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What moments of development of business are key?

our product - it not that you or I from the point of view of network marketing we think of it. Our business and our company is absolutely indifferent for people. It does not concern them. They did not wait for all the life when they become partners of our team.

the Only thing that concerns them - it to find the solution of their problem. It can be shortage of money, or are long, or a lack of time on the family, lack of the housing etc. you have to present to

your opportunity as the solution of their problem. But before you learn to do it, you should understand for yourself:

1. You cannot sell them anything.

2. People hate those who try to sell them something.

3. People see in you the stranger who wants to get to them into a purse.

Proceeding from it, we draw a conclusion - people do not want to hear about your business. They want to hear about that advantage, about those advantages which they will get. They do not want that they sold to them, but with pleasure will buy dream of how to earn a lot of money and to have the good house, expensive car, an opportunity to travel all over the world, having on it also time.

Your task to help your potential partners to find the solution of THEIR problem, using your business as the tool for achievement of THEIR purposes.

you advance for them useful information. When people see in you around the expert who wants to help, instead of the seller who tries to extend dollar, they with pleasure will join in your team as soon as are ready to be engaged with you in business.

Stop advertizing yours business - an opportunity and begin to advertize yourself as expert and leader who can show to the potential partner how to receive that he really wants.

It is the only reason for which new people because you for them &ndash will join your team; leader. Now you for yourself have to define


- what person are you?

- You just offer people business or can give them something bigger how the leader and the mentor?

I very much hope that you understood importance of this strategy because it is capable to change entirely your life if you begin to apply it.

I more to you should not spend time for those who speak to you is not present because the infinite flow of the people ready to build business with you will direct to you.