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Stas Matyashov - domestic Bear Grilz of

As you got lost why?

We got lost for the third day. This day as I understood, in an organism transition processes on the “hungry“ mode began and I very badly thought. The critical moment was the fact that in such half-delirious state I made the important decision on where to go further. And naturally was mistaken. It in principle could be avoided, I already made a similar mistake earlier, but at that moment this state was especially strong. When everything ended with

, estimating an event taking into account all consequences, we came to a conclusion that it is good that I got lost. It very strongly enriched internal state with various experiences, shipped me in the expected image. These days I tested in places enormous despair when I fell flat-out in dense thickets, without seeing the sky, and understanding that I got lost. During this period we removed good stuff, probably, the best for all survival. Saw tremendous types. And the main thing - I received a good lesson and experience meaning that it is necessary to be very attentive, making decisions, especially at the moments of absent-mindedness and weakness. Everything repeatedly to recheck and estimate. What

a route was passed?

At purely vyzhivatelsky stage we protopat about 70 km on the mountains. A half of them in almost impassable thickets of slopes. The part of a route lay at the height more than 1000 meters. It was the region of a volcano Bakening. Tremendous most beautiful places with the multi-colored earth, mountain lakes and traces of volcanic activity.

What generally ate?

Ate generally berry blueberry and cedar cones. Often for hunger Ivan - Tea, a nettle, an unripe mountain ash ate flowers. Baked cedar cones in coals - it turned out very tasty. Did not eat mushrooms and unfamiliar berries, was afraid. There were still some, an upotrebimta in food of a plant, but they seemed to me so tasteless that I did not eat them.

What skills of a survival were useful? What difficulties were?

the Most important in this survival was at me for long till its beginning is a moral readiness for such conditions. About half a year in the head there were these thoughts therefore by the beginning of the process I was incredibly morally strong and ready to such turn of events.

From what could not expect - was difficult to switch between a survival and work with a film crew. The biggest strong-willed and energy consumption was in the evenings and to nights - when it was necessary to reserve firewood for the night and to support a fire at night. Nights exhausted me most of all: you fall asleep at a fire, it goes out in an hour, I wake up from cold, and it is necessary to make anew fire on the remained coals, these are about 30 - 40 minutes of work (firewood or crude, or just long inflames), the smoke, eyes water, the nose is bunged up, and so 4 - 5 times in a night. Such firewood to make a long-playing fire (nodyyu or taiga) was not there. In the mornings I was already absolutely exhausted and normally slept only 2 - 3 hours after sunrise when grew warm already a little and it was possible not to watch fire. Closer to the end of me visited thoughts of spitting in general a fire, to flop on the earth under the tumbled-down tree and it is stupid to endure night cold, but I knew that it will take away more than forces, than fight for heat. And the footwear and legs were wet all the time, it was necessary to dry. As a result I did not spend any night without fire. Even during wet weather during a drizzle in the wood, surviving closer to the end when I almost did not have forces, I made fire all the same. Fire parted exclusively fire therefore I consider skill of skillful work with it as one of the most important in this campaign.

And whether it was possible to apply tactics - to go at night not to freeze, and to have a rest in the afternoon? it is clear that for shootings it was not real, but in principle. there is no

. A landscape very difficult, high vegetation (the heads sometimes are higher), under which stones, sometimes invisible even in the afternoon overgrown holes, streams and gullies, and in a stlanik it is even necessary to strain in the afternoon not to break a leg. Even surviving without film crew, I would not decide to make so in this district.

Of what built the dwelling where it was necessary to spend the night whether there was open spending the night?

Tried to choose already ready shelters, like the thick tumbled-down tree. Sometimes completed some semi-ready objects, stacking thin branches and covering from above with what was near at hand and what was much - a sedge, a cow-parsnip and all leaves has more. Some time weather for the night was obvious since evening, and I slept under the open sky, caring only for a flooring. Where the wood allowed - laid several equal long poles in all growth, somewhere gathered a lot of dry moss and laid it, sometimes laid the same sedge.

And places of spending the night it is the separate song. Sometimes I was a hostage of time and forces, and it was necessary to spend the night where found night. Once I spent the night on a slope of 45 - 50 degrees in a small site of the wood, there found small more - less flat place, but all the same by the morning was fairly rumpled. Completely from scratch the tent built only once and carried out in it 2 spending the night, it was on the bank of the most beautiful lake. There was a lot of another more closed from wind and convenient places, but here the esthetics got the best of common sense, by then I zadolbatsya to sleep in any dark thickets, I wanted a scope and beauty.

A is later 11 days old on vegetable poor food and whether almost without communication some changes in mentality began?
Radical did not manage to begin

. Capitally I began to long and be depressed only in the last several days, but strenuously fought against it and in every possible way tried to lighten myself mood. Though the roof began to go a little - I began to talk to the objects surrounding me - with the wood, with a fire, with the river, with trees, etc. Escaped the fact that made plans: what will I make the first upon return what I will do then whom I will meet that I will eat what I will buy, etc.

Likely, the biggest desire was to eat more and to have a sleep in heat, and of what was dreamed and thought in such conditions?
As it is strange

, but the feeling of hunger disturbed me seldom, and I dreamed not of food at all. Sometimes it even frightened me and I ate only because it is necessary to eat something. I want to note especially this moment, t. to. having indulged in a depression and having ceased to eat, I could lose quickly forces and die if was without supervision. Therefore it is very important to work on the mood and to force itself to eat. In general I understood importance of activity per se. Even with a great effort, in exhaustion it is necessary to be forced to do something for providing itself with comfort, food and heat. In activity rescue. Once you will be too lazy to make warm spending the night - you will lose many forces in a night, you will not be able to find food in the afternoon and so on a chain it is possible to fall absolutely unconscious and not to rise more.

to Have a sleep it yes, and not so much in heat how many just in a row at least 3 - 4 hours. Evening and night were the most difficult for me time of day. I constantly woke up from cold when the fire went out, and jumped at each suspicious rustle - bears everything are.

Still noticed for itself such moment - I began to think every time of profitability of the actions. I.e. if action allows me to keep or receive energy less, than I will spend for it - that I refused this action. Very attentively and economically spent energy, for example if there is not enough small effort to break off a dry branch - that I leave it and I do not make any more attempts to fight against it.

How many days to you were comfortable all alone?

After so many days of loneliness changed system of values and in general the relation to surrounding?

the Loneliness was not full, to me all - equally was necessary to communicate with a film crew on technical questions. It was necessary to give interview and to tell about the feelings, plans and actions. When we remained with the director Sergey Tselikov together for 4 days, having divided with other group - at this time communication was necessary, not for me, and for the rallied actions. During this period Sergey actually too survived. So at image I had no full immersion, and the system of values strongly did not exchange.

Judging by descriptions weather stood nasty all the time, get used to it in several days or on the contrary - the fatigue from conditions collected?

As races with weather was very lucky us - the whole week there was a sunny weather, to the Kamchatka measures is a big luck and it in many respects facilitated to me life. But in fact, with dry legs I was only 3 - 4 days from 11, all rest of the time or infinite fords without razuvaniye, or circulation on a wet grass in the human growth in which legs were blotted at all length the first minute. The discomfort from stay in dampness certainly selected more than forces. It was difficult to get used to dampness, and I amused every day myself with thought that I will create a fire in the evening and I will dry up at last that footwear and clothes. But this dryness, in fact, remained only for the night since. in the morning at the first movement through thickets all bottom was dripping wet again. Heavy rains were not too, only in the last several days it was cloudy, it hmaritsya and drizzled. On the one hand I was glad that there is no heavy rain, and on the other hand was sorry since I would like to try to test myself in a heavy rain. Heavy rain considerably would affect my life.

you came to a conclusion to survive alone to set more complex challenge or just there were no more persons interested?

Persons interested were, and business was not in complexity though, of course, it was emotionally more difficult to me to survive to one. The survival of one person looks in the movie more dramatic and more interestingly, than a survival of group, and lack of communication had to is stronger to ship me in an image. It was very hard to make such decision, it was necessary to refuse to those whom we already invited in the A project

with the wood, a fire, trees and the rivers you too constantly joked? Or just philosophized with them?

generally it: “Aha! Dry stick. Now I will take you.“ or “About! A fire, you did not go out yet? Handsome man!“. Quarreled with what could not cope with that could not lift, tear off or carry away, roughly used foul language. I smother to trees and to the rivers did not pour out, I think, they and so understood everything.

What conclusions were drawn by experience of this adventure?

Main that I understood in this survival: to keep courage and good mood, to show will and to work despite of everything. Even with a great effort, in exhaustion it is necessary to be forced to do something for providing itself with comfort, food, heat and good mood. It is necessary to take care in all ways. The positive spirit allows to spend less will to work, and in activity rescue. Once you will be too lazy to make warm spending the night - you will lose many forces in a night, you will not be able to find food in the afternoon and so on a chain it is possible to fall absolutely unconscious and not to rise more. If it is short, then the mantra for a survival will sound so: “mood - will - action“.

Whether there was something inside, in soul?

Remained feeling that circumstances did not finish me. I was too strongly internally morally prepared for such circumstances and stuck to more than a week in general in a good stable shape. Especially, whatever one may do, I knew how many the maximum will last my survival, it considerably influenced mood. The allowed time was not enough for commission of internal revolution. Though forces were on an outcome, and in the head too something began to become ripe. I think, a little more, and to me there would be basic changes. It would be interesting to pass through it under the supervision of a film crew. But alas, we were limited in time and came it is time to come back. On the other hand I very hard was given work with a chamber, it was difficult to switch from a survival to interview, I spoke about that much, it strongly afflicted me, I worried and was depressed. Be I one, without responsibility to a chamber, the movie and the project, perhaps, it would be easier for me to survive.

What moments were for you special? by

Very much remembered a decline on the mountain when I got lost. The heavy moment after failure on the lake was remembered. Well and of course the moment of end of a survival - when I was overflowed by the internal force and tranquility from understanding of the fact that I survived, was not given and could finish action “with a board“, even despite a serious physical condition and weakness.

How perceived people who follow you?

it is Very quiet. Did not cause either envy or rage in me the fact that they live better and every evening eat hot I write and drink tea with chocolate.