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Literary network competitions. How to write and how to read reviews?

Already several years as network literary competitions became fashionable. If before similar competitions was very little, and they were held only offline as the Internet and was not trace, then now though you eat them with a spoon. And here the old law comes into effect - the quantity does not define quality.

Before emergence of a world web similar competitions were held seldom and lasted long usually - manuscripts were sent by mail. Ways of our mail are inscrutable - there was no guarantee that the manuscript will be delivered in time if at all it will find the addressee. But in jury chose the writers who are usually checked by time, unlike many modern network competitions. And winners were awarded not only with one “respect“ and respect. If the author won, then to him the road to big literature practically opened. Now at best will give a candy and will forget.

No, of course, now there are competitions where in jury invite the famous writers and where winners are given the chance to leave to the world and even award not with candy candy wrappers, but it is a little similar projects. Skilled authors who have real chance of a prize most often participate in such competitions. There too there is a lot of beginners, but they have few any chances - their works, as a rule, are eliminated at the first stage and they usually do not reach masters.

Competitions which it is possible to call interactive where it is possible to read responses on the stories as well as possible will be suitable for inexperienced writers who only try the forces. In them most often authors - so-called mob killings act as jury. All authors are offered to estimate a certain number of stories and an opportunity to write on them responses is given.

Very often at competitive forums the whole fights with transition on the personality develop. That`s it, about competitive ethics, I also wanted to tell several words about it.

All of us are people, and all of us love that spoke to us a gratefulness. But quite often we forget about it when we write devastating reviews of stories.

It, of course, is clear: there is a wish to flash wit, to hook more ridiculously, but it is necessary to remember that behind it, though ineptly written, the living person costs work. Perhaps, he is only fifteen years old and it is its feeler. It is worth thinking, and suddenly after your devastating review the author will stop writing. And you will kill with the roughness in it future Lem or Strugatsky.

Generally if you undertook this business, behave adequately. Because roughness generates reciprocal roughness and to you will get too. Many forget about it.

Point to mistakes, prompt, you speak, as if you made otherwise. But you are not rude - differently yours, maybe, rather brilliant story, will lower below a plinth. If you also badly understand technology of writing of stories and write just instinctively, then it is better not to go especially at forums into details. Write what in the story was not pleasant to you and that, in your opinion, it is praiseworthy - and will be enough.

To read reviews on the stories too it is necessary to be able. It is better not to pay to frank roughness attention at all - it is not necessary to spoil to itself nerves. Also do not wait that your work all will begin to call ingenious. The author`s self-assessment often does not coincide with reality. But the eslin some mistake is specified by several contestants, it is better to make to themselves a note and next time to try to correct it.

However you should not rely completely on foreign opinion - having re-read all reviews, draw certain conclusions and solve all. The story is written by you, nobody for you will make it.

I hope, my modest notes will help somebody. Good luck to the authors participating in network literary competitions.