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What is Wellness?

of Vellness (Wellness) are the generalized name of the new, arising industry which serves health, beauty, longevity. Here belong physical, spiritual and intellectual harmony.

People were engaged than that from these concepts earlier, but only in the 20th century all this from separate concepts began to connect in a certain complex concept which was called by Vellness (in translation from English - convenience, comfort, harmony, welfare). It is the whole philosophy of a healthy lifestyle including as occupations by different types of physical culture, spirituality, good nutrition, positive thinking.

From the second half of the 20th century the number of the people joining this philosophy grows so quickly that the leading economists of the world (see. Paul Pilzer , - the economic adviser to two U.S. Presidents) predict that in the next years Vellness and everything that is connected with it, will become the LEADING industry of the world for which people will spend more than TRILLION dollars.

And it means that we live in surprising time of the beginning of VELLNESS. We - one of the first who will join this new, great movement to which, unlike hundreds of other industries, DESTROYING the world, is intended to become CREATING the industry of 21 centuries. and about what is connected with it we will tell

about ideas of Vellness.

You should not ransack on the Internet, to spend time, energy, forces, on information searches in strengthening of health, there is TOO MUCH it. us you will find

C everything that for this purpose is necessary, in ONE PLACE!


It is possible to write about Vellness and and to write. Practically this subject is inexhaustible and extremely actual. Today we want to give a small fragment from Paul Pilzer`s book where it touches on issues of MODERN food:

“Here you tell all this to me and why my doctor cannot prescribe me food additives?“, - you ask.

The doctor “will not write out“ to you food additives, and that is why. How train doctors? The doctor writes out only what he can explain. If it departs on a step to the right - to the left and loses prichinno - investigative communication, he begins to feel uncomfortablly. About 150 years ago the medicine of the USA refused folk remedies. Why? Because they could not explain, “as it works“. With tablets and powders everything is clear. Tablets kill, for example, so many bacteria in unit of time. It is clear to the doctor. And herbs? And infusions? And other natural means? It is already molecular biology. Doctors were never taught that occurs at the molecular level.

Trillions of molecular connections. The doctor even of names will not remember all, not that to explain the influence mechanism.

In the 20th century new types of products and services began to appear very quickly, and now we see how appears mega - a tendency - yachts, machines or computers on importance are forced out by health - it is valid what is necessary for each person. All of us need updating. Updating at the cellular level.

I finally - a joke:

- Drink tomato juice. Tomato juice is health. Health is a sport. Sport is victories. Victories are money. Money is women. Women is AIDS. AIDS is a death. He drink tomato juice.

For today all. Good luck! To the next meeting!