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How in Russia it is possible to try to deepen democracy on places? The short story

the Head of administration of the settlement of city type Krasnobayevka of the Penza region Victor Panyushin closed a page with article published on the Internet in the heading “INOSMI about Russia“ and leaned back in a chair. Touched it slightly the live assumption of one of the western correspondents of what in modern Russia, according to the foreigner, takes place to be some lack of democracy. Especially not in big cities, and in small territorial educations. Victor Panyushin was also the head of administration of such education.

He also remembered now appeals of bosses of the country to develop democratic institutes on places. Victor just also was on the place now, besides foreign article played a role: Panyushin decided to pour in a new stream of democratization in slow and, frankly speaking, inert life of the settlement. He dialed number on the mobile phone and told the deputy - to Nikita Znamenkov - that he will call on it on an important issue soon.

- Listen, Znamenkov, - Panyushin spoke sitting at a table in Nikita`s house, - here in what the city differs from the settlement of city type? Practically anything, truly?

- How it anything? - straight Znamenkov, &ndash was surprised; here Penza is the city! High-rise buildings, movie theaters, theaters, supermarkets and sea of people. And at us: izbas generally and only. And by the settlement of city type we were called once therefore as we on thirty versts have the only five-floor school. From far away to see it.

- Well, well, but agree that the settlement of city type is all the same closer to the city even according to the name, than to the village?

- Perhaps, closer, - Znamenkov agreed.

- Here and miraculously! - the head of administration, &ndash was delighted; then it turns out, as at us in the settlement it is possible to enter a number of democratic city institutes, it is right?

Znamenkov cramped eyebrows together, looked in a window. Behind a window the cow lowed, through an open window smelled of manure and new-mown hay.

- Well if very much to try, then is possible.

- Here and perfectly! Hang up then, Nikita, the announcement on the settlement, and the main thing, at shops that all residents of the settlement are more senior than eighteen years on Saturday, by three o`clock, gathered in the building of rural club. Appearance - it is obligatory. An important issue, I would tell paramount, and write in the announcement.

- I Will make, current it I will write down the word on a piece of paper, and I will forget that, - Nikita took a pencil, - once again remind it … Archival?

On a bulletin board at administration, near the announcement of the grandma Praskoviya of sale of a cow “made ring road - that the best European producers“, flaunted the announcement of “paramount“ meeting of all adult population of the settlement on Saturday now. In corners of paper fancy curls &ndash were added; not bad drew deputy Panyushin

and decided to add beauty to so serious news. The people with interest and curiosity got acquainted with the text.

In the appointed hour the building of rural club chock-full was filled with krasnobayevets. People sat both on chairs, and on wooden boxes, in passes. Panyushin, having taken a view of the audience, with satisfaction nodded and began solemnly:

- Dear Krasnobayevtsy! Today we, administration, brought together you here to resolve one very important issue. You everything watch TV, listen to radio as well as I. And we would like for deepening of process of democratization on places, following the general course of the country leaders, the governor, to enter by an example of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Penza democratic institute of the city hall in our settlement with quite certain democratic functions, companions!

Panyushin was interrupted, wishing that people digested heard, and showed the first reaction to the made proposal. The hall was silent. Then some stir began, and Panyushin saw as the breeder Stepan Shchekolda bent to an ear of the wife and whispered something. Panyushin pointed to Shchekolda and asked:

- Well, and you what think, Stepa, according to this offer.

Stepan was silent.

- Well, tell Stepan, or let your wife opinion will express.

Stepan`s Wife nudged the man sideways. Shchekolda rose.

- I here what just wanted to tell - that, the chairman! I here personally not against enty institute at us. But a question - that there is a wish to put forward such: and poshto it to us entot your institute in the settlement - that ours and how many it will cost to us, Krasnobayevki`s inhabitants? Where we material will take that entot institute to build

? The pigsty collapses, and you to build institute! Hto to build it - that will be, we will employ shabashnik?

Panyushin stared at Shchekolda. Came to the rescue of the head of administration the mail carrier Kozyreva:

- Darkness you, Stepan! Institute of the city hall it is the phenomenon political, but not the building what like your pigsty! It is necessary to understand!

The people hooted: “And what advantage to us from it?“, “That, more workplaces will become?“, “That, salaries and pensions will lift and from the city hall will pay extra as in Moscow?“ etc.

Panyushin raised a hand and explained to the audience:

- Not everything Turns out accurately understand what is institute of the city hall. Just I want to remind those who does not know: this concept is connected with deepening of democracy on places. Mayor - head of municipality, or municipality. It has accurate powers of authority, and this elective office. The mayor is elected the population of the city, or settlement of city type as at us. Any of you can become it, take board in hand, so to speak. Same breeder Shchekolda, for example.

- I - no, I do not want! Something is terrible and sophisticated all this! - Shchekolda refused. And suddenly loudly asked Panyushin:

- And here tell, Vitya, you speak, to develop, there, democratization at us as in the cities there, and tell simply: and poshto to us democratization to develop an enta - that? It is necessary to harvest, there are not enough people, and you - to develop! Where you will take people? Where you will take money? Will be engaged in this Hto? Ento is more important than a harvest?

in a window of club was put In this moment the head of a cow, she chewed hay and with interest looked at such big meeting of people. She reminded krasnobayevets of their essential affairs - to harvesting, need to feed cattle, to prepare children for school, to clean homestead farms etc. The people discontentedly began to move and Panyushin put a question point-blank:

- is fine, I understood, we hurry all. I put the question to the vote: who for introduction of democratic institute of the city hall in our settlement vote a hand raising. And I will only answer a question one: that all including to the breeder Shchekolda need to develop democratization! So, who for the offer?

The head of administration of the settlement of Krasnobayevka put papers in one pile on a table of presidium. The people were irresponsible: the majority voted against introduction of institute of the city hall in the settlement. Panyushin looked afflicted. He told Znamenkov:

- Here also develop democratization on places … And I - that wanted to let out also an agitgazeta … the name to it thought up

I: “The mayor Krasnobaya informs“, and they … Eh! Let`s go, perhaps,

we will have a drink, at my place the table is laid … Let`s remember not been born mayor!

Edition of 2010