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Answers to the Artists of the World test of

Before reading answers, try to pass a test here.

1. What artist from - for poverty heated the pictures the furnace? Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973) was so poor in

In early years of the life in Paris that is sometimes forced to heat the pictures instead of firewood. Picasso became extraordinary rich then, and left behind only real estate for one and a half billion dollars. His pictures in general are invaluable. Now some works of Pablo Picasso estimate at hundreds of millions dollars. Experts called Picasso the “dearest“ artist - in 2008 the volume only of official sales of its works made 262 million dollars. By results of survey of 1,4 million readers conducted by the The Times newspaper in 2009, Picasso was recognized as the best artist among living for the last 100 years. Its cloths are on the first place in “popularity“ among thieves. (Source, Wikipedia)

2. What picture hung in New - the York Museum of Modern Art in 1961 forty days head over heels?

B of New - the York Museum of Modern Art in 1961 exposed Henri Matisse`s picture (1869 - 1957) “Boat“ (Le Bateau). Only in 40 days someone paid attention that the picture hangs head over heels. (Wikipedia)

3. On a legend Vincent Van Gogh was a genius - the single and sold only one picture for the life. What?

According to the legend invented by the author of the biography of Van Gogh (1853 - 1890) the German Meyer - Gref, the artist was a mad genius - the single and the martyr and sold only one picture for the life ( “Red vineyards in Arles“ ). Together with the well-known “Night cafe“ the picture was acquired by the Russian collector Sergey Schukin. After nationalization of its meeting it was exhibited at the Museum of modern western art, nowadays at Museum of Fine Arts of A.S. Pushkin. Actually Van Gogh only according to officially found documents sold 14 pictures, and prior to career of the artist was a professional dealer in art. At the choice of style of painting it accepted strategy on which his pictures had to be perceived as good decoration of interiors of houses of middle class. (Source, Wikipedia)

4. What known logo was drawn by Salvador Dali? the Image for a caramel wrapper which in a little changed look is recognizable today as a logo “Chupa - Chupsa“ with a camomile drew

1961 Salvador Dali at the request of Enrique Bernat, the owner of the Chupa - Chups company. In a little changed look it remained up to now. (Wikipedia)

History of the Chupa - Chups company here.

5. About what works of the Russian artist Alexandre Benois wrote: “… it is the Russian fair, a pestryadina, “big-eyed“ sitets, a barbarous “fight of paints“, the Russian posad and the Russian village, with their harmonicas, gingerbreads, overdressed maids and dashing guys …“

“… real Kustodiyev is the Russian fair, a pestryadina … I claim that it is its real sphere, his real pleasure … When he writes fashionable ladies and respectable citizens, it absolutely another - dullish, sluggish, is frequent even tasteless. And it seems to me, not in a plot business, and in approach to it“. (Wikipedia)

6. For picture what cloth in 1880 visitors of an exhibition looked, searching for an electric bulb there? as

in the Summer and fall of 1880, during a gap with peredvizhniki, A. I. Kuindzhi (1842 - 1910) worked on a new picture. On the Russian capital rumors about enchanting beauty of “A moonlight night on Dnieper“ were carried . For two hours on Sundays the artist opened for persons interested of a door of the workshop, and the St. Petersburg public began to besiege it long before completion of work.

This picture found really legendary glory. I. S. Turgenev and Ya. Polonsky, I. Kramskoy and P. Chistyakov, D. I. Mendelev came to masterful A. I. Kuindzhi, the famous publisher and the collector K. T. Soldatenkov asked the price of a picture. Directly from a workshop, to an exhibition, “The moonlight night on Dnieper“ for huge money was bought by the grand duke Konstantin Konstantinovich.

And then the picture was exposed on Bolshaya Morskaya Street in St. Petersburg, in the hall of Society of encouragement of artists. Sparkling serebristo - the greenish disk of the moon on a cloth filled in with the mysterious phosphorescing light the earth shipped in night rest. It was so strong that some of the audience tried to glance for a picture to find there a lamp or a lamp. But the lamp did not appear, and the moon continued to radiate the fascinating, mysterious light. (Source)

Why the artist Arkhip Kuindzhi was called the magician of the southern night?

7. What millionaire bought a collection of works of Leonardo da Vinci in 1994 for thirty million dollars?

B 1994 Bill Gates bought Codex Leicester for 30 million dollars - a collection of works of Leonardo da Vinci, since 2003 it is shown in the Museum of Arts of Seattle. (Source)

8. “The Sistine Madonna“ of Raphael was so called because …

“Sistine Madonna“ is in Gallery of old masters in Dresden (it is acquired in 1754). Is one of the most known works of the Italian Renaissance.

the Cloth was created by Raphael in 1512-1513 for an altar of church of the monastery of Saint Sikst in Piacenza by request of the Father Yuli II in honor of a victory over the French who intruded in Italy and assignments to Piacenza of the status of the Papal States.

In a picture are represented Madonna and child in an environment of the father Sikst II carrying similarity to the Father Yuli II, and Saint Varvara (relics of these Saints are in St. Sikst`s church). Figures form a triangle, the lifted curtains only emphasize geometrical creation of composition.

As a name of St. Sikst occurs from Latin “six“, Raphael represented it with six fingers on the right hand. In a picture also six figures. Assume that as model for the Madonna Raphael Fornarin`s beloved served. (Source)

From the name of church also new, known now around the world, the name of a picture - “The Sistine Madonna“ came, and before it was called “Madonna and child, with Saint Sikst and Saint Varvara“ (Source)

9. The American abstract artist Mark Rothko (1903 - 1970) wrote the cloths in style of painting of the color field. In what an essence of this sort of painting?

Painting of the color field (English Color Field) - a sort of abstract painting which cornerstone use of the big planes of uniform flowers is , relatives on a tonality and not aligned. The term belongs to the American historian and the theorist of vanguard art Clement Greenberg.

Painting of the color field developed in the USA at the end of 1940 - x - the beginning of 1950 - x. Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko were the leading representatives of style. This direction can be considered as a kind of an abstract expressionism though sometimes it is classified as a minimalism sort. (Wikipedia)

B 1970 Rothko, at the age of 67 years, committed suicide in the workshop. He could go to other measurement, having decorated the leaving: his last picture was painted in red tones, it was found on a floor of studio in a blood pool. (Source)

10. What artist created more than one thousand pictures and drawings with the image of ballerinas?

the Artist Edgar Degas (1834 - 1917) was so keen on ballerinas that to represent them in the pictures became for it some kind of delusion. Degas created about 1500 pictures, pastels, engravings and drawings of ballerinas. Edgar Degas is most of all known to public as the artist of ballerinas, no other plots involved him so strongly (can be, just jumps). He was the first of the European artists who absolutely in a new way saw the ballet. (Source)