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Kino group: Movie tests or Kinooshibki?

Perhaps, the subject is not actual today. About It write, generally to birthday of group or in day of death of her legendary founder. But I have an occasion - on radio station the song “Mother, All of Us Are Seriously Ill“ was just heard … And on August 15, 2010 - twenty years from the date of Victor Tsoi`s death.

Unfortunately, our generation in the majority ignores creativity of legends of the Russian rock and, in particular, Kino group. I will not begin to go deep in this case into history of emergence of the direction and each certain representative, but “Cinema“ - one of the brightest heads of history of the Soviet fate, a generation legend! How it is possible not to become interested in Victor Tsoi`s identity at least out of true curiosity, having read his name or lines from songs on the next fence?

To most of people is more senior than thirty five years it is not necessary to remind its honest texts, the unique, penetrating voice, and here in my peers impregnated with a plastic pop-music it is useless to try to cause interest in these songs - to think laziness.

In 2000 there was a dilogy of “Movie test“ dated to 10 - to the anniversary from the date of Tsoi`s death. This collection included about thirty songs of Victor Tsoi sung various fate - and not really performers practically from all former USSR. Sang differently: someone tried to approach the original, someone sang absolutely in own way.

And from the moment of an exit of an album and emergence of songs from it on radio most of citizens are younger than thirty five years are sure that wrote the song “Cuckoo“ and for the first time Zemfira Ramazanova executed, the song “Pack Tsigarok“ undividedly belongs to Oleg Skripke, and “Eighth-grader“ is associated only with specific execution of Ilya Lagutenko. No, I have no anything against these performers at all - very much I love and I respect their creativity. But, probably, someone did not finish something. The album - that had to pay a tribute to the memory of creativity of the legendary personality - Victor Tsoi. And left so that many who knew Tsoi`s creativity before remained other musicians disappointed performed by his songs. Some performers decided to sing Cine songs in the unique style and to guess what song sounds, was possible only in the text.

The same who until then did not know that he such “Cinema“, - and after an exit of an album did not like desire to learn what the collection such and why Movie tests is … And it is a pity.

In 19 - yu anniversary of death of Victor Tsoi “The last hero“ - the documentary of Alexey Uchitel created in 1992, but which then did not get on the wide screen was released.

In 2009 the legendary movie - the monument was restored, digitized and is for the first time available to hire at digital movie theaters.

In it fragments of concerts, amateur shootings, memoirs of relatives and shots of the sobbing fans who spend the night at a grave of an idol are collected, sing his songs and paint a wall of his memory.

Then the World Kinoaktion of memory which will come to the end in day 20 - summer anniversary from the date of death of the musician on August 15, 2010 began. The ultimate goal is an entering of Victor Tsoi to “The world Hall of Slava Rock - N - a beater“ in the USA.

We will hope that Kinooshibki will not repeat.