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How to attract the necessary category of people in your business?

the Most part of people not of a znayet:na what is marketing how to be engaged in business advance. 95% of network sales managers come from ordinary workers, without any experience of conducting own business.

Ya I will give a small example. Let`s say you sell tablets for weight loss. You for 100% are sure that in 2 weeks of people will dump 5 kg, but...

you cannot offer your product to that who has no desire to use it even if you precisely know that after that the person will look good. To what I it....?

you cannot offer your business to the one who does not look for it even if you precisely know that they will earn a lot of money.

The first that we have to make - it to define our target audience. It can be:

1. Network sales managers of other companies who are already familiar with marketing, but not against to consider new business - opportunities.

2. Housewives who have an Internet and desire of somewhere to realize (e.g. having created the house business).

3. Working which hate the work, thought that it is necessary to rise and go in the morning there moreover and for a tiny salary.

4. Former athletes and military pensioners. By the way the best candidates (in my opinion). Life accustomed them to self-discipline, patience, ability to achieve goals. They are not coddled, they had a rigid life. In addition are still young for pensioners.

In obshchem, all those who radically want to change the life. Who possesses at least the 100-th share of patience, assiduity, persistence, will power. Without these qualities not to succeed in business. A defeat is suffered by the one who does not understand it.

Now it is a little how to create the whole system of marketing, using e - mailing mail, a contextual advertizing, articles of authors etc.

Most of all I love a contextual advertizing because it allows to show my announcements only to those people who actively look for what I have that I advance. It is called target audience.

It has to be a basis of all your efforts. Create the base e - mail of addresses. My council - do not buy base e - mail of addresses in 100 000,1000 000 etc. what fresh they were and as if did not cost little.

Build your relationship on trust, on e - mail marketing, but not on SPAM.

I.e. Your letters have to come only to those people who subscribed for information and wait for it. Otherwise you will quickly lose reputation. We come to the Internet - business not to be engaged in SPAM.

In our team we study effective methods of involvement of partners on the Internet.

If you do not know these confidential methods, then risk to finish the Internet business earlier, than you can imagine.

you reflected that moves your potential partner.

This subject of my following article.