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Soldiers of the Victory - who are they? Maria Bykovskaya. Part 1

Maria Pavlovna Bykovskaya, low, but still strong woman, invites me to the room. While we go a corridor, I attentively get accustomed to the interlocutor. How old is she? Looks on 75, at most, on 78. But I know that it the veteran, so, long ago, probably, exchanged the ninth ten. And all - on the movements, a manner to behave - you will not tell it. Perhaps, the profession affects? Forty years Bykovskaya worked the photographer, and there as: straighten a coat hanger, the chin is higher, smile … to

It and itself friendly, smiling, is not even believed that once, in the same spring days 1945, she looked in a death face. The destiny saved it, having presented the happy ticket. And Maria, then still Kuznetsova could be and differently …

in the Fall of 1940, after the termination of the eighth class, absolutely still the young girl, arrived the Leningrad aviation technical school. Wanted to fly?

- We, little girls, before war were literally fallen in love aircraft, - Bykovskaya smiles. - In the middle of 30 - x years there was such appeal: “Komsomol members - aboard the plane!“ And feats of the senior girlfriends - Valentina Grizodubova, Marina Raskova, Polina Osipenko, brave women-pilots, Heroes of the Soviet Union proved once again: for members of the Komsomol there is nothing impossible. Besides elder sister of Maria - Ruf worked at aircraft factory to which the technical school belonged.

But the girl did not manage to do some flying. War confused all plans of the Soviet people. In the fall of 1941 when around the city on Neva the environment loop inevitably dragged on, the country leaders made the decision to evacuate aircraft factory to the Urals. Together with workers pupils of aviation technical school went for thousands of kilometers also.

- All of us, of course, dreamed to return as soon as possible to Leningrad, to fight to death, but not to allow fascists on city streets, - Maria Pavlovna`s voice from good-natured turns in strict, solemn. - We with Ruf ended intensive courses of radio operators, even at night morse code dreamed. After the termination of courses asked for ranks of heroic defenders of Leningrad. Fortunately, our request was satisfied. So I appeared in Petrovsky barracks. Ours 225 - I a shooting division occupied defense on the west bank of the Volkhov River.

From fascists we were separated by only the river. The distance was no more than 300 meters. We heard them, they saw us. Very often Hitlerites slightly - slightly rose over a parapet of an entrenchment and shouted that there are forces: “Rus Ivan, lay down arms and go to guzzle a concentrate!“ Who taught them to this word “concentrate“ - I will not apply mind.

What there we had a feeding - starved, in fact. And the pea concentrate was seen not so often. And at Germans, speak, there were both a stewed meat, and sausage. But our fighting spirit was far stronger!

they Tried to force several times Volkhov and we were on the alert. In two and a half years of a favorable opposition Hitlerites did not manage to be transported on our coast. But they on us did not feel sorry for mines, shells and bombs - all this killing iron nearly every minute with whistle dissected air over our heads especially as fascists had a good reference point - a churchlet which they specially did not burn - it was so possible to shoot much pritselny.

It was difficult. As there was a wish to go in to the fighting attack, to develop lungs on full power, and with shout “Hurrah!“ to bring down all the power on aggressors. But for the time being the task was one - not to give to break to Hitlerites.

- There is such concept - school of hatred. I did not need to learn to be hated. In the first days of war my elder brother Victor who served on border died death of the hero. Protecting native Kirov Plant from Hitlerite aggressors, my second brother - Kirill was killed. During blockade the martyrdom for hunger was accepted by parents - Pavel Abramovich and Anastasia Mikhaelovna.

Today, telling about it, Maria Pavlovna does not drop teardrops and what it was then, during war when she learned about death of the family?.

She also nearly died. Was lost in contemplation of how their assistant to the commander of a platoon by economic part sergeant Slyusar chooses the safest place, and suddenly with horror noticed that the bomb flies absolutely nearby. The most part of killing splinters was assumed by the horse carrying a field kitchen. The poor animal was slaughtered in convulsions, and pomkhoz jumped in the smoking funnel. Maria was in a condition of prostration - neither there, nor here. And stood to the utmost, not in forces to move a little. Her will was paralyzed by the new black droplet which came off a bomber fuselage to it it seemed that her death on all wings flies to it...

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