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Gasoline. We will be able to tell it “farewell“?

having bought the car Once, we practically all life make in it money. Whether it be filling, tuning or, God forbid, some accident, or breakage. We, of course, insure the “an iron horse“, but often much simply laziness to contact insurance companies because to achieve something effective from them happens sometimes very difficult. It is necessary to have nerves of steel for this purpose … But not everything is so deplorable. The majority of insurance companies work for conscience.

And still, the main part of expenses leaves on fuel. It also is the most considerable. Without fuel the car simply - naprosto will not move a little. The favourite type of fuel of our motorists is, of course, gasoline. Talk on environmentally friendly transport goes several decades. Really sometime we will tell gasoline “farewell“? Perhaps, it is a rhetorical question. But nevertheless, changes towards a “green“ way of movement are almost not noticeable on roads and streets of our cities. Or just we do not notice it. In hundred years of a petrol era the mankind simply does not believe in existence of any alternative.

And here in the West assume that approximately to the middle of this century not less than a half of cars in the world will go by alternative fuel. So, for example, in Brazil nearly 83 percent of cars work at ethanol . Here production of 10 million cars calculated on this type of fuel is planned for 2010 - y year. And engines are conceived so that will work both at ethanol, and at its mix with gasoline.

In Holland ethanol especially is not in demand. Here electric cars became popular . There is a set of parkings on which there are small red cars with the electric drive. To use the electric car, it is enough to be registered on the website of the company and to receive a plastic card. When you need to make a trip, you order the car by phone. You come to the next parking and you open a card the car. On the dashboard you enter the password - and the car at your disposal. Payment hourly and an insurance is already included in fare.

Travel on such car does not do harm to ecology as the engine is powered from lities - the ionic battery. Its charging requires only eight hours energized in 200 Century. If there is no time to completely charge the battery, it is possible to load for half an hour and … for 80 percent! And without recharge of such “horse“ will be enough for 160 km. This option is focused generally on city dwellers. Advantages are huge: there is no need to buy the car, to care for repair, to pay garage …

A here in our country should dream of such cars so far. Then costs of fuel would considerably be reduced. Gasoline is more expensive every year, but motorists persistently do not want to go on foot … And car for a long time not luxury, but vehicle. Is it worth beginning mass constructions of plants on production of electric cars? Perhaps, years through hundred the mankind will just forget about petrol and diesel four-wheel favourites.

The Nissan company already began construction of plant in Newcastle in the north of England. It approximately will cost 470 million euros. And the first electric car will descend from the conveyor in 2012. Is at first planned to sate the markets of Japan, North America, Western Europe. And then already countries of the Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey. And, of course, sooner or later the turn will reach the tired of waiting Russians.

Really we will be able to say goodbye to gasoline? It is trusted hardly. Most likely, ecofuel and gasoline will coexist. But new environmentally friendly cars are emergency. Now in the cities there live about three billion people. If we do not reduce air pollution which we breathe, then we will just choke...