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I love myself. I am a woman!

Any girl want to marry, she represents herself the beautiful bride, near it the handsome man, it is desirable PRINZE who is called her husband, guests, flowers, congratulations, and ahead long and happy family life!!!

When the adult woman who did not have at all what she so dreamed of tries to convince persistently people around that it is good to it to live one, it is a lie, it is so protected from the surrounded opinion. It is possible to argue: And yes, however, why to us opinion of people around?

One more way of self-defense!

cannot live the person in society and not depend on it!

Is women who strongly burned in the last love, but as they say - time heals, the soul and a body will demand tenderness, love and care again.

A as sex?

it is necessary too!!!

I should not deceive itself - itself, how to decipher the word: “Is married“! - FOR the HUSBAND, for someone`s a back, under someone`s protection, under someone`s care and with it in a bed.

family bonds is much stronger than the most right friendship, only the loved one can tell almost - that all the secrets and to give it all itself.

of Hope, plans it is easier to make together if it not so, run from the “Is married“, it not it, just it seemed to you, you were mistaken, and life goes on and this your life!

Never put “end“ to yourself and do not hide behind foreign opinion. Quite frequent to have to hear

from the women who lived quite long life in marriage with one person, complaining that the future once seemed not so everything had to be as beautiful as in the REGISTRY OFFICE, and actually nothing except moral, and sometimes and physical tortures she saw.

But, expensive, you “to itself the enemy“ - why it was necessary to suffer and not to try to change everything!

Why you did not reflect that once you were beautiful, men stared at you, and now approach a mirror - brush the hair, make a make-up, buy a new jacket and you will understand that the best can still be ahead, absolutely close, it is necessary just to look round!

I here still that I do not transfer - it is when women deceive themselves thoughts:

“And what will be told by people?“

“And how children?“

“Should be suffered, suddenly all will change for the better?“ there is no

, will not change, it is necessary to think sometimes and of himself!

A children and, is a difficult question, it is necessary to concern to him accurately, not to allow sincere revolution in their understanding of life. But, in most cases, children understand

and approve mother`s act, often even begin to respect in it the woman who all - managed to show character, and the new father most likely will be better, you already have a life experience, you already began to appreciate and love yourself!

But, and the first father in subconsciousness of the child too will always remain all “ļåšāå˙“.

A people, having seen in you considerable changes, can discuss you only with envious interest.

Once again about children, children, love themselves in parents what they would not be!!!

Do not forget about yourself, love yourself and remember that “You the most charming and attractive“, at the same time the thinking woman at whom her life depends only on her!