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How to write effective announcements?

Most of network sales managers are not trained in effective writing of announcements, they spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars for advertizing, overpay for cliques on Google and Yandex and receive as a result of potential partners who are not the real target market with which it is necessary to work.

Actually, writing of the magnificent announcement which brings result is science.

Exist so-called &ndash triggers; psychological receptions which need to be used since people are genetically programmed to react to them at the subconscious level. And they do not realize it.

Why you are attracted in magazines by headings of negative character? Because you are genetically programmed to react to pain of other people.

Why you look at a road accident? In you tells a survival instinct.

One of the most widespread &ndash triggers; public opinion.

We ego-trip in the correct decision through search of what other people consider correct.

Force of the recommendations based on public opinion and opinion 3 - go persons, always played incredibly important role in the industry of network marketing.

Usually it is reached by means of success stories. Stories and responses of other people are extremely important factor of your announcements, and at the correct use, they can just blow up results on sponsoring.

In our team the desire of the new distributor to learn to make effective advertizing is in every possible way supported, namely: e-books, references where they can be downloaded, key effective words are provided for drawing up the announcement by the sponsor free of charge. Main thing - this your desire.

the Announcement has to be not only effective to such an extent that on it clicked but it has to display the true situation not to attract not target audience.

For example: You need money? Then create business! . All need money, even those who to be lazy to work. Therefore your money moment proklikat generally such people.

Morals is as follows: you learn to write your advertizing so that to be distinguished from others, but also not to attract fans of easy life who, having got on your website will understand that it is necessary to WORK and with horror it is left it.