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M. V. Lomonosov is the misunderstood genius?

B are 2011 300 years since the birth of M. V. Lomonosov - the great Russian scientist, the works for the whole decades, and in something and more than for 100 years ahead of the most visible representatives of the western science of that time. The person who founded the first Russian university descended in a grave, not estimated by contemporaries, not understood by the whole world.

If in Soviet period when it was fashionable to prove a priority of the Russian and Soviet scientists, the official science was forced to speak about scientific achievements of M. V. Lomonosov, then now when “The West is our everything“, the distorted idea of our domestic genius as about something average between the historian and the philologist whose value was allegedly inflated only because in due time it was one Russian among scientists in Russia is created intentionally. Natural-science works of M. V. Lomonosov it is mentioned casually, and even in general it is suppressed. In what he, in comparison with science of that time, was immeasurably great, - in understanding of the general philosophical bases, purposes and problems of exact scientific knowledge, in the creative, far foreseeing views of the future of science, - is pushed the background, remains in the shadow or is not mentioned at all.

To understand all genius of M. V. Lomonosov as scientist, it is enough to remember a condition of the exact sciences in the middle of the 18th century, during an era of its activity. The scientific environment at that time differed in conservatism, scarcity of knowledge and absence of aspiration to progress. And not the best representatives of science of that time, except two great, forcing out from the circle of everyone who dared to undertake something new gathered in Russia in general.

Then the structure of the terrestrial atmosphere was not known yet, and nobody especially sought to learn it, and repeated any assumptions of classics of science. Light was explained as matter stream which is thrown up by the sun. Even universal gravitation was explained with effect of the mysterious substance which is allegedly a part of bodies. Burning was explained with action of “flogiston“ - the imagined substance making part of fire. Did not understand value of studying of minerals, and fossilized remains of plants and animals considered as “freak of nature“. Remains of insects in amber considered as something supernatural, and amber - a mineral, etc., etc. of

I in such time, contrary to world-wide recognized authorities, M. V. Lomonosov had courage to express opinions opposite to them, caustically derided the pseudoscientific nonsense which sat down at the heads modern to it scientists. Also it did it and in scientific works, and at personal contact. Business ended in a fight. Pokolachival Mikhail Vasilyevich of Germans, pokolachivat! And tried to confirm all the pioneer statements with experiences.

So, in 18 years prior to Lavoisier, by practical consideration he opened substance conservation law . He was a furious opponent of the theory of a flogiston, material theories of warmth, light and electricity. Long before the western scientists M. V. Lomonosov foresaw the mechanical theory of warmth, the wave theory of light and electricity . And chemical works of our genius in general were the major prophetical revelations. Surprisingly the fact that there is no such field of natural sciences which M. V. Lomonosov would not concern and in everyone he grabbed its essence.

The opinion is interesting about it is mute other Russian genius - A.S. Pushkin. Recognizing M. V. Lomonosov`s achievements in Russian and literature, A.S. Pushkin nevertheless put his natural-science works in the forefront. He wrote: “ Connecting unusual will power to the unusual power of concept, Lomonosov embraced all branches of education. Thirst of science was silneysheyu passion of this soul executed passions. The historian, a ritor, the mechanic, the chemist, the mineralogist, the artist and the poet, it tested everything and all got … The first goes deep into fatherland history, approves rules of public language it, gives laws and examples of classical eloquence; with unfortunate Riemann foresees discoveries of Franklin, approves factory, itself constructs cars, gives arts mosaic works and, at last, opens for us true sources of our poetic diction.

Lomonosov was the great person. Between Peter I and Ekaterinoyu II he one is an original associate of education. He created the first university; it, better to say, was the first university “.

Our scientists of the first size always paid to M. V. Lomonosov tribute. So, the academician P. L. Kapitsa to one of its anniversaries wrote: “ Now we need to stop on a question why at us scientific work of Lomonosov so long did not gain recognition in the country. It is absolutely clear that it is necessary for recognition of the scientist that the society surrounding it was at such level that it could understand and estimate its work on a being. It is administrative - bureaucracy, the grandees surrounding Lomonosov, of course, could understand value of its scientific works and therefore recognition of its works on physics and in chemistry only then became possible when we in the country had the scientific community “.

It is unclear only why and now concealment of merits of M. V. Lomonosov continues? For this purpose it is enough to look through today`s school textbooks. Let`s look how our official science will mark out him 300 - summer anniversary. I think, nevertheless it is worthy. Well not one there “Germans“ sat down!