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One more hazardous scam in the RuNet? Let`s play WinnLand

Traditional the Internet - now very few people trust auctions. The main reason - opacity. I quote from a discussion forum the Internet - frauds: “Nobody ever will be able to check , the robot won or not and in case wins the robot, it is possible even not to buy goods for auction. Trade in air. And here desire to pay for a package of rates to them in advance. And to earn the word here does not approach. To swindle suckers at full scale.

Rummaged in Google at the request of “winnland“. 1780 mentions, and a ratio positive and negative about 1 to 16. In Yandex (3449 p.) situation is much better, the combination of positive and negative responses is approximately identical (on the first ten pages). Wanted to stop picking further, but curiosity got the best as I did not find concrete examples of obvious deception.

Decided to check “lokhotronnost“ on itself.

Registration of special was not difficult. You think out to yourself a nickname (I took myself “rich - smeet“), you fill a form, the SMS with a code comes, insert a code into the necessary line and … Everything, it is possible to play. By the way, on the account there are 100 rub which can be spent for rates, but not for payment of delivery or a prize, as at the Scandinavian auctions.

Walked on a private office, filled all forms. It seems everything is clear.

I study rules. Auction comes to an end in accurately certain time. Each player has only 20 unique rates. A unique rate - that which was made no more than one player on lot. If someone else put the same rate, both (or more if such rate was put by several players) rates are destroyed, “burn down“. Or rather, each player has an opportunity to make unlimited number of rates for game, but it is at the same time possible to have no more than 20 unique. If the rate “burns down“ because someone put the same sum, it is possible to stake further. That player wins, the unique not burned down rate of which at the time of completion of auction was maximum (the biggest of all only unique).

Delivery of a prize is carried out at the expense of firm. I ask support, whether the truth it.

I quote the answer literally:

“The project acts on all territory of the CIS.

At the moment when the winner is defined and it decides to take away a prize, we learn its exact address and after that we contact the importer of goods, we receive exact coordinates of shop which extends these goods. Official importer... but not some local purchaser.

after that we communicate with shop. We transfer it payment for goods and we send exact data of the winner who has to win this prize. That already comes with the passport and wins a prize. Each winner has the right to choose that he takes away - a prize or its market value, it is in the description of lot, the section “Additional Data“. When the winner decides to win not a prize, but its market value that he receives market value minus 15%.

For example, chose a prize of 50000 rub as money, 50000 - 15% = 42500 to you to your credit card, on WebMoney, to your bank account, the nominal translation etc.“

A, why the section “delivery address“ in a private office are transferred? Answer of support: “This address is used in case to your region the won prize did not reach yet, i.e. did not begin its official distribution“.

So far everything is clear.

I play a demo - the mode to blue in the face. The demo - the mode is a training where the game is played on virtual money and the won prize it is impossible to take away. The more to the people at the same time plays, the situation is closer to real game on the real money. In several hours of nearly 100% of “demos“ with two - three opponents I began to win.

It is time to play for real money. Only … 100 rub obviously a little. I transfer an amount more what it is not a pity to lose (100 US dollars).

At first carefully put on two auctions where rates was least of all.

And then solved, to spend on drink - so one million!

I go to fight for the most abrupt lot - Apple MacBook Air worth 53 200 Russian rubles. The shivering hands made the first rate. Oh, did not burn down. So far … Following put above. The system says that this rate is, but I do not see it. I click the link “Support service“ in the right top corner. The dude by the name of David answered quickly, threw the reference to the page of statistics where all my rates are displayed. The copy of negotiations with support came to a mail at once. It appears, the rate already “burned down“, someone put same. All right, we continue.

Well, well, well!

And fiasco! I was only the fourth!

“the Muscovite who won with a nickname!“ already learns how to receive a prize. Lucky person! I Congratulate

won a chat. The dudes who took the second and third place, my direct competitors - too.

So, final page.

All rates are opened, the statistics is laid out. Offensively, in my opinion, I did such rates. Looked in the section “sealed-bid auctions“, there at all rates which were put by the player. No, everything is right. Hurried strongly, probably … Passed.

So, we consider economy.

7854 was staked. Total:

7854*15=117810 (hundred seventeen thousand eight hundred ten) rubles.

We take away the declared lot cost:

117810-53200=64610 (sixty four thousand six hundred ten) rubles.

Wow, the profit is more than 100%.

Excellent commercial enterprise!

The following auction with lot interesting to me will be only in 262 hours, 12 minutes with seconds. Several rates through equal intervals are already made. We wait - with … for

So, the first impressions.

1. Game really takes.

2. It is better not to participate in game on several lots, it is necessary to monitor game constantly, especially at the end when the only rate which was made on other lot (10 - 15 rub) can ensure a victory … to other participant.

3. To lose offensively. At once you begin to look for a dirty trick from “these flimflammers“. Won only one. Who is he, the devil only knows! Though,

4 can communicate to it in a chat …. Calculations show that this very profitable enterprise, and only the madman will spoil the reputation, having refused in the future such profits.

5. The system very much differs from speculation for the rise and to use sense boats, in my opinion, has no.

6. In a chat number two and number three told that already received prizes.

7. Excellent news to bloggers and webmasters. The Winnland auction has partner system and pays remuneration for involvement of new players.

My assessment of this project - the firm four with plus, to organizers a wish: to diversify auction with more expensive prizes. Thousands on hundred everyone. I joke. Though, it would be advisable to add something else.

And I will play further, I will try that there will leave.