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Why people speak “no“ to you and your offer? Whether

the potential partner who told « Came across to you sometime; is not present “ after carrying out the presentation of your business by you? Familiar picture...

Why it occurs and how it can be avoided?

The first: Each action or the decision which is made by any person on this planet is based on one simple rule - it “ desire to avoid pain or to derive pleasure “.

Exactly desire to derive pleasure or to avoid pain (we will press. it is wrong to organize the mlm business) and caused in you interest to read my article. When our potential partners tell

“ is not present “ it is connected with the fact that the feeling of pleasure which they felt from start in business does not outweigh that pain which they will feel from initial expenses to start business.

to Them should leave the zone of comfort.

What we bought - not to do without emotions. you bought

new clothes from - for those feelings which it gives you.

you bought the new car in which you go because it beautiful or because it was inexpensive and you test happiness from - for economy of means, avoidance of the pain connected with expensive purchase.

You bought new business an opportunity because it gives you feeling of hope for achievement bigger in life. Or because it will help to avoid to you feeling of the pain connected with circulation for work which you do not love.

If you want to hear less “ is not present “ more “ yes “ on your offer, you should realize that the decision to be engaged the Internet in business or even just dreams, are based on emotions.

Ask always to yourself questions:

- As the decision to be engaged in business will help people to feel better?

- As to them it will help to avoid pain?

Having told them about advantages of our business, you should help them to be approved in the made decision, based on logic. I approved myself to begin business with the fact that it is a new tremendous opportunity with excellent team of leaders.

But here is necessary which - what to consider. Before your new potential partners made the decision, it is necessary to remember: the desire to begin has to be their idea, but not yours.

It is important because, having considered the decision independently, it will be devoted to this idea, and it will go long and persistently towards the aim, and the fact that we want from the new partner of team.

Process of their maturing has to be at them in the head, but not at you. Get rid of methods of pressure and you will begin to sponsor only target audience in your team.

The second: Most of people are lazy. They want all the best, as soon as possible cheaper, and it is better in general from scratch and without risk. They buy hope, are under impression of possible success, and, being in this euphoria, enter your business.

But people have to understand: always there will be a price which it is necessary to pay for education, exactly thanks to which, they also will win a victory in this battle.

The third: Most of people will prefer to study the « methods; how to work “ than “ to begin to work “. They just buy by

hope to receive result instead of working for receiving result.

They get to an emotional trap and when emotions leave, their desire to become businessmen disappears. Also will occur so from 80% of your distributors.

This rule is called 80/20 and you will never be able to avoid it.