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Expansion of the Chinese automotive industry

the Chinese automotive industry, with great strides began to step, on defenseless inhabitants of Eastern Europe. After automobile expansion, motor-expansion stretched.

without having at the moment the developments of motor-equipment, neither motorcycles, nor scooters. The Chinese motor-producers ruthlessly copy the Japanese motorcycles and the scooter.

the Truth at the moment it takes a civilized form. Chinese buy a little outdated Japanese technologies, and it seems as well as the law is not broken and it is pleasant to buyers.

Not each buyer can buy the good Japanese motorcycle. And here the Chinese analog of motorcycles and scooters, is already available almost to anyone to the biker.

As the price of the Chinese motor-equipment is lower than the Japanese analogs of time in 3.

But let`s conduct small research, and the fact that the Chinese motorcycles and the scooter got on our market is good or bad. Give

on the concrete examples followed of a motor-forum. Let`s take for example the Japanese maxi Yamaha Majesty 250 scooter which became already classical which is made by Yamaha firm since 1998. The Chinese models copying now this maxi scooter from known to me. It is Defiant firm which produces since 2006 the DT model - 150 Turin.

Is full identity in appearance, except for the engine which instead of 250 cm3, costs 150 cm3. On unclear to me to the reasons Chinese put low-power engines. The price of Turin 150 of about $1300-1500, the Japanese analog of Yamaha Majesty 250 costs from 7000 euro, the first plus which at once is evident.

we Go further the price of raskhodnik, it is in general the fairy tale, first on the Chinese scooter you will find everything without problems, and here on the Japanese equipment that to find something, it is necessary to possess a grasp and which scent many militiamen will envy. About the price I am silent, here just no comments. We go further, despite spitpoisons, at the moment Chinese the scooter and motorcycles go in the same way as well as their Japanese fellows.

Same run, same repair of scooters.

So from this small example arises a conclusion that the Chinese expansion on our market is not the worst expansion. If not they what would be the scooter our country still long learned.