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Give or forgive? What will help on the Way to Perfection?

At a foot of the Mountain of Fulfilments Nadezhda`s Valley was stretched, it was washed by the Ocean of Desires, and behind the horizon the Star sky of Opportunities flickered. Against such dense beauty the inconceivable desire to be transferred for heaven becomes a conscious reality. And you are had to the world, the World of the True Way, mysterious and unclear for profane persons.

Takes the breath away from transition to pure, light, kind, gentle space where it is possible to have a rest and gain strength where warmly and comfortably, conveniently and comfortably only because you came. Here will understand, will prompt, will help, will support. And all this without words, gestures, views, only the feeling of Love great and all-powerful will fill each section of a body with force of execution of dream, from - behind which you came to this world of inconceivable opportunities.

And in seconds of inspiration you will understand that went not that road, met not those people only in order that behind abrupt turn of life suddenly to find or estimate what is so expensive what is really expensive.

And, having realized valid, you will put at the legs the backpack of outstanding promises aggravated by bitterness of offenses and disappointments, pain of losses and misunderstandings, everything happening to you and to those who were near.

Also you will understand, weight of is how big what you could not leave itself and in time. Dragged with obstinacy of a donkey, appealing about the help to God. Considered that do not hear that of something it is deprived, spent the forces and demanded from those who were near understanding and attention. Refusing to understand that that the few who remained a row, only for generosity did not leave you for the fact that you tried to forget the most important - they were granted too an opportunity to live and enjoy life, but not to drag together with you or it is worse than that for you, freight of your personal darkness. Moreover appealing “My God, pardon because does not know what creates. My God, pardon, put on the right track“.

And God was merciful also directed, sending those who will not throw, will not betray, will be able to show where the Way that!

But, there is no prophet in the Fatherland! For what to be grateful to the one who already pulls. Puffs, is exhausted, but pulls.

Here it is possible to be covered with a convenient pokryvalets of narcissism “Ah, we so I!“ Besides, why to give Arrogance to the Guardian angel (allegedly he knows what with it to do that did not harm), and to keep Pride of the Acts and Actions. Still what, I and know everything! And if suddenly dare to contradict and will begin to creep out from - under a yoke, so fast we will remind of Philanthrophy and Mercy.

Yes so everything will turn out and so will dodge that will apologize still, for what is a little dragged. See you, wanted to throw me! I will arrange to you! And here, reclines at the TV or the computer, having imposed with control panels, “sufferer“, and does not bleat any more as he kozlyonochek, appealing about the help, and growls is angered, reveling in own resourcefulness, Satires or the Bacchante. Eh, this energy and in other purposes - for Creation of Good and Sveta! Yes that to the World world!

Here to you and Evolution! Here to you and transition in new, novel!

There`s no evil without good. Who is lucky, that is driven. Simplicity is worse than theft. A man can’t live by bread alone. How many them, the proverbs and sayings knowing Truth? Popular wisdom is big. But a stick always about two ends! There would be no happiness and the misfortune helped to understand that all is necessary moderately that the sacrifice, by permissiveness cultivated Satirov and the Bacchantes who forgot about Honour, the Debt, Sincerity, Purity of Thoughts, Nobility and Gratitude only because forgot that at everyone the conversation good luck.

All went to this world to make it is lighter and are purer. Unfortunately, only part of those who are truly uniform good luck who by word of mouth asks To speak God`s and creates God`s Business, preserving living on Earth from consequences of unreasonable actions, preserving people from itself; who on a field of life cultivates true Knowledge, fulfilling requirements of the Law and the Order.

My God, grant to people Wisdom that they Energy of Life used for the good the and those who surround them.

My God, grant them Understanding and Understanding of the Events, for the sake of Life on Earth, for the sake of a reproduction Human. to

My God, forgive them because in e d and yu t that create, but do not know Truth in what it will pour out; ignorance of the Law, exempted nobody from Liability yet.

And here, in years, in centuries, from - for fear to be responsible for deeds, polyphony rushes in a heavenly height: Forgive to

us … grant … smiluysya … help … give … do not reject soul of rescue for the sake of, do not allow to die fierce death … forgive … give … forgive … give … forgive … to

Why and with what came? With what and where you will leave? What you will leave behind? Light Memory or Desire of Punishment? It is time to reflect that the Way to Perfection lies not through the application, and through a fulfillment, creation. Russian - perfection, a fulfillment is big and mighty, to manage also top of the word of one root. To remember the main thing that at everyone the height, the time to scatter and collect stones. And it is even not less important to know that initial sense of the word “arrogance“ - a high measure of own acts, actions and beliefs.

World to your houses, world to my house!