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“From Kursk and the Eagle

War finished us,

To the most enemy gate.

Such, the brother, put...“

Unusually there was a destiny of the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Nikolay Ivanovich Danko.

It - one of participants of grandiose battle - Kursk fight which marked fundamental change during war in favor of the Soviet Union. Proceeding less than two months - from July 5 to August 23 - this fight considerably surpassed the Moscow and Stalingrad fights in scope, intensity, the number of forces and means which took part in it.

Thanks to heroism and courage of such soldiers as Nikolay Ivanovich which managed to stand and win this cruel fight ours a voyka reached Berlin and took it.

“ It was in the war terrible... But there is call of duty and it is impossible to hide from war“, - Nikolay Ivanovich admits. And he with honor fulfilled the military duty!

Having passed all war and having got three wounds, Danko N. I. survived.

Twice he was in hand-to-hand fight, and for the destroyed fascist tank on the river Drut was awarded the order the Red Star. Has a set of war and labor decorations, was a commander of a company of anti-tank guns, participated in fights on Central, 2 - m Ukrainian fronts. Met a victory in Austria.

After war there passed the way from the assistant prosecutor on the first deputy prosecutor of the region. Gave 35 years to service in prosecutor`s office of area. Honourable prosecutor. It is awarded by the medal “For Merits in front of the Chita Region“.


“... On June 22 we were at stadium on the river bank Talas when the rider on a horse rode and reported everything that war began. At once I was not called as I was not 18 more years old. At first I was a sentry in guard group until further notice.

On August 26, 1942 I was sent in pulemetno - mortar 2 - e the Turkistan school to Mary, in 1943 - to the village of Kushka. So I got on the front“, - the veteran of war Danko Nikolay Ivanovich remembers.


at the beginning of 1943 after the termination of school of Danko gave the rank of the lieutenant.

In April of the same year Nikolay Ivanovich was sent to Moscow, and from there to the Central front in a regiment of a reserve of officers which got on the top of the Kursk Arch.

“... We stood on defense of Mr. Lgov when Kursk fight began.

We were directed to the East in Freedom near Kursk.

Having studied week on courses, I received a position of the commander of a platoon of anti-tank guns PTK, (the gun 2 m long, more than 17 kg of weight, calculation on 2 persons).

In a platoon there was 1 machine gun and 9 guns against easy German tanks. Against “tigers“ and “panthers“ they did not approach. A basic purpose of these guns - to destroy machine-gun points of the opponent, armored troop-carriers. Guns shot with a speed of 1 km at sec. and we shot from them at planes and tanks“, - Danko Nikolay Ivanovich remembers and further continues the story.

... I battled on northern face, on the southern face at first on the Oryol direction Germans pressed our parts on 10 - 12 km, and on Belgorod - on 30 - 35 km.

Near Prokhorovkaya there was a tank battle. As a reserve in the back of the enemy the Steppe front was open.

On August 5 our troops took Belgorod and the Eagle.

The first salute in honor of the Victory was given in the Eagle and Kursk.


the known operation “Bagration“ on liberation of Belarus began on June 21, 1944.

129 - I am the Oryol division in which I ordered a platoon of anti-tank guns, promptly moved ahead to the river Berezina. To the north of. Babruysk we forced this big water boundary and started liquidation of the German group consisting of 5 divisions, surrounded in a so-called Babruysk copper. Here from distance of 30 meters from PTR I set fire to the German tank which, having slipped over the head, substituted a board under fire of my two-meter gun.

After elimination of “copper“ our part moved on the West towards frontier with Poland.

On the river bank Ptsich heavy fight was given. One more fight with Germans happened under Volkovysk.

Since October, 1944 I passed Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and, at last, reached Germany.


For the first time wounded me near Bialystok when we with the newcomer replenishment of guerrillas lay down on crops. Ahead there was height. Germans shot from machine guns, and one bullet wounded me in a hip and left in a sacrum. I was treated then in hospital in Morshansk.

This wound was the most artful. When later already in Chita I was sent to the diagnostic center, it became clear that in my waist between vertebras the cover from a bullet got stuck and the nerve was restrained. I even at one time could not go as the leg was taken away. Then it became better when the leg left about 20 splinters.

I got the second wound under Luchinets when we crossed the border of Czechoslovakia. Then under my legs the mine fell and both legs wounded splinters.

Seven months I lay in hospital.

For the third time wounded me on the river Drut. I had behind a belt the German engineer shovel when I came under fire. Punched this shovel a bullet and my breast proseklo a splinter near a diaphragm. Then I was treated week in medical battalion.


After demobilization on wound in December, 1945 before the Newest year of Nikolay Ivanovich sent to Frunze on accommodation.

In August, 1946 he entered the Tashkent legal institute and after its termination in the direction arrived to Chita.

Since 1950 worked as the assistant prosecutor, the head of department, and then he was sent to prosecutor`s office of the Agin Buryat Autonomous Area.

From 1966 to 1986 - the deputy prosecutor of the region. Danko N. I. - honourable prosecutor.

Was a non-staff lecturer of regional committee of party.

Having retired, the colonel in resignation Danko worked some more years in the State Bank across the Chita region the lawyer.


For the services in battle and Danko N. I. courage. it is awarded the order the Red Star, Awards of Patriotic war 1 - y and 2 - y to degrees.

Has 15 medals.

Among them there is a commemorative medal of“ 50 years of Kyrgyzstan“ (Nikolay Ivanovich was born in far Kyrgyzstan), the medals “For Baikalo`s Construction - the Amur Highway“, “Veteran of Work“, “Veteran of Prosecutor`s Office“, commemorative medals by the Victory Day, “For fidelity to the oath“, the anniversary medal “60 years of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War“, etc.

Has diplomas from the top military commander of SIBVO, the Prosecutor General`s Office of the USSR, letters of thanks and certificates of honor from Administration of Chita, a congratulation on the Victory Day from Russian Presidents B. Eltsyn and V. Putin and thanksgiving diplomas from society “Znaniye“.

Now Nikolay Ivanovich on deserved rest.

Only old wounds are not present and have an effect...