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Lev Termen: what is he famous for? By Day of radio

7 of May - put Radio, and a trace 65 - the anniversary of the Victory. And still there live among us people having a direct bearing both to that, and to other significant event. Unfortunately, every year it is more and more “the become silent keys“ therefore each veteran of war and the veteran - the radio fan is important.

My father, Kashkarov Pyotr Nikolaevich, 1923 year of birth, passed all war and though did not drag field radio station behind the back (was at war in an anti-tank destructive platoon), after the Victory mastered radio, the self-made transceiver and a call sign had. In absentia graduated from technical school, and then higher education institution, worked in VNIIGE (scientific research institute of Hydraulic engineering) as the research associate and actively participated in construction It is lower - Kama and Brotherly hydroelectric power station, popularizing the radio amateur movement everywhere where the destiny brought. And - radio fans there is a lot of such veterans, look narrowly at them more attentively, they will tell a lot of interesting.

In Russia there are regions of compact accommodation where density of the radio amateur movement is very small: in Yamal - the Nenets Autonomous Area, Yakutia, Siberia you will not find the radio fans working on air “in the afternoon with fire“. And meanwhile, “to issue the license“, that is to receive a call sign on initial category, it is not difficult at all - much more simply, than the license for storage and carrying the hunting weapon that it is actual for remote districts. And the cost of the professional transceiver (if not to assemble it most, and to buy) is comparable to the average gun. And it is possible to be at the same time both the hunter, and the radio fan as your obedient servant, and to it nothing disturbs.

There are people who are doomed to be radio fans. As well as any hobby, it entices, can make the success comparable to a rank of the world champion - there are professional athletes, winners in competitions among radio fans, meetings and Masters of Sports in amateur communication. Radio business allocates the person from society. The talented inventor Lev Sergeyevich Termen (1896-1993), being engaged in the XX century in experiments in the field of “electric foresight“ also belonged to community of radio fans.

The cellist by the main education who is carried away by radio engineering the young man attended lectures at Petrograd polytechnical institute, and in 1926 presented the operating model of teleinstallation with mechanical development for 64 lines in the degree project. “Foresight“ interested command of Red Army, and installation was shown in 1927 to the people`s commissar on military and sea affairs and the chairman of RVS USSR Voroshilov. “Picture“ deserved a positive assessment of “the high person“.

Unfortunately, Termen did not happen to finish work: he was sent by the intelligence agent to the USA, and upon return condemned as “participant“ of attempt at S. M. Kirov. Further - camp work in special laboratories. Having been released, Lev Sergeyevich worked in laboratory of acoustics and a sound recording of the Moscow conservatory, taught in MSU at physical faculty, lived to a ripe old age. Termen, having applied musical talent and skills, as a result of the experiments created the unusual musical theremin device which is capable to change a tonality of a sound of low frequency at change of capacity around the reception antenna.

When Termen still was engaged in studying of properties of gases under the leadership of professor A. F. Ioffe, he found out that the next designed device reacts a sound to approach of hands of the experimenter. Lev Sergeyevich began to improve the device and after a while could already execute on it melodies. “Termen plays Gluck on the voltmeter“, - colleagues joked. On the basis of a theremin a number of unique listening devices and a prototype of the modern security alarm system is created.

The scientist asked to show the invention to Lenin. The chairman of Council of People`s Commissars with pleasure was convinced how the new musical instrument will transform the movements of hands of the musician to unusual unearthly sounds. And even itself under the leadership of Termen executed “Lark“. A bigger attention of the leader was drawn by the alarm system. The security system was attached to a big vase with a flower. It was worth approaching a vase one distance less than a meter, the loud call was distributed. One of being present, in a service jacket, doubted authenticity of the device and decided to prove that Termen is the charlatan. The military pulled down a warm cap, wrapped up a hand and a leg a fur coat and began slowly, on cards to approach a vase … Dzin … Dzin … The device rang out. All applauded.

“Look what military at us, - Lenin addressed the inventor, - electricity still do not know!“. The legend claims that not who other as Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin … Radiolyubitelstvo`s

is a hobby was a mistrustful military. Radio fans cannot die out as dinosaurs, it is impossible to forbid them as it is impossible to forbid the moon. But it is the best of all to stop complaining about difficulties (whom always in bulk in what century live) and to expostulate on that “that did not create us due conditions“, and to create them for development “from young nails“ and by that to keep, prolong life to old and skilled shots. For the rest radio business develops (glimmers) even contrary to an economic situation.

I congratulate with 65 - the anniversary of the Victory of veterans of war, home front workers, all who in difficult days, without feeling sorry for itself, forged the Victory, I congratulate also veterans of radio, all radio fans on a professional holiday!