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Why basketball is so popular in the USA?

America - very sports country. Most eloquently tell brilliant speeches of the American athletes about it at the Olympic Games, both summer, and winter where they “ahead of the planet of all“ by quantity of medals. At the summer Olympic Games in Beijing (2008) the national team of the USA got 65 medals (19 gold, 21 silver and 25 bronze). And at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver this year Americans pleased the people with brilliant performances, having earned 37 medals (9 gold, 15 silver, 13 bronze). These victories are not casual.

At most of Americans exactly thanks to sport initial idea of life and the world is formed. in sport are most brightly shown such important values of the American society as equality of chances of success, achievement of success, aspiration to be the first, the competition, a healthy lifestyle , etc. Americans are convinced that sport helps to cultivate belief in the forces and opportunities, and also ability to use them .

Most of Americans actively play sports also because for a long time understood - to keep health much cheaper, than to restore it. The constant and strict care of the health became a component of the American way of life therefore sports grounds and pools were strongly included into local life. The love for sports, and especially to command types, takes root from early age, especially much attention is paid to sport at schools.

You remember a comedy film “The bride`s father“ (Father of the Bride) of 1991 of release? On the eve of a wedding the father and the daughter with ecstasy play late at night basketball in the yard. When I the first time watched this movie many years ago, this episode strongly surprised me. But having lived here long enough, I ceased to be surprised to general enthusiasm for basketball. Though on official polls the American soccer (it is very similar to rugby, but it is a little with other rules), which favourite 30% of residents of the country, called basketball , along with baseball remains the most popular sport in the USA, is included into the three of the most popular and developed sports .

Popularity of basketball can be explained with a variety of reasons. The various movements are characteristic of this game: walking, run, stops, turns, jumps, catching, throws and dribbling that promotes improvement of a metabolism, activity of all systems of an organism, forms coordination. Basketball is less injury-causing, than the American soccer or baseball. It is possible to play basketball both in the hall, and on the open area, it is not required especially difficult equipment, an expensive form, that is is more available to all segments of the population.

In Houston, in residential areas with individual building, practically every second house, and especially if there children grow up, has a basketball column with a basket on the forward yard, in front of the house, and any free minute it is possible to leave a ball, to be trained. I often observe at the neighbors as the father play with the five-year-old boy in the evenings and during the week-end. The boy began “trainings“ of years with two. At first the basket was lowered below, now is lifted almost on full height. It is surprising that the kid almost without misses throws a ball in a basket, even from distance in 5 - 7 meters.

My seventeen-year-old grandson about basketball can talk for hours, and is ready to jump with a ball any free minute. He knows all outstanding players of NBA - NBA ( National Basketball Association), and Michael Jordan (Michael Jeffrey Jordan) and Yao Ming (Yao Ming) - idols for imitation especially as Yao Ming plays in the Houston Rockets team (“Houston Rockets“). And what surprising? The USA is the homeland of modern basketball. Though there are data that similar ball game was played even the 14th century by Aztecs. But the foundation to distribution of this remarkable team game was laid in the USA at the end of the 19th century.

In 1891 in the educational Center of Christian youth association in Springfield, the State of Massachusetts , the young teacher doctor James Neysmit , is from Canada to recover lessons of gymnastics, thought up new game. It attached to a balcony handrail two fruit baskets without bottom in which it was necessary to throw a soccerball. He in a year developed the first 13 rules. In December, 1891 at school in Springfield the first official basketball competitions were held. In group there were 18 students, two teams on 9 people participated. The first matches by these rules caused their changes. There are boards (protection of a basket) because fans on balconies caught the departing balls and abandoned them in the opponent`s basket. In 1893 iron rings with a grid appear. Game was so interesting and dynamic that in 1894 in the USA the first official rules were published .

Very quickly basketball extended also to other countries - at first to the East, to Japan, China, Philippines, and then to Europe and South America. In 10 years at the Olympic Games in American Saint - to Luisa Americans organized indicative tournament between teams of several cities.

In 1932 the International federation of basketball (FIBA) was created , and in 1935 the International Olympic Committee passed the decision on basketball recognition by the Olympic sport. In 1936 at the Olympic Games in Berlin in the program basketball appeared . James Neysmit - the creator of this game was a guest of honor of games. Teams of 21 countries participated in basketball tournament. Matches were played on open tennis courts. During these Olympic Games the first congress of FIBA where existing were considered took place and uniform international rules of the game are accepted.

Now basketball is the most quickly growing sport in the world. One of the reasons for this increasing popularity is activity of National Basketball Association of the USA (NBA) which shows the most talented and popular basketball players executing the surprising sports feats on a high quality scene. The national Association of Basketball (NBA) is the main league of basketball in the world. Founded in 1946, NBA possesses rich and legendary history, and for the last 20 years, it became much more popular around the world, than any other American sports league. Now NBA include 29 teams from 28 cities of the USA and Canada which are geographically subdivided into four divisions - Atlantic, Central, Srednezapadny and Pacific.

The games NBA are constantly broadcast on television and in the USA, and worldwide, attracting very large number of admirers to screens of TVs. And a men`s national team of the USA on basketball - the most titled national team in world man`s basketball winning medals at all Olympic Games in which participated including 13 times becoming the Olympic champion.