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How to improve the site? To yourself the landscape designer of

you are how many happy owner - that earth hundred parts. The house - the dacha stands, are on friendly terms with neighbors, in soul harmony, and this soul asks harmonies in the yard. I will tell honestly: landscaping - action very expensive. And if you think that the furniture of the house was the last depressing expenditure of money, then I can assure that good plants stand not less.

But we are not descendants Rokfellerov! Not oligarchs! Ordinary people. We try to save. But! Before running to buy a favourite jasmine, an Oriental cherry and other - make the plan of landings. And you will stick that in changes and confusion.

If you to twenty hundred parts on hand - have no need to invite landscape firm and to order the expensive project from the top designer. In - the first, such site it is quite possible to improve independently, knowing some elementary receptions. In - the second, not all “top“ designers really top!

So we take a roulette, an album, a pencil and we draw the site. Or we draw in mind …

For a start needs to be known that we want to see at ourselves on a site … “Roses, lilies! Sandbox! And stone vase!“ It is healthy … We think of details … I do not scoff, itself was such. Began to project from a shirmochka from klematisa and spheres of a box at a porch.

In general, it is right: from trifles to large-scale. But the return rule works at a site: from large-scale to details. We zone the territory!

We write the “What Do We Want to See on a Site?“ list (as the composition at school).

A rosary, flower beds, the box to the Ball, a playground, a lake of the size of a bathtub (or about a bathroom), gryadochka, the Swedish wall, the Alpine hill, a rock-garden or a garden of dwarfish coniferous plants, a sculpture (as in a summer garden), fruit-trees, a fir-tree (to dress up for New Year), a paved ploshchadochka (on which it is possible to take out chairs and a little table to drink tea on air), the ploshchadochka covered with gravel (to expose there for the summer flowerpots), the greenhouse, the platform for the diesel - the generator, an arbor, a shop, the second shop, just three huge boulders … Be sure by

: the flight of fancy will carry away you up, in space spaces! And on a site eight hundred parts … At - at - at - at - at ….

We take a color marker and we delete minor, leaving only what really very much wants to be had on a site. Some elements can be united, - to reduce some in sizes.

Especially the size matters upon purchase of plants. Coniferous will be more expensive than the others because slowly grow. Therefore if you need to close shower the neighbor - a pine not less than three meters! And if a Christmas fir-tree, then it is possible to begin seventy with meter - will grow (and to dress up small more conveniently). In the same way it is already better to buy accent trees around which the composition is broken in a good size, with the created krone. And here in places “through passage“ it is possible to pick up low. Bushes grow in three years therefore you can take low (just consider a growth area at disembarkation).

But the main thing - it is competent to arrange all desirable on a site. Hozpostroyki is recommended “to hide“ behind fences from a thuja (or privets). The kitchen garden too is picturesque not all year: it is worth fencing it with a decorative low small fence (wattle fence). Leave a lawn spot which can be edged a path in front of the house, and behind a path to break flower beds, to plant among flowers bushes of the different size with different color of foliage, several hvoynik spherical or kolonnovidny (in winter time will be for what to be hooked by a look).

Consider the provision of the sun. Do not plant shade-loving plants right in the sun, and solntsepoklonnik in a shadow! Take an interest in the garden center where you will buy plants that they prefer. By the same principle make flower beds: one plants for a shadow, others - for solar places. Those that high, on a background, low you take out forward. Also consider “viewing points“ - from a terrace, from a drawing room window. They need to be decorated. And peripheral you can simplify.

After that make sketches of the site - schematically place on it the chosen elements. Perhaps you should show sharpness, “compressing“ the desirable in a framework of the allocated place.

It is so quite possible to turn a terrace at the house into a canopy under a canvas (cleaning bed curtains if there is no sun), there to take out pots with flowers and to put a stone bowl or a small figurine. At a terrace it is quite possible to make rectangular or twisting openwork “pockets“ of a low box bordyurchik and to land in them rosebushes. And between roses to land a geranium, peonies, a foxglove and to the dicenter if the place pritenyonny. Either lavender, or irises and stakhis, if sunny side. Fans of short-haired forms can put in such rosary a box sphere on a shtamba (or three spheres on one trunk).

Under fruit-trees there will perfectly live bulbous: crocuses, snowdrops, narcissuses, hyacinths, tulips! Just do not cut a lawn until their leaves dry. Prostrigite a path in a grass. Do not refuse to yourself a clearing of a good lawn.

Behind a fence be closed from unattractive constructions by hvoynik: fir-tree, pine. It is possible also trees with sprawling krone: maple, linden. The role of vertical gardening is big and indisputable! Build a screen or a pergola, twine a rose with a honeysuckle or klematisy, put a shop nearby - and the romantic place for reading is ready.

It was possible to look not only in the book, make “zhurchalochka“ with the drilled stone from which fountainlet beats, flows down on a stone in a pebble circle. It will leave cheaper than the film or concreted reservoir, and the hearing caresses.

Make Gryadochki raised in board boxes (well it if you do not grow up potatoes for sale). Buy plants in firms which have the nursery (but not from those who are engaged in resale). Or at those which deliver expensive plants from Europe (but do not buy from suppliers).

And ideas you can quite spot in specialized magazines “LD“, “Landshaft plus“, “100% zagorodny dom“...