of filth“. Studying of phenomena of parapsychology in the scientific plan began at the end of the 19th century, but to final conclusions about their nature, mechanisms and the existence did not bring. As speak in science, results were ambiguous and unstable. Separate successful experiments did not manage to be repeated, as a rule.

But these researches promoted knowledge of new psychological regularities, an explanation of hypnosis, an infallible memory, mathematical superabilities, subtouch perception, etc. Unfortunately, in parapsychology rushed, and in huge number, fans of all mysticism and secrets that led to mass jugglings, mystifications and deception. It is with regret forced to note that some workers of science whose official field of activity is, as a rule, far from superabilities of the person also joined them, - physicists, mathematicians, astronomers, etc. (pay - that a little, and there is a wish to eat!). These people give to the parapsychological researches some sciolism. It is a pity only that they are based on unproven and unconfirmed postulates like the uniform field, for astral space etc. of

Modern parapsychology (it is a psychotronics, bioinformation, a bionondestructive testing etc.) allocates the following forms of supersensitivity: telepathy - transfer of thoughts at distance, mental communication between transferring and accepting subjects, and transferring - the psychic, and accepting - the ordinary person; clairvoyance - the obtaining information on events of the outside world which is not based on work of the known sense organs and on cogitative judgments; anticipation (prophecy) - a prediction of future events; a dowsing - search by means of auxiliary objects of the underground waters hidden in the earth, ores, emptiness etc.; paradiagnostics - statement of the medical diagnosis without contact with the patient. I intentionally lower obviously supernatural phenomena here - fellowship of the Lord and fresh it, with the other world, with ghosts and spirits of the dead etc. as objectively not demonstrable by definition.

The Soviet scientists laid a hand to studying of the phenomena relating to parapsychology also. The famous scientists A. N. Leontyev, B. F. Lomov, V. P. Zinchenko and A. R. Luriya published article “Parapsychology in due time: fiction or reality“, right there translated into 6 foreign languages. A conclusion of article sounded approximately so: “yet we have no bases for final judgment“. Actually and in the USSR, the mass of strictly secret researches which results characterize approximately as well as in A. N. Leontyev`s article with coauthors was also abroad carried out. Now it is difficult to speak about existence of the reliable scientific works which are objectively proving existence of the parapsychological phenomena (the truth, adherents of parapsychology say that these works are secret). But there are also no reliable researches which are completely disproving any parapsychological phenomena as some of them, speak were confirmed. The come true Wolf Messinga`s predictions are known to all (as it is known, against the fact you will not trample!) .

Probably (well if to whom hunting to do it) it is necessary to develop the corresponding technique for studying of each parapsychological phenomenon. But for this purpose it is necessary to have more or less plausible hypothesis explaining the studied phenomenon. And meanwhile nobody made this. Serious scientists avoid it to be engaged (not to get under blow of fundamentalist criticism; and who will give money now?), and graduate students are hardly capable to formulate such hypothesis (as it is known, for graduate students just serious scientists - their research supervisors give subjects).

So we will wait so far, and at the same time we will try to avoid contacts with the charlatans giving themselves for parapsychologists as well as with all other charlatans including from science.