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“Frozen“ (“Frozen“). How it is not necessary to have a rest in a ski resort?

What will be if to try to cross the youth comedy of the beginning 90 - x “Ski patrol“ and the atmospheric thriller “High sea“? Correctly, Adam Green`s movie “Frozen“ will turn out. From the comedy here, however, there were horns yes of a leg - took only skis, an ice slope and couple of vigorous songs. All these loans kept within the first 15 minutes, and adventures not so ridiculous … began then

So, before us three students - Joe (Sean Eshmor), Dan (Kevin Zegers) and Parker (Emma Bell). Dan - the center of this triangle because Joe - his best friend, and Parker - let not the best, but the girlfriend. All three are students correct. I.e., instead of a wild vecherina with a grass and beer, they preferred to devote Sunday to action equally useful and pleasant, namely to skiing from a hill. Or on a snowboard, the difference in our case is not basic.

Joe, being without couple, I am not really glad that its intimate druzhban dragged the maiden who still besides a fig is not able to ride on rest and constantly loosens the rolled hillsides with the fifth point. But the girl always is useful in cases when it is necessary to convince some tolstoloby man to make something illegal. Our skiers for some reason decided not to buy the ticket as everything, and to bribe the porter of the elevator. This desire to save also became a cornerstone of their subsequent misadventures.

Probarakhtavshis the whole day in “splash pool“ from - for clumsies Parker, friends at supper settled that it is necessary to sweep before departure from really standing height. In the dark. About mademoiselle which hardly - hardly keeps on the board. Well, the decision obviously sensible and thought over. No sooner said than done. Of course, the fat bribe taker on watch was a little rumpled for decency. Like, already darkly, the cyclone approaches and so on. But unless such rotten excuses will stop brave subjugators of snow tops? Certainly, no. But they were fine stopped by the subsequent series of stupid incidents. Because the fat man`s relief the message forced that to retire urgently from a post at a knife switch. By itself, accurate TsU about three idiots who decided to arrange slalom in night, the relief did not receive and safely cut down the elevator. And then and lighting. Then “Elvis left the building“. Having left our unfortunate students at the height of 5 - storey buildings somewhere on the middle of a way to top.

Of course, situation not cool. In - the first, outside there is a banal oaklet. Our fuflyzhnik, by itself, are dressed not on weather, they were going to climb down only a mountain, but not to submit the North Pole. Any sheepskin coats and caps with ear-flaps, only easy jackets. In - the second, all cell phones (what surprise) remained below. And the hit of a season - everything occurs on Sunday evening. And by tradition the American ski resorts work only during week-end, i.e. our trio has only two options - or to freeze slowly but surely till Friday, or in some way to try to go down.

I will not describe further adventures of this Trinity not to spoylerit. I will tell only that height and frosty wind will be not the only troubles which can happen to the average student in mountains. The main enemy in similar vital scrapes is our own underdeveloped brain. And many actions are made in a hurry, quickly. What subsequently we quite often are sorry about. If, of course, to us so carries that the chance to appear in it “subsequently“ will be given.

Many in the responses note the general absurd of a situation and an illogicality of acts of the main characters. I will not agree. And that is why. In - the first, are not necessary for creation of similar precedent any fantastic coincidence. It is enough to have three freaky cretins above and one stupid blockhead below. In - the second, all other actions of the heroes suspended in the middle of night mountain landscapes are caused not so much by their weak-mindedness (though it is present too), how many circumstances. Perhaps, many of commentators would arrive more reasonably, it appear on their place, but hardly anyone - that can wish a similar fate. And to express the opinion from a sofa, drinking cold beer - it is always simpler, “cleverer“ and, the main thing, more safely.

What turned out at Adam Green in general? Authors did not manage to hold on to a suspense of “High sea“. There was not enough everything on slightly - slightly. For some reason heart does not jump out outside from understanding of that fact that all three are threatened by slow and painful death practically few steps away from a civilization. Without any hope for rescue. For some reason you do not empathize heroes sincerely and genuinely. Perhaps young actors lacked experience to transfer all scale of human emotions? Or perhaps obvious flaws of the scenario as which author the same Green acted are guilty of everything. Nevertheless, the movie should be watched. At least not to fall into a similar state most. Because, I will repeat, the situation quite vital and nothing supernatural for hit in it is required. Except for the strange schedule of work of a ski resort and total absence of an instinct of self-preservation.