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Secrets of the XX century. Whether it was succeeded to find traces of the gone Rusanov`s expedition?

Rusanov V. A. Polar researcher, revolutionary. Such short reference can be found in various dictionaries about this uncommon person. He was born in the ancient city the Eagle. Why the person who was born in the quiet provincial town so desperately sought to subdue unexplored then polar open spaces? Nobody ever learns this rebellious line of human nature.

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Rusanov studied in the Oryol provincial man`s gymnasium (1891 - 1897), then in Sorbonne. Lived in the village, near the city of Kroma. But something attracted it to strange northern regions, did not allow to sit in place quietly. In 1907 - 1911 he makes a number of expeditions to Novaya Zemlya. And in 1912 itself directs expedition on the vessel “Oat-flakes“.

On the eighteenth of August, 1912, having reached the Matochkiny Sphere, Rusanov left the last message: “I go to North - the westernmost tip of Novaya Zemlya, from there on the East. If the ship is lost, I will go to the islands next on the way: Privacy, Novosibirsk, Wrangel. Stocks for a year. All are healthy. Rusanov“. And all. More no news from expedition arrived.

Only in 1914 the decision on the organization of a rescue operation was made. On Rusanov`s searches only the bark of “Eklips“ under command Norwegian polar researcher Otto Sverdrup left. However “Eklips“ got to an ice trap and wintered, without having reached the island of the Privacy. After certain time searches were resumed, but Rusanov`s team was not found. Circumstances of death of expedition remained are unknown, remains of team are mislaid in boundless polar open spaces.

Traces of its stay on islands in the Kara Sea were found only in 1934. But the body of Rusanov and other members of expedition were not found. Found only a two-meter column with the inscription “Oat-flakes of 1913.“, and also the broken sledge and a metal cover from a cartridge box. After a while on other island the frozen together clothes scraps, the damaged camera and a compass were found. And, above all, there were documents of two sailors from structure of ill-fated expedition. Searches of the gone expedition continued later.

V. A. Rusanov was a person of inquisitive mind, huge inquisitiveness and selfless love to the Fatherland. In 1940 in the Oryol archive the manuscript of one of members of Oryol was found sotsiat - democratic group of the end 90 - x years of century before last. Rusanov`s characteristic noted here is interesting: “… He read much, it is sensible, spoke excellently, never in disputes offended the opponent and, meanwhile, remained the winner. Sympathies always were on its party …“ Rusanov told

so: “… Only one thought directs me: to make everything that I can for greatness of the Homeland“.

In the Eagle there is a house museum of Rusanov. In 1990 the Oryol expedition to Taimyr was equipped. To take part I was lucky in a campaign. And though I lived in due time in the north, but one business - the city with all infrastructure, and another - boundless, deserted open spaces where throughout ten kilometers you will not meet any living being. Rigid climate and unusual beauty in the pristineness.

Participants of expedition passed in the same way (only overland), as Rusanov`s team. Tried to find though some traces of the gone expedition long ago. Prepared for a campaign seriously. The Northern land does not forgive mistakes. There were records, diaries of this campaign.

Of course, stay conditions on the Northern land significantly differ now from conditions of almost centenary prescription. Settlement Dixon. Permafrost. Severe, mysterious, unfriendly land. However only insignificant objects, perhaps, other expedition were found. Rusanov`s remains and his team were not found.

A secret of death of expedition of Rusanov could not be revealed still.