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Work for “owls“ has the advantages? Recently scientists even more often began to say

that the problem of different biorhythms has the serious physiological reasons. And it is really extremely difficult to “owls“ to be reconstructed on such schedule of work when they could get up early without loss for health and working capacity and to go to bed early. the Majority of professions are designed by

for “larks“. And “owls“ often feel deprived, forced to rise “at the crack of dawn“ and to spend a half of working hours in a dozing state. The flexible hours become in that case not a whim, but prime necessity.

Why to break itself if it is possible to use features of the organism as advantage? In the world loads and loads occupations where will receive with open arms those who can work at night.

According to scientists, the operating schedule of a “owl`s“ organism is late on average for three hours in comparison with “larks“. That is, the beginning of the working day in 10 is endured by “owls“ the same as early birds would endure the beginning of work at 7 in the morning. It is interesting that in spite of the fact that the standard operating schedule is intended for time with 9. 00 to 18. 00, the expressed “larks“ for whom such mode, in the world of only 15% would be ideally suited.

Today in Ukraine the majority of the companies offers the employees full time with the standard schedule. As a rule, the accurate schedule and the fixed arrivals - ukhoda increase confidence of the management that all employees are busy with the business and they can be checked. Younger companies allow the workers more often freedom to come and leave when takes in head.

By the way, according to experts, to owls who were lucky to settle on the convenient schedule, to have to be more independent and responsible as to check them there is nobody.

Paradoxically, but contrary to a set of introductions about importance of early rises for diligence and wealth, “owl“, on statistical data, there are more financially successful, than “larks“. Scientists connect it with the fact that it is easier for “owls“ to adapt and endure a stress, besides, they are ill less.

One more interesting fact - most often people with a “owl`s“ biorhythm give preference to creative professions as their right hemisphere which is responsible for figurative thinking, more actively. And “larks“ have rather analytical mentality and the developed left hemisphere, and prefer the exact sciences and technical specialties, and also … military career.

of Vacancy for owls

Well, if you already noticed that the most fruitful part of day begins for you when darkens, check the following vacancies for night-birds:

1. Nurse.

Nurses - the main driving force in the field of health care. They help doctors, give drugs, monitor treatment and communicate with patients. Consider also that hospitals work round the clock, and work as the nurse in a night shift even has several advantages in comparison with day. In - the first, that work as evening and decreases at night a little, besides, there is less administrative personnel and various administration that allows night nurses to be more responsible and independent. An average salary, perdlagayemy to the nurse in Kiev - 4100 UAH (according to job. ukr. net)

2. The newspaper photographer or the reporter

Kogda in the morning you open the newspaper and see a photo to the fresh reporting on what happened at night, think - who takes these reportings and the picture? Newspapers and news services very often need the person who would accompany news reviews with photos. A set of events happen during the night or at dawn, and it is necessary to cover them immediately. A salary of journalists in Kiev - to 8 000 UAH

3. The tutor for adults.

Helping with training in adult students, you can plan more flexibly the schedule, fixing occupations for time convenient to you. As a rule, adult pupils are most interested in foreign languages, however you can teach practically any discipline on which you specialize.

4. Chef.

Night work the chief - cooks will be demanded also for a late sit-round gathering, and for morning deliveries. And also in all institutions which work round the clock. It is possible to work the chief - the cook and it is independent, taking private orders from clients. The salary the chief - cooks in Kiev, according to SuperJob averages about 7 000 hryvnias. The majority of vacancies are calculated on experience and profile education, but concern to graduates too kindly.

5. Employee of technical support of the personal computer.

Employees of technical support solve all problems arising at users with computers. And each user knows that the computer can break in any improper time - whether it be midnight, or the 6th mornings. For many who expected to work at night before session or a deadline it is simply impossible to wait for the beginning of the working day for correction of a malfunction. But if you understand computers, and are ready to work with technical “ambulance“ at night, it is quite good option of a side job. The salary depends on quantity of calls and pays off individually. And about what get paid in Ukraine, you will be able soon to learn, having filled in the Questionnaire about work and a salary.