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How the name of the man influences his character?

will make a reservation At once - all underwritten is obtained from my personal life experience and personal experience of my friends. All opinions - are subjective, coincidence - is casual.

Do not wait from this article of Latin transcriptions and translations of names with old Slavic, Greek and other languages. I comprehended values of man`s names on own skin, and the life experience removed the regularities, suitable for own use. So, we will begin. What there at us on a letter “A“? Aha. Andrey. Alexey. Alexander. Let`s roll:

Andrey. Andriy beautiful guys. As a rule, attractive externally, well acquire any knowledge and are able to put them into practice. This feature does them by quite good husbands. Minus Andreyev - they are too good boys. Love and obey mummy. The wife are afraid and respect that, however, does not prevent it to change.

Artyom. Artemas are good themselves, are simple, are always ready to come to the rescue. Always there is some hang-up or an island of inadequacy. Had no close acquaintance. I would carry Artyomov to men - riddles which do not want to be guessed.

Anatoly. Shreds are reliable, boring, faceless, muffled. To me they not on temperament. The easy zanudlivost and garrulity becomes intolerable if Anatoly drinks. The requirement to give advice and to teach borders on paranoia. At the same time Shreds are very decent.

Anton. Anton - is often a little with an excess weight, very soft and pleasant, fascinates. They want to be wrapped up as a blanket. It is inclined to changes, but only because looks for the ideal. Existence you as the wife of searches of an ideal does not cancel.

Alexey. Alexey bugs, oh, bugs! Alexey can make happiness and misfortune of the same woman at the same time. Actually, any man is capable of it, but Alexey will make it gracefully as Aramis, fencing, corrects a feather on a hat a sword tip. It is reserved. It is avaricious that carefully hides. Generally, kind person, this Alexey, and besides quite good chief.

Alexander. These men can be characterized as rested. An essence one - Alexander, without looking back at anybody, will do what he considers it necessary. Is able to be content with small and to force to it you. It is not avaricious, unlike Alekseev, but is economical that is not less opposite.

All men with names, beginning on a letter “A“ differ in spiritual fidelity, I emphasize, spiritual. It is a lot of if to consider that other men and spiritual that do not suffer from fidelity.

Boris. Well I can tell? The price would not be Borisam if they are though slightly - slightly, it is more beautiful … well, about a monkey here the speech also does not go. The last Boris met by me reminded a burro hybrid at the last stage of a consumption with a frog. At the same time Borisa can possess remarkable mind, to be, for example, a successful physics and to have mountaineering as a hobby, but appearance, appearance! Children that of what are guilty?

Bogdan. Well, these in general without borders and brakes, without complexes and doubts. One of acquaintances to me Bogdanov had pronounced defect of the speech that did not prevent it to be the soloist in fate - group and to act on radio. For Bogdanov I am quiet. Their violence prevented me to make with them a close acquaintance.

Vadim. What is characteristic - any of my girlfriends who are carefully interrogated on this subject also nothing concrete and generalizing tell about them could not. The only thing that I could squeeze out - the fact that Vadima courageous and a little sluggish. From myself I will add - Vadim is a person - the rock. If you want that taking a step back, you leaned a back on something reliable - marry Vadim. It will be both the reliable back, and a stone wall behind which it is possible to sit out all life … and the tower surrounding you from all directions, at which top you will sit and long from loneliness.

Vladimir. Here about this name, and about the men bearing this name I can talk endlessly. Another matter, a coma it will be interesting? I will be short: my younger son is called Vladimir Vladimirovich, and that says it all. Vladimira are generous, clever and sexual. And the generosity at them the most original, corresponds to definition: “The generosity is not that how many you gave, and that how many at you after that remained“. And so, Vladimira give the last. A family at them on the first place. Vladimira not the classical handsome, it is rather on the contrary, but with charm. It is appearance and Adriano Celentano and Belmondo`s charm, but not Alain Delon in any way. This is the man with sense of humour able to break borders and to break barriers. Set of qualities, irresistible for me.

Valentin. Yes will forgive me Valentina - it is a freak of nature. As the person, maybe, he and at the level, but as the man - is not present, unfortunately. Plus (frightening statistics of my friends) the nature naturally stinted in the plan Valentinov the sizes of the main body for men. Of course, the nature filled a lack of the sizes with temperament, but here and there is thanks to what the Russian people composed such sayings: “Lord does not give horns to the cow whose habitude is to butt“. A moment of silence.

Vitaly. Very kind and sociable person. The amount of the kindness which is released to it is so high that often he is married to frankly spiteful woman. Vulnerability bribes them though externally they are mighty robust fellows. Vitaly is ingenuous and faithful to friends, loves children.

Georgy. As a rule, it is low, the younger child in a family, does not suffer from megalomania, and enjoys. Vyacheslav is talkative and giperseksualen, as well as. The pleasant guy, while in his hands there is no power, then outside sticks out him nature, Gosha begins to shout and order. With those on whom it is dependent Georgy is tender and precautionary, from time to time is flattering. Fools around, but it is exclusive because of the violent temperament, for example, when that is pregnant and cannot satisfy appetites of the husband. Early grows bald.

Denis. It is ingenuous. Denis will never be for you a stone wall behind which you will hide, the back, Denis is a wet cardboard. Apple with a wormhole. At the same time high growth (usually), with a smile from ear to ear. We operate. Is in sincere bewilderment that from it is wanted by women in respect of the relations.

Dmitry. About them it is detailed. These are just stars. To begin with the fact that the nature generously awarded them externally even not so much with classical beauty. And not brutal charm, as Vladimirov. Dmitry are little angels, children in bodies of adult men, with with astonishment eyes, open in this world. Certainly, it is one of masks. Dmitry from the birth are allocated with ability it is pleasant to women and to excite in them maternal - sisterly feelings. Dmitry are perfectly informed on these qualities and skillfully use them. Two more brightest qualities of Dmitry - the economy (alternating flashes of a tranzhirstvo) and irascibility. Dmitry are dependent on women rather from the relations. Sincerely enjoy own sufferings and tortures on the love soil therefore private life at them leaves much to be desired. They find such women more feasibly to suffer.

Danil (Daniil). Also had no close acquaintance, one mysterious regularity - children with these names most often in the childhood suffer from stains of parents. That is at five acquaintances to me Danilov - Daniilov aged from a year till five years parents divorced, at some - already in new marriage. I do not see a logical explanation for it.

Evgeny. Here it is difficult. I can tell one is very correct and decent boys, with a big sense of responsibility. Pretty, most often the senior children in a family. Very much care for the younger little sisters. Talkative. Evgeny seek to be darlings, aspire to the stable relations, to a family and children. Even if change - do it are not really skillfully and very tormented at the same time. Or do not consider a campaign as change on the left at all.

It should be noted group of names, both female, and man`s: Evgeny (Evgeny), Alexander (a), Valentin (a), Ulyan (a), Yuli (Yulia). Lines of an opposite sex, than all the rest are more inherent in owners of these names. That is female qualities - garrulity, sensitivity, amorousness are inherent in men. Respectively, the women bearing such names are rough and hardish, the man`s logic is inherent in them. The exception is made only Yuli - men - they compensate this name by excessive courage (a beard, moustaches), rigidity, purely man`s professions (geologist) and so on choose.

Egor. The good man, the ladies` man, however, yes who without this sin? Distinctive feature Egorov: often have a hobby which is more important than both career, and a family for them. Most often it is sport. Introduction: “The man has to have a harmless hobby“ here does not approach as all days off he either at trainings, or at competitions that cannot be pleasant to the wife and children. As Egor is engaged in combative sports, the wife and children do not decide to object openly and, silently, suffer. Or do not suffer therefore Egor is, as a rule, married not once.

Ivan. Everything happens to Vanyami in two options. If mother in the childhood delivered to little Vanya necessary borders, then from it the decent kid wearing spectacles, the assistant to the same mother will turn out. If Vanyatka was not tamed - he will remain wild on for the rest of the life.

Kirill. Somnambulistic, silent person. Kirill about anybody bad will not tell the word. Good - too. A limit of dreams - to stay at home and to play quietly on the computer. With private life, at such introduction data, there would be a full horror, but Kirilla obedient boys therefore marry and bring children. In the animated film “Ice Age 3“, describing the potential wife Lenivtsa, Mannie`s mammoth told: “There will be also for you a girl. With complexes, without sense of smell, without options“.

Konstantin. Personally I have not enough of any - sane Konstantin`s malsk did not happen to be met. Money (when is) spend absurdly and thoughtlessly. The periods of financial wellbeing for a long time do not drag on. Total absence of borders, poor appearance - and at the same time the megalomania shaded by mania of prosecution. In a strength of mind Konstantinov the mania of prosecution sometimes happened and is justified, for example, pursues a military registration and enlistment office. As a rule, Konstantina - the senior children in a family that does not do them more responsible. Like to work, but are not able.

Leonid. Lenya is the terrible person. It has a heart from wax and the murderer`s eye. Can deceive the friend and it is sincere together with him endure deception. Close I am not familiar with Lenyami, and I do not want to get acquainted.

There is also such regularity - in a name of the man though full though is not present, there has to be a letter “P“. This rule works also with dogs of guard dogs. In the absence of a letter “P“ (names Konstantin, Leonid and others), the man is inclined to go woolgathering. It is good if the woman gets understanding, and too not in itself. And if firmly standing on the earth moreover and with hands, in sides rested - to be to trouble.

Maxims. Well, it is the opera with the ballet rolled into one. And everything with these Maxims would be fine. They are not deprived of both appearance, and growth, and outstanding personalities, and strong in spirit. Are able to earn also money and to entertain the woman. But unwillingness and inability of these men to live in marriage of adequately separate book. Maxims are so fine and possess such rich set of sincere qualities and financial instruments that sincerely do not understand how it is possible to present all this wealth to one woman. The second minus Maximov - pathological greed.

Mikhail. Mischa - pleasant and sensitive misogynists. They are, as a rule, large and have excess weight. Are allocated with sharp mind which immediately refuses to them in case of communication with women. Financially Mikhaila are well-founded, again - thanks to sharp mind and luck. The stormy private life, but confused as Mischa categorically does not want to recognize the woman for the person, and the normal woman on such conditions categorically communicate with Mischa cannot.

Nikolay. The only thing that I can tell about Nikolayakh - what they for some reason choose to themselves in the wife of women who their all life depreciate and humiliate. Nikolay can hold a senior position, to be the successful scientist or dear politician, to pass all war and to return safe - all this not important. House legends will tell from generation to generation about it, as about the poor rowdy, the greedy alcoholic and the small family tyrant. It is sad. But It should be noted some avarice and authoritativeness Nikolaev, however, all reasonably.

Nikita. Good guy, but a little other-wordly. Chooses women strange, with distortions too - from the remote village, for example, or the addict. Most often Nikita is the only child in a family.

Oleg. “As prophetic Oleg sbiratsya nowadays …“ As are good Dmitry, but also women leave them to Olegam. Something in them is the bribing, inspiring trust. Oleg love women, are aggressive in a state of intoxication. Possess cat`s grace, well dance that in general a rarity for the man. At Olegov pronounced talent of the story-teller and sense of humour that does them by soul of the company.

Pavel. Pavla are quiet and good-natured. Make impression of the clodhopper. The positive and shines brightly from Pavlusha`s eyes. From minor qualities - a thrift and meanness. It is remarkable that among men - Pavlov is a lot of accountants. They are sure of themselves, do the part and are not tormented on trifles. Despite external wellbeing, probably, many experiences, Pavla`s injuries hide because at them the percent of stomach ulcers at early age is high that it is possible to explain only with nerves.

Pyotr. Here I will not lie. Petrov did not meet, rare it now a name. Called Petya my cat, the animal was exclusive clever and lazy. The employee works for my husband, to call him too Pyotr, and, judging by remarks of my husband, characteristics coincide.

Novel. Novels of a chernokudra are also insinuating. Their eyes similar to two ripe plums are capable to fascinate any woman. Roma will persuade a hare to go to serve as a huntsman to the wolf reserve. In general there is in Rums something imperceptibly Gipsy. Often Romana are inclined to completeness, swarty, it is free treat a law letter.

Ruslan. There is an embarrassment. Ruslan mothers quite often call by the beautiful name obviously awful babies, I do not know what hoping for. By Davny - long ago it is proved that not the name and not the place paints the person, and on the contrary. Here also bandy-legged muzhchinka growth about a sedentary dog and with a proud name Ruslan turn out. And with a surname like Pupkin. In Ruslana`s most are attentive, possess quite good business qualities. Are a little tiresome, mistrustful, reserved.

Rustam. The owner of this name is cruel, quiet, prudent. Good manipulator and intriguer. Clever and charming Rustam possesses bright appearance. Is able to gain, is able to force to hate. Rustama - favourites of destiny. Any woman will not be able to tell that Rustam belongs to her entirely. Among numerous talents of Rustam the talent of the speaker is on the first place.

Sergey. Sergey just nice fellows. Love and respect the mummies, then wives. Are charming and talkative. Distinctive feature - they very much like girls strongly them is younger. Sergey are madly enterprising, but financial result of their enterprise quite often zero. The second minus Sergeyev - extremely are interested in a female. Their wives because they to them, poor things, Sergey paint whom and as they want suffer from it, generally. Most often business is also limited to chatter, but nerves of the wife are fairly spoiled. Wives to themselves Sergey choose imperious.

Stanislav. His lips are full of honey. Here who is insinuating and flattering and fully answers a saying: “The tender calf of two uterus sucks“.

Together with Stanislav I want to designate all family of the names generating Slavikov as that Vyacheslav, Svyatoslav, and to that similar. Here it is possible to mention names Yaroslav and Miroslav. In their owners there is something expensive and European.

Taras. Personally Tarrasa very much it are pleasant to me, these are lovely and kind children. Taras I wanted to call the son, but the husband forbade. Why? “And you think, - he told, - as he at school that will be teased“? I sincerely was surprised also demandsilt, how exactly. The husband sounded a bad rhyme, the woman to mind not come. I was forced to agree.

Fedor. A name, to much binding therefore difficult is to his owner. Fedora are very vulnerable, despite external indifference and tranquility. Also are extremely vindictive. Natures are creative, sport is not given them. In the childhood are ill much, in general they have a childhood - the most difficult period of life.

Yury. Yury - people of extremes. They or alcoholics, or do not drink absolutely. Either the taciturn person, or the talker - a find for the spy. In one Yury are similar - they are irresistible for women. And women are irresistible for them. Yury have forces and it to prove opportunities to women. Yury is the merry fellow and the joker. It is dangerous if becomes angry. Seldom with the higher education, but possesses wisdom and experience in everyday affairs therefore to it follow council.

Children with names Platon, Tristan, Dobrynya and to that similar cause in me sincere pity. The speech, I emphasize, goes about the children called so in Russia in the third millennium. How many chances at Tristan to meet the Izolda? How many clever thoughts Platon will sound? I will give a concrete example. Walking with children (Tanya and Vova) in park at the fountain, I suddenly was the large woman who is nearly hit from legs with mad eyes who with shouts: “The kid was gone in jeans shorts, three and a half years!“ searched vicinities. Around it the serving cafes, being at the fountain already rushed about. Several volunteers pottered with mobile phones, causing militia. Having realized that searches of the son began, the woman doubled efforts, namely - fell by all fours and howled. Sincerely touched by its tragedy, I approached closer and asked: “And how call the kid?“ “Ulysses!“ - a provyla the woman. I did not believe and asked again: “How - as?“ “Uliiisss!!! “

Here I nearly burst out laughing it in a face. Oh, Odysseus, smart Ulysses, great traveler famous for the adventures. What, having called by this name of the son, you wait for, careless mother? Remember Penelope`s destiny, the faithful wife the Odyssey. Mother of Ulysses, the son not of tea to wait, to the sea entrusted the troubles and grieves … to

Eventually, through an hour and a half little Ulysses was. Houses. The fact that it came home surprised me not especially. Odysseus came back home at the end of the wanderings, in twenty years too. Ours - a bit earlier. So and years that to it - is less. At all the captain Vrungel did not joke, speaking: “As you will call the yacht, so it also will float“.

Creating this narration, I interrogated fifty women, young people and not really. At the end of each description of a man`s name they added the same phrase. How you think what contents? “This is inclined to changes“. Sad fact. In general on light there are a lot of handsome and remarkable men. Fully generous Dmitriyev, Borisov, beautiful, as antique gods. My playful research revealed rather features, than regularity. Also there is no difference as the man is called. Though Acacius. Though is not present, all - let not Acacius, all right? The main thing that he loved you, was clever, responsible and kind. Had sense of humour. There were still such single bankers?