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Why girls become prostitutes? Males are Neanderthal men and a fried pangolin of

- And it is almost always pleasant to me.

- And massage - that was? - I saw to it about the most important why we arrived here.

- And as! I to it massaged everything!

- is unimportant that you mass to the client, - I raised a forefinger up. - The main thing that he was satisfied and addressed once again. And not one!

That portly maiden to whom I taught the simplest lesson of marketing collapsed on a back seat of the car now. About such girls speak “the very picture of health“. Wide cheekbones, strong hands, long massive legs in openwork stockings also pass - a skirt. “At full tilt will stop a horse. Will enter the burning log hut“. I took away it from a two-hour session of massage from hotel on which brought. Her client was in these a couple of hours small dark a muzhchinka. Whether the Vietnamese, whether the Chinese, whether from Malaysia. Now she smoked in a car interior. I noted about myself one of the most rare reasons for which girls go in the prostitute.

1. Some girls from the panel just like to sleep with men

Moreover to receive for this occupation, attractive to them, money!

In 90 - e years of the last century I was a student. Only after school “baby bird“ in adulthood, and on you - dashing 90 - e dropped out! Then the state taught students, gave the free travel card on all means of transport, and even paid a small grant which was hardly enough for beer. Therefore who as could earned additionally, looked for ways of replenishment of the student`s poor budget. In the afternoon I studied, and other life began in the evening. Shabby “Suzuki“ at the driver. Favourite then right wheel. It is a lot of such across Moscow rode. Were considered as “abrupt“ cars.

I worked for so-called massage salon. As if it to be expressed more softly … And - here: I worked as a peculiar matchmaker - the security guard. Then in Moscow it was full of foreigners. I not bad knew English and was normally gabariten. Foreigners always wanted girls. They called, ordered, inquired about appearance of seductresses, the cost of services and other things. Here I also agreed, brought girls to addresses. Whether checked, as far as possible, one client in the apartment or in the neighboring room hides still a heap of the people.

Looked on balconies, sometimes even under beds. Talked to the client. Generally, carried girls on massage sessions, so to speak. The driver Petya was at me on the staff of crew (it at it right-hand drive “Suzuki“). This my intermediary activities for providing massage to overseas bodies of services, so to speak, by results in banknotes did not come within miles of a grant! Besides I studied on department of history and had an opportunity to talk to “moths“ from the historical point of view, to put it mildly.

I had an opportunity to make out the reasons of such shameful phenomenon as trade in a body, through time prism. Up to depths of centuries and Neanderthal men. I was not a souteneur as carried maidens to mass foreign bodies. But, to cramp the foreigner`s body with the masseur`s body, it was required translation, it is delivery - zabiratelny and security service. This service also rendered our massage salon. Besides at office (the usual rental apartment) in a secretary there was the real service - a gift of one client to our beauty. And we drove teas yes of coffee from this service. So, we owned service and even service and felt those far years of hard times quite not bad - page. And now we will return to a view of trade in a body from the historical point of view, especially the author graduated from historical higher education institution in hundred steps from Red Square.

So, foremost and most ancient profession. Let`s look there, in antiquity of a paleolith (Stone Age), the reason of leaving of girls on the panel and we will designate one more:

2. The unwillingness to be content with small, that is that quantity of food (belongings, jewelry, entertainments) which is available to it without trade in a body

Here sits group of companions - Neanderthal men in a cave around a fire. Men just came back from hunting, filled a game, animals, perhaps, other Neanderthal men from the hostile tribe. Fry meat over fire. And here the most mean sniffs and weak of the tribe which when hunting stood on “chickie“, with two fried legs of some pangolin. The legs that crackling with a crust. And not far the girl looks hungry eyes. Not on the mean tribesman, and on legs of a pangolin in his hands...

That tribesman noticed this interest and beckoned to himself a hairy finger the maiden. The maiden was gluttonous. The small share that relied from meat “common fund“, bystryokhonko schekhvostit. To it after that to sleep on a skin to be filled up. So is not present! It is not enough it! Still there is a wish to eat though the portion it already nyam - nyam. And where to take? Here the woman cannot be content with small!

And the neandertalka knows that it has those delights for which males - Neanderthal men are greedy. One of them - plyugavenkiya - sits opposite yes eats greedily skvorchashchy legs of a pangolin! Attracts to itself. The maiden moved closer to a male. Showed on legs of a pangolin, then on genital body of the Neanderthal man, then on the delights nodded. Let`s go supposedly away. So they also left: a leg of a pangolin with a crust of a moderate zazharennost, a neandertalka and the Neanderthal man. Here so, through barter, the prostitution foundation was also laid.

Be continued.