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Five ways to congratulate the friend on the Internet of

Five ways to congratulate the friend on the Internet. Review.

Way No. 1. Boring

of the Card


When I only grew up to the table height with the computer, on the Internet it was very fashionable to find and subscribe on some to a sphere. So in my library there were four advertizing catalogs of Boeings - 747, three linking of paper prospectuses on various subjects and even a disk with free software which does not become on anything.

You understand when the websites with free cards appeared, I did not suspect any dirty trick. I had no doubts that to write “address“ in a line. But probably, I then badly knew English therefore incorrectly, probably, filled about an index or about a surname therefore a pokashta to me nothing came. However, I do not lose hope.

You can use my experience.

Here postcard websites:

of ru /

mail. ru /

bigmir. net /

A promise a paper card here. Websites here:

of com. ua /

lastivka. com. ua /

ru / (here even free of charge promise)

the Way No. 2. Declassifying

Here everything is simple. It is only necessary to find the organizer who will force all to be photographed with the unpacked letter and to stick together then in a photoshop in the beautiful picture.

Way No. 3. Voice

of Tozh most can be stuck together if to force all to tell wishes on a dictophone

of the Voice of people whom you know only according to the curve picture to hear always interestingly to

We did once to one deffochka. Wanted to allow to you to listen che it turned out, but it is impossible if the girl learns that I burned her, she to me povydergat all hair.

A way No. 4 Cool

If at the friend everything is all right with sense of humour, he is grateful to draw which can be carried out on the Internet.

the Websites with draws here:

of fome. ru/main - 14. html

prazdnik. by/content/detail/8/39/50513 /

Way No. 5. Refined

Can be made the video with wishes.

Only needs very much - to love very much such person because it is necessary to spend for production of the movie in the afternoon.

It becomes so.

I decided to do a roller about love at once. What

sense to pull a cat for a trunk?

Stage 1. Preparation.

At first himself needs to download uncountable quantity of cards. Usually them leaves on one roller of 50 pieces.

Hint: it is possible to download cards at the same links of a way No. 1.

Stage 2. It is necessary to find aphorisms.

Pieces 10. Yes such that to a stroke for heart touched. As option to write off inscriptions to candy wrappers from a chewing gum “Lavas from.“

In my case approached aphorisms about love to the beautiful girl Marusya.

I pinched here:

of com. ua/aphorism/love1. php

bigmir. net/article/658064

bigmir. net/article/658064

Stage 3. It is necessary to find photos of object of love.

It is easy to make it provided that at you is e - a mail from a mail. ru victims.

If to replace in a line of the address the name addressed to the victim (what goes in e - a mail to a doggie), then I give you 90% of a guarantee, there will be a personal album with provocative photos.

mail. / you WRITE ru/mail NAME /

the Stage 4 HERE. Further it is necessary to find a compassionate melody.

This the most difficult, because if music not really, then all efforts go up the spout.

Ya decided that nothing zhalostlivy is present Vakarchuk. Snatched it here.

Stage 4. Directly production

In each Vindovs by default is the Windows Movie Maker program, but if you were not lucky, it is possible to download it here.

You import the music and pictures there.

It can be made even simple dragging by a mouse to the area of red pictures.

We press the Avtofilm button further, we choose a type of installation “Ischeznaveniye and emergence“

the Name of the movie and credits by default go clumsy letters on an opposite green background.

Is changed for stylish black

we Change (we draw a mouse) pictures in that order as it is necessary for us (I, for example, do on a refrain only cards, on a couplet - photos)

we Add effects and transitions

On a vybranenny shot we write credits from our aphorisms

It is possible to change in the “time scale“ mode length of extensions and an arrangement of pictures, texts, all anything.

When in a roller everything arranges, it is possible to publish the movie. it is better for

to write down in high quality, it is always possible to press down.

It is possible to place the received roller on platforms:

of mail. ru

youtube. to me it is difficult for com

to make out here

the text, constantly gives some error messages therefore

I spread the reference to the blog if it is interesting to you by


of livejournal. com/15504. html