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As it is correct to choose wall-paper to the apartment

Repair - fortunately or unfortunately - we do not so often constantly to be aware of the fact that now “walls carry“. We come to shop, perplexed we look back and we understand that from last time (let me think when it was?) so much water flowed away, new materials and technologies appeared so much.

If to ask designers a question that now is fashionable, there is a danger to receive the answer: “All!“. The fashion runs round, addressing classics, a modernist style, bringing to a proscenium 50 - e, 70 - e years, - continuous rehashes of the known motives.

Large producers pay a retro tribute - to ornaments in Baroque style, an empire style, are - a sound board. It is possible to meet the remarks of hand-written wall-paper of HLH of a century recreated on archival samples, imaginations on a subject it is black - white cinema, a variation on the disco and. the Exotic subject finds other

the embodiment in wall-paper reminding mats from natural materials - a bamboo, seaweed, a grass. These materials expensive, frankly speaking, create indoors unique aura.

In recent years large ornaments are popular. As a rule, such wall-paper stick together only one wall in the room or use only several cloths. Their option - huge stickers for walls which can imitate a back of a bed or a chair, for example. One inventor even thought up a record player which plays if to insert a card into it.

Against photowall-paper in our country there is some prejudice - from - for sad landscapes, it is a lot of years which were burning out in the Soviet apartments. Modern photowall-paper is effective graphic or vegetable ornaments. Pay attention to this easy way to change the image of the dwelling.

Traditional materials of which do clothes for walls are well-known. First of all, it is paper which is still irreplaceable in a bedroom and the nursery. Long ago there was habitual vinyl wall-paper which is pertinent in kitchen or in a bathroom, but are unsuitable in a living room, they do not breathe. Textile wall-paper represents the paper cloth laminated by various fibers today.

From novelties it is possible to call the covering which received in our country the name flizelinovy which unconditional advantage is extreme usability. This “wall-paper for teapots“ glues on the contrary - applies glue directly on a wall. Flizelin is thicker and stronger than paper, he is not rumpled and not pulled together in a wet look that allows to join seams ideally.

It was necessary to be defined with a color. What to be guided by? At the friend who recently made repair all accurately, but is somehow boring. And magazines on an interior as a hit of a season offer color of a fuchsia and is bright - green. It is wonderful, but in a year designers will make new recommendations, and to you to live in this “fuchsia“.

It is considered that red tone is done the person more aggressive, green calm, and blue create feeling of a cool and freshness, but finally all this rather individually. The northerners suffering from a lack of a sunlight are treated in the white color, leaving in absolutely white room. The Scandinavian designers in turn offer the whole series of the white wall-paper differing only with shades and the invoice.

However, tests prove that the person will be tired of walls of any color, so, will want to buy new wall-paper.