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How to apply improvised materials in the developing games?

in toy stores are offered Now a set of the various developing games. You will find there and the children`s computer (for the smallest, of a year), and ringlets, pyramids, musical instruments, puzzles, cunning labyrinths and many other things. One trouble - all these charming, bright, attractive toys urged to develop our children and to lift up to the unknown heights have by no means the unattractive price. Someone is able to afford to pay for everything at once and to buy up all toy shop, and someone should choose thoughtfully, being conformed with a small salary.

But if to understand, full development of the child does not require the children`s computer or super at all - expensive labyrinth. It is possible to manage small financial blood if to add the imagination to it.

For example, the trees and bushes growing around your house or in the nearest park will give fine material for creative development of the child. At the same time will help with development of small motility and will expand his knowledge of wildlife.

By means of a leaf it is possible to draw the whole pictures. It is enough to paint a leaf paint and to use this “stamp“, drawing a tree. Very well for kids, it is still heavy to them to draw the present sheet. Besides, on a print of a leaf all streaks, its structure are perfectly visible.

The ironed and dried up leaves can give the whole compositions. Especially if a little bit to help the child: to show it what beautiful background for “a dried ikebana“ can be a usual sheet of paper if to paint it a little with paint splashes.

If you had to repair the car and there was a little paint and a varnish in barrels, then it can be used for creation of composition: by means of automobile paint excellent background drawing will turn out, and the varnish sprayed over ready composition will make it not only brilliant, but also almost eternal. After processing such leaf is delicious it is possible to place in a frame under glass and to hang up on a wall.

By the way, not only the automobile varnish, but also hairspray will approach. After a covering a varnish the additional charm is got not only by compositions from dry leaves, but also water color drawings.

Ordinary clothespegs can be used for creation of art compositions too. The fir-tree, the sun, a camomile, a hedgehog - all this can be made with ease of them. However, it is necessary to watch the child - that he was not wounded.

Pencils are a magnificent exercise machine for development of small motility and sense of equilibrium. The construction of pencil “well“ can occupy the kid for a long time. It is the best of all to use not round, but cut pencils - to the child it will be rather heavy to lay round pencils so that they did not roll down.

One more fine exercise machine which can be used for this purpose - a card pack.

Look round around: a set of various objects only also wait for to become toys for your child. Bottles from - under ketchup are size (and if to paint them in various colors, then they will unambiguously not be worse than purchased). A piece of glass or transparent plastic, a foil, color paper and a usual camomile - and in a sandbox it is already possible to do art “sekretik“ (do not forget to clean only then everything from there that other children were not wounded with the glass left by you).

Basin with sand will allow to continue fantasy game in “secrets“ and in the winter, staying at home. The elastic band connected or sewed in a ring - the exercise machine for physical development (at first the kid it is necessary to teach to go on an elastic band, to cross through it, and then only - to jump). The stool turned up by legs and a cover - and at you is a basket for basketball (for kids of a year to three). Two stools and a cover - a football goal.

Yes, to grow up the child costs money. But nevertheless education is not a question of money, and love and attention to own child at all. Eventually, neither Newton, nor at Mendeleyev, nor at Tolstoy had no children`s computer. What did not interfere with their creative development at all.