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In the market of uninhabited real estate of Sochi there is a decline in yield of investments.

Since last year profitability of the market of commercial real estate fell in Sochi twice. Today lessors try to keep the level of profitability and hold rent rates. Demand for commercial real estate in Sochi is maintained by businessmen who were driven by the authorities from Trade gallery. But already not far off and summer season.

Therefore falling of rental rates of trade real estate is definitely not expected. As for office real estate, there is a toughening of the competition among lessors here that leads to decline in yield. Level of profitability depends on object, location.

Speaking about segments of the Sochi commercial real estate, It should be noted that office and production warehouse objects are not demanded. And the most attractive - shopping facilities of the Central district, hotel along a seaside strip, restaurants in places with big «prokhodnyaky“.

Attracts investors and a low amount of transaction, small rooms on 50 - 200 sq.m

Today time of the superincome passed. Finansova crisis let much know that not all objects will bring excess profit. Here depends also on administrative barriers much, the high cost of construction in Sochi from - for mountain a landscape, is unclear a situation with transfer of rights to the earth.

Many experts in the field of support of investment projects in Sochi say that today when the government took real steps for improvement of an economic situation, investors began to show interest. Because professional investors do not want to pass “bottom“ at which it is favorable to enter the project. Due to the Olympic Games raising of the Sochi commercial real estate is expected. Therefore investors consider options for construction of trade or hotel complexes. However, there is no that haste performed by projects which was before crisis.

Despite washing away of private investors, the companies affiliated by the state for creation of the Olympic infrastructure of the resort became more active.