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How to win against the mother-in-law? Part 2. Fight of

After division of mothers-in-law into types we will discuss a loss which is capable to put us each of these subspecies, and techniques of its prevention. So, svekrovka are divided by the sizes...

Type No. 1: small in both parameters

your strategy double - for a start to pretend to be h2 bigger the ninny , than she. Even if you have two meters of growth and two diplomas about the higher education, in the presence of “mother“ you accept a knee - an elbow pose (that will balance you in growth) and pull eyes an easy film of weak-mindedness. Everything, you - are impregnable. Chirp totally ludicrous further. Why to you to make impression on mother, this policy the last century for a long time. Win the man, his mother can just be stunned (for example, the same weak-mindedness).

Option second - intimidating . Understand, long legs for tiny women - a subject of dream of all life. Be expressly above such mummy, and literally - high heels or platforms, pass - skirts, clothes in a vertical strip. At this option of fight it is possible to tell nothing at all. And just to go much at it in the face of the fine long legs or, sitting, to swing them. The mother-in-law falls into similarity of a trance.

Basic skills : ability to pretend to be the full silly fellow. It is rather so - to be able to represent that simplicity which is worse than theft. The mother-in-law, at least, will prick up the ears.

Type No. 2: low growth, but with an excess weight

your strategy : it is necessary to prove to it that you - are dangerous. There is no limit of the imagination and to perfection. You remember, how in a joke: “You where were?“ “To the resort went, had a rest, nerves here treated …“ “That - what treated?“ “Nerrrvyyyy!!!!“ Weak-mindedness of such mothers-in-law you will not get, it is necessary to show violent insanity. It will force them to steer clear of you, and then, at desire, you will be able to build the acceptable borders and a framework of communication.

It is also possible to arrange more intelligent taming. Your weapon against them are they, the habit to eat is more right than them. You give them scales, books “Easy Way to Lose Excess Weight“, discuss advantages of diets. Great difficulties in fight will not be because these women direct all sincere efforts to food for a long time, and on all the rest they have neither time, nor nerves. You find the weak place: food, alcohol, cosmetology or cultivation of tomatoes - and precisely you beat. The mother-in-law will not notice that she is in a condition of deaf defense. When you intimidate her in this way, persecution can be stopped and made it the ally. Someone has to nurse grandsons?

Basic skills : except ability to pretend to be the madwoman, the main knowledge in the field of dietology still will be necessary (or other area of dependence of the specific mother-in-law). It is necessary to position itself as expert in this subject, thereby you will win respect and respectful awe.

Type No. 3: high growth, without excess weight

your strategy . Such mother-in-law is similar to a spot of sunlight in hands - is imperceptible and beautiful. The tank on porolonovy caterpillars. It will not disturb you, but will not help too. Three years she can visit you every single day and create the atmosphere of spiritual proximity, and on the fourth to evaporate, having got acquainted in a supermarket with the man of the dream. From it wait for nothing, neither bad, nor good. Also do not give. For the apartment itself let pays, or the man from a supermarket.

Basic skills . Vampridtsya to learn anything from anybody to wait. However, this useful ability in life.

Type No. 4. Heavy artillery. Everything is all right - growth, weight - huge

your strategy . Strangely enough, victory in the same place, where also defeat. You should become worse, than it. Do not forget - your husband is broken long ago by it and capitulated. Means, you should become as his mummy, then from her figure will act emotional loading, and she is neutralized as superfluous. If she gets up at seven o`clock in the morning to weld to your husband a squash, get up at six o`clock and too you cook. Bitterly sob that its squash which is put too much salt, and it wants to poison your treasure. Only it is not necessary to break plates and to make scandals.

It is necessary to pay tribute to mothers-in-law of this type - they try to obtain everything one movement of an eyebrow. Ways of fight against such mothers-in-law the most disgusting - blackmail, the ultimatum, sex. Sons of such here imperious mummies are greedy for caress. Be not confused, everything at you will turn out. And the mother-in-law will depart to drive into a coffin of the husband or to destroy marriage of the daughter. I congratulate.

Do not lose contact, these are good grandmothers. To them it is possible to send quietly grandsons for the summer. Children will return happy and healthy as from a pioneer camp, long will go on the apartment a system. Plus will be known by a structure of an auricle and ventricles of heart. If the grandmother - the teacher of biology and chemistry of the senior classes.

Basic skills . Knowledge of pharmacology regarding sedatives of the instant and prolonged action. Strong desire to keep marriage and mental health of children. Love and pity to the husband.

Type No. 5: growth and weight correspond to average parameters of the woman of fifty years

your strategy . Depends on military operations. Sometimes there is enough wine bottle with cake and photos of the son embracing you on a wall - it as a gift. Sometimes - half a year not to talk.

Basic skills . Your financial independence. Strangely enough, main argument in this case. These women passed a default, reorganization, most likely, alone lifted children in dashing years. Money and a living space for these unfortunate - a criterion only. And if you do not attempt on, then, upon another - to you green light.

In conclusion I want to tell that it is fine to have the mother-in-law, anyway, it. At least, it is pledge of the fact that you too sometime will become a mother-in-law (or the mother-in-law). This woman once did not make long ago abortion as it was fashionable in the twentieth century, and took the responsibility and as she could, brought up and nursed this treasure - your husband or the young man. Be grateful to it for it.

When she fed him from a spoon or swaddled, she wished him only the best destiny. So convince her that you - that down cradle, those reliable and strong hands to which it will be able to hand that only treasure as which creator she feels herself - the son. I tell it to you as future mother-in-law.