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What the seas are? Sea character of

What can be better than mountains? Only mountains. What can be better than the sea? Only the ocean where the seas live in the company similar. As any stone on the earth is not similar to another, so there are no two identical seas. At everyone - the character, the force and the whims. And salinity at them different that in itself is property of this water object.

The largest lake of the planet - Caspian the sea. After in it found large reserves of oil, it began to behave so as if, showing character, it spoke: “With me now jokes are bad“. Also it was right.

Winter of 1953 the oil field endured destructive ice invasion. The storm then happened unprecedented force. Perhaps the sea did not want to give the treasures? On character the Caspian Sea the most rough of all seas washing Russia.

By the sea Barents other character, the whims. Severe climatic conditions in the North and in the east of this giant define its ledovitost. It is severe, even when it is rather quiet. Character - Nordic.

The sea is coquettish Azov . Changeably even in the names. Had the name Russian, later it was renamed into Samakush, Salakar. A bit later the Saksinsky sea was called a beautiful name. Further - Thracian, Surozhsky, Kafsky. It is considered that the last name happens from the city of Azov. Superficial, small by the size. Character is a little playful, slightly thoughtless. Sometimes kicks up, but it is more partly to prove themselves and others that it after all too the sea.

Black sea. How many songs about it are put how many movies are shot on its coast! The picture, most known in the world, - “The Battleship Potemkin“. “Scarlet sails“ with Anastasia Vertinskaya it was removed on the Black Sea too. It plows up the broad embraces, smiles and speaks: “I do not grudge the beauty. I is ready to share it with you“. But, as at each beauty, character - changeable. Can blow up storm, show rough temper. It also is attractive by that. And lunar paths at the sea... Not without reason great Kuindzhi wrote lunar night landscapes of Dnieper, inexpressible on beauty, which, by the way, too falls into the Dnieper estuary of the Black Sea.

However all seas are united by one trait of character - jokes and they do not suffer the negligent relation to themselves. Many people paid with the lives for the frivolous attitude towards these great elements.

One more pearl on our ball under the name Earth - Mediterranean the sea. It shines with the exotic. Beautiful, colourful sea world, strange corals. Warm, as pair milk. It attracts, calls to itself, and people fly as butterflies, on its bright light.

Japanese sea. This richest sea on number of animal species and plants. And how many in it is mute seaweed of various configuration and types how many various herbs! To food there is almost everything. Seaweed contain practically all mineral substances and vitamins necessary for a human body.

The Sea of Japan knows the own worth. And generously shares the riches with the person. But character at the Sea of Japan very eccentrical.

One small episode from the childhood far already: The Sea of Japan in July rather warm also seems such tender. Day costs solar, not foretelling any changes. We ride waves on a board. No, not surfing. Just lying on conveniently picked up board or polyfoam, we get on the crest of a wave, and it dashingly carries us, as on a huge swing to the coast. Suddenly, after a while, the wave stops being dobra. She rebelled. And still in a few minutes (the wave constantly accrued), we understand (the first adults who were with us) that understood it if we immediately do not cease to have a good time this “toy“, - we will cruelly pay. We then got on the high rock and already from there observed as several minutes earlier the tender, playful wave turns into a huge shaft, and height of this shaft increases with each following wave.

Grandiose show. Not to look away. In general it is possible to look at the sea infinitely because it - infinitely living being.

By each sea the character, the highlight. And very ancient history. It is only possible to get closer to him on several steps, to try to fill him with soul, to treat him with understanding. It will answer. Also will stretch to you the waves.