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Why we watched transmission “House 2“?

Ya I love the House 2 broadcast. I watch “House 2“, and it is not a shame to me neither with itself, nor with publishing editors of this show, and it is already important. At once I admit - I not from their target audience. I am 34 years old, I am married, I have two children, the higher education … In a word, logically, I from that part of audience which fastidiously screws up the face when it hears call signs of this transfer. Or with astonishment, contemptuously, and even indulgently grins when asks me a rhetorical question: “How??!! You watch “House 2“?

I passed through all stages - hesitated, hid, scornfully answered that I include only to look at a fight. Now I is proud I answer: “Yes, I look!“. What to me to be ashamed of, I that, I steal from orphans?

The most advanced part of my familiar TVs of the house have no at all and show to children only the Soviet animated cartoons. To exclude noxious influence of the West, so to speak. My neighbors such. You think, it prevents children to steal them in local little shop? Learned somehow and without TV.

“House 2“ joined viewing my husband, now he calls me on the most effective fights, that is if fight, and I am busy on economy, he with anxiety runs on the apartment and shouts: “Do not pass, Anyutochka, there again a fight!“. That is he, of course, over me scoffs, but somehow loving, loyally, and will not fail to look and comment on a fight with me.

So why I watch “House 2“ from the very beginning, I love it and I am proud of an involvement into process? Honestly - it is honest? I will open the main secret. It is not known also by the husband - I love Rustam Kalganov - Solntsevo. I sincerely respect him as the personality and I admire him. Actually, “House 2“ is for me Rustam Solntsev.

I will begin one after another. In - the first, for a start: appearance. To tell on conscience, men become shallow, become shallow catastrophically. Somewhere I read the phrase which was engraved to me in the memory: “Little women are created for love, little men - for laughter“. Personally to me literally hurts the eyes when the man growth about the sitting dog. And so, Rustam is a standard of a ratio of growth and weight. Black curls, east cheekbones, chubby lips (I think that thin they never were) and eyes as huge damp plums, complete an image of my maiden dreams.

Further - indifferent the clever man will never leave the woman. It is a rarity, still big, than growth. Even less often the men able to use the mind given them by nature meet (hm … to listen to me, so there is an impression that the best my years passed among stupid terrible dwarfs).

Rustam is wise that it is much more important than mind because wisdom is a view haughtily of a labyrinth on which the most sophisticated mind will wander all life. Rustam is intelligent and has sense of humour. It is cynical and fearless that makes the second happiness if to remember an old saying. The ode to Rustam will be continued by praise of its analytical skills, to ability to carry out a multiple-pass intrigue. These properties will decorate any politician not that showman.

With sincere surprise and pleasure I found out that my husband also approaches under all my laudatory descriptions of Rustam, with only that reservation that for full similarity with my blessed Rustam has to recover on 20 kilograms and to become lower growth by 20 centimeters. At my age do not pay attention therefore, having convinced that I already am an owner of the first prize, I with even big enthusiasm continue the ode “House 2“ and to Rustam Solntsev to such trifles any more.

In conclusion I want to tell about what for a long time attracted my all eyes to the screen during display “House 2“, and Rustam of a vchastnost. It is talent of the manipulator which, undoubtedly, in Rustam is. Talent to provoke people to emotions and to absorb them (and people and emotion). In case of Rustam it is usable only the term “ate“. As magnificently Rustam ate Sam, the Rainbow!

Manipulation with provocation there are hand in hand, this thinnest art, gift which “vampires from souls“, ability to finish other person excessively, to drink his force, shouts, energy as a cup of hot broth have. And then it is full to observe how he rages, spilling the remains of vital force. It is talent of the elite - to own the word so that one phrase to reduce other person to his own hell or to uplift to paradise. And to feel at the same time that it is necessary to tell to whom and as.

The purpose one - a stream of a net energy. As the mountain rough river is thrown up on the traveler who is dried up by heat, so force given by the person during shout, scandal or a fight a life-giving rain is absorbed by the vampire - the provoker. And I sincerely admired several years as Rustam Solntsev skillfully does it. Because I - same. To me is to what to learn from him. To it, quite perhaps, - at me, I am a woman, so, I will surpass any man in the level of a sadism.

I love “House 2“. I watch “House 2“. And it is not a shame to me. It is pleasant to me how it is pleasant to the cat who is heated at a fireplace. I shchuryu eyes, curve a neck and I purr in the imagined moustaches. These minutes I too a little Rustam.