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How to prolong laptop battery service life?

every day laptops and netbooks gain the increasing popularity, despite a little high prices in comparison with the stationary brothers. It occurs from - for the fact that the main rate in the modern world becomes on mobility and autonomy.

Itself bought the laptop two years ago. First all the time it worked from a network, but then the need for autonomous work appeared. And here before me there was a question of service life of the battery and of extension of operating time from one charge. It is natural that I began to look for information in a network. Having rummaged a set of the websites and forums, found a lot of things interesting and unexpected for itself, than now and I want to share with you.

Council 1. the Charge of the battery is used by all switched-on devices on the laptop therefore during the work it is necessary to disconnect not used equipment in a device manager from the battery (the main consumers who it is possible to disconnect: wi adapters - fi, bluetooth and IK - port, all modules of connection of additional monitors, also for a while it is possible to disconnect all USB - controllers, then network interface cards and the built-in modems, etc.)

If you did not understand that can be disconnected and that - no, then you will be helped by a small applet of Battery Double which automatically disconnects not used equipment and can transfer operation of the processor and hard drive to economy mode.

Council 2. Put illumination of the screen on the smallest brightness (on some operating systems it becomes automatically).

Council 3. do not use whenever possible the DVD and CD drive since its motor eats a lot of energy (if there is an emergency in use of the DVD drive, then throw necessary files on the hard drive at once, and then take out CD or DVD and from the hard drive work with these files).

Council 4. If you are going to interrupt work at least for half an hour, then do not leave the laptop included, and send it to sleep mode or hibernation. Do not send to the waiting mode since. all the same the processor, random access memory and the keyboard remain to work.

Following this advice, you will be able to prolong operating time in the autonomous mode from one charge. The following councils will help you to keep working capacity and capacity of the battery for many years.

Council 5. If supposes work on the laptop from a network (month and more) long time, then will be better to charge the battery to 50% and to put it in the cool place of 10 - 15 degrees. In such mode the battery loses only 2% of the capacity a year.

Council 6. Service life of the battery is measured by quantity of full cycles of charging - discharges therefore charging to 100%, then a discharge to 50% and again charging to 100% will be considered as a half of a cycle. But according to producers, it is necessary to make a full cycle of 100% - 0% - 100% at least once in two months for the best safety and stability of operation of the battery.

Council 7. be not too lazy to read the instruction of the user for the mobile device - happens, there write useful information.

At observance of all these councils the battery will serve really longer and therefore it is not necessary to you often (each 1 - 2 years) to change it on new, it not so costs little - from $80.