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As well as what to do with “stakes“ and “units“?

EPIGRAPH: “KOLOSTAVY“! Hi everyone! I do not have

without you high living... you want to Look at

on the SCHNOOK *?!

to a mirror go straight!!!

Evgeny Gadzho

* - (The SCHNOOK - the person disturbing society)

to you for the PHOTO (ROLLER) on the website “My WORLD“ delivered to “+1“? You decided to REVENGE and FIGHT? whether

A it is necessary to fight against these near or can be, just sick people? By the way, as I noticed, much of them no more than 20 - ti years. Well, they did not gather additionally ethics and an esthetics at school and at home. They should be regretted, and many so swear at them that it is possible to make the dictionary of insults.

you come into “Book drawing rooms“ of “kolostav“ (I for them did not think up other word yet) and esteem that to them is devoted and wished … You wonder a chernorechiya of their “admirers“! And what pictures to them insert! There and shit on a plateau, and the sticking-out middle finger of a hand or someone`s paw, and still what more abruptly …

Many so strongly endure receiving obviously underestimated estimates of the works that during a time to call “Ambulance“! Drink “valerian“, validol, shroud the head in a wet towel and complain to all the friends that here is how they, say, unfairly were offended … Sometimes ask to straighten the gathered “points“, or, in other words, the sum of estimates so that it became multiple “5“ - ti. here only it friends will straighten with

I “points“, having exposed “+3“ or “+4“ as some “ęîëîëţá“ flogs “unit“ again. And again - pain under a breast, a lump in a throat, the shivering hand reaches for the first-aid kit or for a glass with water, and, maybe, with what more strong … The stress, a nervous breakdown, offense …

Well, delivered you unit … And what now, for a loop to be spoiling or for a fight? To run on a stanichka of her author and to wear him, how from a garbage can, strong language, throwing up from itself everything that since the deep childhood was involuntarily driven in into memory from “pages“ of fences and public toilets? It will become easier for you from it not, and here “ęîëîńňŕâ“ - the vampire will enjoy much and still your stake “+1“ will receive as a gift! And that it is also necessary to it! you, likely, noticed

what at these greenhorns (in any sense) high ratings of photos? Let they and not multiple “5 - ti“, but to us to them it is far. They have friends too. Here also put the friend the friend “5“ points. And here also the angered users add who “stake“ who “two“. I first too zlopykhat and put them “not Uda“ from 1 to 3 - x. And then to me everything became “violet“!

Well, bothered me to them to put reciprocal “stakes“, to set them in the messages on a right track just, to teach some good sense or, on the contrary, most to anger God, devoting them opuses like this:


Is grateful to All who delivered “STAKES“ to me with all the heart!

Ya sent all of you there,

Where only pubic louses!!!

Some kill a great lot of the precious time to bring a nickname or a mailbox of “kolostav“ in “Black list“ on the page of the website “My WORLD“. Also I what a sin to conceal was guilty it … I “blackened“ them not less than ten, and then spat this business and I do not pay ANY attention to them now!

So let`s live quietly and optimistically! Rejoice that exposed you “unit“! To you with it not to enter the institute! The pessimist will tell: “- Faugh, pancake, again “stake“!!!“ And you exult - “A point more was added!!!“

I finally to you my wish:

Live easily and brightly,

Sneezing on “two“, “stakes“!

Perceive them as gifts

From the envying Satan!!!

P. S. If all of you - are very sensitive to “units“, then block access to the page, having left it only for the friends!!!!!!