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We clean winter clothes

in a case Before to clean winter clothes in a case, sew buttons and darn tears in pockets and a lining - you will not spend on it time when there comes cold weather. Sewing a button to a fur coat, put a tracing-paper piece that did not stir pile on fur. Sew up fur from seamy side, having combed all fibers on front part.

Get rid of spots - through half of year it will be much more difficult to remove from. Wipe the greased places on leather jackets and raincoats with mix of soap water with liquid ammonia and get wet with the rag moistened in castor oil or glycerin. The dark fur can be cleared by means of heated bran or sawdust, light - semolina.

After that the fur coat should be combed out.

You store fur products at a temperature not higher than 10 degrees, otherwise the inner side will become rigid (for the same reason it is impossible to dry near heating devices). Hang up a fur coat on a wide coat hanger, put means from a moth in pockets, put on from above a fabric cover and clean in a case. It is desirable to air few times a fur coat in the summer, but not on the sun that the fur did not turn yellow.

As anti-molar means it is possible to use a dry lavender, the dried-up orange-peels or tobacco: buy a pack of cigarettes without filter, open and put in a case. This way will save from a harmful insect not only a fur coat, but also valenoks, and also fashionable knitted boots.

The sheepskin coat demands special leaving. It cannot be put on during thaw: the rain and dirt cause to clothes an irreparable loss! Spots need to be deleted at once. Fat strew with talc and brush, dirty wipe with soap solution with liquid ammonia (a ratio 1:4), then the cotton wool moistened in water with vinegar (1 teaspoon on water liter). Blot a damp surface with a cotton rag. There is a universal way of removal of spots: take the polluted places over steam, clear a soft eraser and comb a hairbrush with frequent teeths. When the sheepskin coat dries, knead it hands.

You prefer to use a professional dry-cleaner? Buy only qualitative things: if the label false, then designated on is mute recommendations about care of a product are not true. It is necessary to hand over clothes in a dry-cleaner at once after end of a winter season.

Carefully wash up winter footwear and dry up, grease with cream or rub with wax, spread out on boxes and clean in a case. Boots with long tops are recommended to be stored in a hover.

The varnished shoes cannot be worn in a frost and slush, to dry at batteries. Brush a varnish not, and wipe with a damp rag or a dry flannel. It is possible to return footwear gloss, having rubbed with glycerin or vaseline. You store varnish footwear on blocks (or densely fill newspapers), having wrapped up in paper or old stockings, in boxes with openings.

Special conversation on headdresses. Iron fields of felt hats through soft fabric not hot iron. Clean water solution of liquid ammonia (1:2), then fill a damp hat newspapers, walk a brush in the direction of pile and leave in the warm place. It is the best of all to place headdresses in hat boxes.