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Yura: behind ecological state of emergency there is a corruption?

Intervention of public organizations prevented environmental disaster near Nizhnevartovsk. Activists is ecologists say that behind all this there is not only direct responsible for dumping of waste, but also corrupt officials from the oil companies and bribe takers from state control - supervisory authorities.

In 30 kilometers from Nizhnevartovsk the large-scale rescue operation the day before ended. The landing from ecologists of Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut, the Khanty - Mansiysk, specialists of nature protection prosecutor`s office, the district Ministry of Emergency Situations and district Rospotrebnadzor worked at the river bank Vakh. They told that here pollution of the water area and a shore of the river on which the water intake of the city of Nizhnevartovsk is located is recorded.

Here official conclusion of Nizhnevartovsk department of laboratory of branch of federal state institution “TsLATI on URFO“ of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug: “Mass concentration of the dissolved and emulsified oil products in two control tests of an atmospheric precipitation exceeded background contents in 8,9 and 2,9 times, contents chloride - ions in tests exceeded background value in 13 and 14 times“.

The situation is aggravated with the fact that at distance about 50 meters from pollution on the river bank Vakh are placed 5 ownerless tanks. Their total amount makes 20 000 cbm. In tanks there is waste from oil production - slime. In three of five tanks experts selected tests of waste and their analysis is made. According to the conclusion from 26. 10. 2009 No. 393 waste from tanks belong to highly toxic waste of the III class of danger.

Under control of rescuers the involved workers cut waste, frozen in ice, stored it ashore and took out to the safe place.

According to ecologists, the area of contamination of ice of the Vakh River made more than 4000 square meters. And the preliminary damage from pollution by the waste dumped to the river calculated on the basis of the Technique, the approved MPR and ecology of the Russian Federation makes more than 29 million rubles. The tests of ice which are selected by social activists demonstrate that will appear in river waters where there is a city water intake. Representatives of regional public organization “Ecological Safety of Yugra“ speak: “That we after such cases are surprised that there is no fish in the river that growth of number oncological diseases grows in Yugra from year to year. Check of public control showed that waste was deliberately dumped to the river, with preparation, even access roads are cleared away to the river for convenience of commission of an ecological crime“.

In commission of an ecological crime suspect the owner of the Rosekoprompererabotka enterprise - well-known in Yugra of Salavat of Shakirov who was earlier repeatedly brought to trial for similar crimes. Who buried the oil slimes which got to Vakh in the territory of the former brick-works located on the basis of LLC Plant of Ecological Mechanical Engineering will find out law enforcement agencies. The social activist Andrey Nikolaev directly speaks: “Who else another could be? It is established that there is no other entrance to the place of pollution of the Vakh River, except as from the production territory. But generally the prosecutor`s office understands, we will look for guilty persons, we will establish damage. Damage very big - 100 million rubles“.

State of emergency on the Vakh River - only one of many similar episodes. Here death of fish, pollution of a spawning area of a sterlet, splash in poisonings in the nearby cities and another, allegedly not connected with ecology diseases, it was succeeded to avoid. But according to the public ecological organizations, there are many much more terrible facts of unauthorized illegal dumping of waste into environment of which the general public just does not know yet. And the most terrible that the enterprises which on legal grounds ruin the nature continue to work.

Especially difficult situation developed in the sphere of utilization of slimes. While oil production continues, dangerous substances since process of drilling of wells inevitably is followed by formation of production waste, generally technological continue to appear. Boring slime, the fulfilled boring technological liquids and boring sewage concern to them. They are formed in the course of washing of a well. This process assumes use of dangerous chemical reagents.

And there is also an oil slime, and it is a lot of other types of dangerous substances which appear in the course of oil production. This waste - highly toxic, and hit them in environment even in small amounts constitutes serious danger. Dumping of the fulfilled boring solutions into open reservoirs or the absorbing wells not only strongly pollutes water sources and underground fresh waters, but also ruins live organisms of reservoirs.

According to ecologists, in Yugra several tens firms whose activity on formal grounds keeps within a legislation framework work. But actually their work causes huge damage to the nature of Yugra and affects the health of all inhabitants of the Khanty - the Mansi district. Here what is told by Sergey Pikunov: “Happens so that we file a lawsuit and we lose it. During such processes it becomes clear that the violator according to all documents looks as the firm owning unique technology of processing of oil or boring slimes. And they receive documents, using a gap in the law“.

A situation Konin, the chairman of the board

of “Interregional public organization of assistance to development of ecological and industrial safety“ commented on Vladimir. “These enterprises - ecological swindlers have the corresponding licenses and other allowing documents and declare that they plan to mix slimes with peat, sand, cement, detoksikant, to process biological products, to place on specialized grounds for industrial wastes. But actually they unscrupulously and impudently dig in toxic waste in the woods and pits, sometimes directly in the territory of fields, or simply wash away them to the rivers and lakes. At the same time existence of allowing documents allows them to sign legal contracts for utilization of boring and other slimes. When ecologists and social activists catch such tricksters by a hand, those just change a sign. The persons contacting to heads of the oil enterprises with supervisory authorities, remain the same. I.e. it is clear to all interested persons that these children will process not waste further, and to launder money. But, nevertheless, and they get permissions, and at oil industry workers tender. Why? It is a question to prosecutors. Unambiguously - corruption“.

The director of the department of environmental protection and ecological safety of Yugra Sergey Pikunov stated the wish to prosecutors and investigators: “It is good if competent authorities understood not only the one who is guilty specifically of this incident. It would be correct to glance a question in history. To find out why in general on the bank of such river as Vakh, allowed utilization of boring slime. These enterprises have all allowing documents. Meanwhile, on the norms existing earlier the zone could not build ecologically unsafe productions in two-kilometer water protection. Even on present norms of it it is impossible to do since the plant is located not in 200 meters from river border as orders the legislation, and is much closer“.

In the Surgut interdistrict investigative department of investigative management of SKP Russian Federation of Yugra reported that put about pollution of the Vakh River - not the only thing which is in development at security officers. For example, criminal case upon violation of the rules of the address of ecologically dangerous substances and waste by employees of CJSC Bureau of Environmental Problems Tibet is now investigated. Criminal case is also opened upon violation of the rules of the address of ecologically dangerous substances and waste of boring slime in the product which is not conforming to requirements of ecological safety.

According to the conclusion of the chemist - the environmental assessment made within investigation of this criminal case, the finished goods of CJSC Bureau of Environmental Problems Tibet correspond 4 - mu to a class of danger and at its use to destination, for example, for dumping of the bases of well pads and intra-field roads, there is a real threat of infliction of harm to environment. Moreover, the same judgment, the technology used by the called enterprise is recognized defective in general as process of mixing of boring slime, peat, sand or boring slime, sand, cement or a penoizol, is deprived of effect of ecological neutralization.

Now investigation of the above-stated criminal case continues, and also inspections of other technologies used by the enterprises for neutralization of dangerous wastes in the territory of the Khanty - the Mansi autonomous area - Yugra are carried out.