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Why to the woman to go to Egypt? How you are beautiful. That rest is necessary!

If you were thrown by the husband - go to Egypt. If did not throw - especially go. If there is no husband - take off immediately because then, with the husband and children, trips to Egypt will lose a half of the charm.

I will begin with the fact that rest in Egypt is economic. Or rather, if you plan to save - at you it will turn out. If you are not under strained circumstances - Egypt will give you an opportunity these means to spend efficiently and advantage.

For economy we choose Hurghada - sandy beaches, hotels without raid of snobbery and pretentiousness. Besides, there is more cool, than in Charm - and - the Sheikh who is considered the resort more expensively and more richly, with hotter climate (though in relation to Egypt it is in general conditional category), with beaches coral (generally). It is considered that in Charm - ale - the Sheikh hotels is better and a class is higher though ants in numbers can be met in any hotel - to them whether you understand, all the same, how many stars are appropriated to hotel.

The second reason - a living arrangement in hotel in what resort it would not be located. “There is no time to descend at the sea“ - lodgers falsely complain. Morning begins with water aerobics under the leadership of the vigorous Egyptian, further - yoga at the pool. The lesson of belly dance is replaced by water polo. In the evening you are waited by a disco and show - the program which proceeds till the dead of night.

Children are occupied all day long by animators who arrange “Day of the pirate“, paint t-shirts and faces. The children`s disco is replaced by viewing of animated cartoons. Animators prepare together with children of food. The schedule various and so saturated that children also cease to go to the sea.

The power supply system “All inclusive“ is extremely convenient if you have a rest with small children because every day during rest to resolve an issue, where to feed the husband, itself and the senior child with the kid under the arm, not really conveniently. And constantly something invents hotel. Those rare minutes of breaks between work of restaurants (between a breakfast and a lunch, between a lunch and a dinner) employees of hotel expose delightful rolls in the bar, treat with carbonated drinks or bake donuts in icing sugar directly at the pool, probably, being afraid, as if vacationers did not die away for hunger waiting for the next feeding.

Of course - the sea . It is not obligatory to have the diploma of the diver or an aqualung to estimate tremendous variety of the underwater world of the Red Sea. You can buy a mask and a tube directly in hotel and at a depth of 1 - 2 meter to examine a coral reef. Do not forget only two rules - to touch nothing and to have standing rubber footwear. For care of your safety. And still: try to appear in Egypt during a season is from August to October and from April to June. Otherwise you risk to find the sea cold, and swimming will be spoiled by the knocking teeth. Plus, evenings in Egypt it is always rather cool, some tourists by the end of day do not hesitate to put on furs in which they arrived, especially if it is about the winter period - January - February.

Excursions - a controversial issue. Rest with children of special departures does not assume - to reach long pyramids, it is necessary to leave hotel early. Besides excursion has to be provided with so-called “corridor“ - submachine gunners on all way of the bus with tourists. For safety of vacationers, certainly. And sea entertainments - diving on reeves or the submarine - will be pleasant only at absence at you of seasickness, otherwise to walk to you on the deck with a green face, but not to admire beauty of corals through windows.

And the last - by what Egypt is attractive to women? Of course - Egyptians . The swarty slivovoglazy handsome, high and white teeth, they devours you with eyes from everywhere - from - for bar racks, at restaurant, on streets from a taxi window, from - for counters of shops. Even the modest cleaner of a female toilet delightfully tut-tuts to you in a back. Your satellite should shoot a little ahead as you hear whispering:

- You have such eyes, let`s meet today, the beauty.

At the same time nobody will be enough you with hands for different places or to be rude. Only penetrating to look to you in soul black as the Egyptian night, eyes. Therefore, at desire, depending on requirements of the covered with wounds female soul, you will be able to experience all range of emotions and the novel of desirable heat - from innocent flirtation, romantic walks and kisses at the pool to … think out what there your female soul demands.

You can be any age, weight and marital status. It is even not obligatory to be the blonde (though it is recommended). To one tourist the waiter while her husband left behind juice appointed meeting, and her child smashed composition from dried fruit and rugs in the center of restaurant.

Each woman has to visit Egypt time in life. After this trip your self-assessment will increase up to such limits that you expel the husband. Rest pleasant to you!