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How to direct a flow of people on the website?

Old methods of network marketing, such as telephone

calls, leaflets, meetings, a tightening of friends to business practice all

less and less those who opened for themselves work in the Internet.

And now, reflect! The world does not stand still. Habitat of the person not of

same, as 15 years ago. Today the huge flow

of information falls upon us and in many respects it is promoted by the Internet. Sometimes us it is

irritates. Nevertheless the Internet gives the chance to each

to the person with small investments or at all without them, to change the

life. To become her owner, to find financial independence.

Apparently, you want to seize these opportunities too, otherwise

you would not read my article.

You should know one fact - unfortunately 95% of people who begin

network business are doomed to failure.

Reasons for that a little: lack of the purposes and concrete

desires, lack of will power, patience, assiduity, ambitions, money.

But main reason - lack of enough knowledge which

would help you to succeed in the modern world where in the market the high


Therefore I want to share with you knowledge which I found at communication of

with the successful leaders.

How to become the person with whom will want to work? How to become

the person whose calls and letters cause only positive emotions?

You can become such person, applying strategy which I will share.

By results of research in the field of psychology it is proved that the attraction

between people is not the conscious choice. It is biological reaction.

There are two strongest psychofactors: value and status.

People are genetically programmed to aspire towards the best and more

perfect. You differ in nothing. People are attracted to the one who has

the status above or equal to them. We act this way because we want to receive

part of their energy and the power to rise by higher level.

If you establish friendly relations with the person of higher

value and the status, then your value and the status automatically too of


At this moment before you the infinite number of new

opportunities reveals. Now you enter a narrow circle of people where access

is limited by another.

Here therefore you study various lectures, visit conferences and

forums, admire your leaders, idolize the best distributors

of the company.

All these people have the value which they can offer you

and, uniting with them, you raise also your status.

From the very beginning each of us is so programmed. If you cannot effectively attract

people in your business, then now you know why.

If you do not involve new distributors if your partners answer not

calls and e - mail, then it means one - in their eyes you not

are of value. You have nothing that you can offer them, and

it is normal.

All of us begin from below. But if you want to achieve great success in

the Internet business, then you should change a situation.

It to make the best way - to increase your level of knowledge.

Get all courses that you are able to afford on network

marketing, to creation of the websites, writing of advertizing and announcements etc. of

I your value so will increase that you will be able to sponsor

free of charge and other people, having increased for them the value.

Invest your knowledge, acquire each book, each course which

you are able to afford. Because when you do it, your knowledge

increases, and it is necessary for effective attraction of potential

of partners.

In this article I wanted to tell that without creation of strong

team, business not to achieve great success in MLM.