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How to repair the scooter without problems?

Repair of the scooter, over time this thought visits everyone the person who bought the scooter. As what at you would not be the scooter or the maxi scooter. As under the law of meanness always that - that will occur either because of the producer or because of the driver well or as a last resort because of road services. Though the last option in our country not the most rare as to kill the scooter on the next pothole or to drive in kakuyuto a rut it is in the order of things. Especially unpleasantly when it occurs in the downtown.

Generally we approached that the scooter already broke and it should be repaired:-).

begins the most interesting under repair the scooter Here, it will be defined who it will repair:-). As it seems to the majority that there is nothing difficult under repair and having grabbed the screw-driver run to raskurochivat the poor scooter but after 1 hour having looked round on the parties and having seen around itself the scattered details and a skeleton of the poor scooter at many knees from attempt to understand what should be done farther and how to continue repair of the scooter give away. In feverish attempts you begin to remember which of acquaintances can repair the scooter, well or at least at least is able to hold the screw-driver. The lot of friends is given not one box of beer is drunk, but the hill with spare parts under the name the scooter does not decrease for some reason. As there are friends are able to repair the scooter but from their professional words you understand that they are able to repair, but do not know as. Generally a result following 2 - 3 weeks are killed a lot of beer is drunk lost a heap detalek it seems and not necessary but the scooter for some reason cannot do without them:-).

Creaking heart having realized hopelessness of independent repair search of a workshop in which remon at least will be able to bring to the logical end begins. As it is a pity for money, it is correct to pay why for repair big money if it is possible cheaper.

found some semibasement shed in which bluish overgrown people in the oiled kombeza potter about. The bag with spare parts and plastic the left after repair of the scooter and under oath promises that in three days everything will be ready, vigorous pace is unloaded to these people you go home.

Prishov in the fixed time you observe the scooter in the same state when it both unloaded and listen to the exhortative speech that in a type of a space storm on Venus repair will be finished in the next 3 days.

having come in due time Next time you will hear following a story about space newcomers and new term. Otmuchivshis instead of 3 days about a month you receive the scooter after repair. but what you see before yourself?

Yes this unclear being after repair also goes kakto not and gasoline guzzles without measure and a type of the scooter after repair not special.

A how to make so that passed repair of the scooter which will come not primeno smoothly and imperceptibly for our mentality?

Probably the answer idle time, repair of scooters needs to be trusted only professionals. Thus as if it did not seem that anyone can make repair of the scooter, without appropriate tools, devices and a kvalifiktion. So in before on searches of the professional, but not shapashnik armless. Better the professional for whom repair of the scooter is work, but not minute earnings.