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And you ate crude meat? The Tatar beefsteak Is not present

, not a stroganina to which sometimes treat guests in Siberia to show local exotic, and a dish of refined French cuisine. The refinement which is genuinely proud. I tried.

Somehow I traveled on the car around France and got to the Norman town of Caen (Caen) . In the town it was what to look at. And, as always in France, was what to eat. But here trouble - after a long journey there were I in Cana Saturday evening.

The city quietly departed to a dream, lit by a long June decline. On streets it was desert. And the most important, all shops, restaurants and cafe were closed. Having felt hungry very much. Having forgotten about features of the eve of Sunday in the French province, I got nothing food in the afternoon. Now it was necessary only to carry out with himself educational work, convincing a stomach of what is not hungry it at all.

At such moments the best - to lay down and fall asleep. However there was no wish to sleep too. To me it was thought: a sin not to get acquainted with the city which still you examined only on the card. Especially, tomorrow on it I should travel. Especially, was still light-. July, North of France, long light twilight.

Walking without any purpose on desert streets, I approximately in half an time has come, to one of central squares. Its centrality was confirmed by the name: William the Conqueror Square (Guillaume le Conqu é rant) (1027 - 1087) . It had one more, less beautiful nickname - bastard, illegitimate. Wilhelm in the stay by the duke of Normandy founded Caen. The city was its capital.

But Wilhelm became history thanks to other act. It managed the few commanders managed what: to force La - Mansh, to land in England, to win it and to become there the king. At the same time nominally new master of Britain remained the citizen of the French king. Such neponyatka laid the foundation to the long hostility which developed eventually into Centenary war.

And so, the cafe worked at the area of this conqueror Guillaume (here is how it is unlike the German name Wilhelm sounds in French). My stomach right there forgot about the consent to wait for feeding till tomorrow. And, having lifted revolt, with something unpretentious it did not want to be satisfied. In the menu the word “beefsteak“ appeared. I ordered a glass red (and as!) wine and this beefsteak. Without having paid attention to a strange adjective of “tartar“. That is, Tatar. What is the Tatar beefsteak, I then did not know. “Well and that, - the stomach which protested calmed there was a brain - a beefsteak - always a beefsteak. Vienna, Tatar“.

For provocation the belly, dobra not remembering, paid off at full scale. In - the first, it forced twenty to pine minutes, exhaling, gastric, juice. And this with the fact that in cafe visitors except me were not. But the main punishment came then when the waiter brought at first a set of vessels with different spices, and then and a plate. On a plate the red processed meat, most likely, absolutely crude lay. I tried - so it and was.

Apparently, it was supposed that the Tatar beefsteak can be eaten, having properly salted, having peppered and having flavored with the other spices given to it. Occupation it was difficult. The stomach obediently took not fried and not boiled ground beef lowered in it, and I tried to derive pleasure. What, to tell the truth, worked well hardly.

Finally risen mind drew conclusions on for the rest of the life at this time. In - the first, it is necessary to ask the waiter what is the unfamiliar dish seen in the menu. And in - the second, crude meat in itself - food surprisingly fresh. Taste and nutritiousness to it, appears, gives how many - nibud long culinary processing.

Those Crimean Tatars, by name which this awful dish of French cuisine was called did not neglect culinary processing. However, this processing was very specific. They cut out pieces of horse meat about 1 - 2 finger thick, and put under a saddle. On a sweaty horse back the crude piece was as if slightly dried, developing a “unique“ taste. Hour through two meat was got from - under saddles, cleaned bloody salty foam, again put on a horse back - and at way for two hours. Thus, the food for the rider was already ready to a lunch.

The officer Guillaume de Boplan (Guillaume Le Vasseur de Beauplan) told about a peculiar kitchen of wild east people in France (about 1595 - 1685) . Again Guillaume and again from Normandy!

There was de Boplan the military engineer and the commandant of several fortresses in native Normandy. He was obliged by the career not only to courage or mind, but also high protection of the marshal of France. In 1624 the patron de Boplana of a royal favor lost, than endangered also career of the favourite. De Boplan decided to look success in the distant countries. Enough distant, in India and on Madagascar. And at the end of 20 - x - the beginning 30 - x years 17 - go centuries it arrived the military engineer on service to the Polish king Sigismund III.

On southern and Hugo - east suburbs of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth de Boplan spent 17 years. Here it fully showed the art as the builder of fortresses and the cartographer. Among constructions de Boplana is the Podgoretsky lock near Lviv. In it “almost French“ the palace many episodes of the Soviet movie “D`Artagnan and Three Musketeers“ were removed. On southern and Hugo - east suburb of Poland and along Dnieper de Boplan constructed fortresses Fords, the Bar, Kremenchuk and Koydak.

But the greatest popularity brought to the French military the Ukraine maps made by him and the description of this territory. It was capital work. And it was, perhaps, the first representation of this territory and the word “Ukraine“ to the European scientific world.

And the European cookery, thanks to de Boplan`s stories, had an opportunity “to indulge“ gourmets with an exotic crude meat dish, a beefsteak on - Tatar. Which I as it is clear from my story, do not recommend to order at the French restaurants at all.

If there was a wish to try crude meat, it is better to taste other dish - carpaccio.